999 Times Training System Book 2 Chapter 382

Vol 2 Chapter 382: A Broken Net That Doesn't Know What It Is

Don't talk about the sixth rank monster.

The seventh-rank monster and the eighth-rank monster may not be the limit of small bones.

The potential is so terrifying, if it can become a Ninth-Rank Monster Beast in the future, it will directly stand at the top of the entire Profound Sky Continent.

Ji You didn't know for a moment whether the soul contract he established with Xiao Gu was good or bad.

Forget it, don't think so much for now.

Ji You left these things behind.

He just took Xiao Gu's hand and walked into the Canglan branch hall together.

"Guard season is good."


The ordinary disciples and deacons of the Canglan branch hall around, all greeted Ji You respectfully.

They knew very well in their hearts that although Ji You was still a protector of the law, he had accepted the inheritance power of the Evolution Crystal.

To some extent, Ji You is already the future Vice-Hall Master.

For the sake of their own future, even if they don't go crazy to please, they definitely can't leave a bad impression on Ji You.

Ji You couldn't respond one by one, so he simply refused to respond, holding Xiaogu's hand and continuing to walk inside.

Everyone around noticed that Ji You was following a very strange little girl. She was obviously a human, but with strange horns and tails.

In this regard, they couldn't help but whispered.

"By the way, who is the little girl next to Ji Hufa?"

"I don't know, it may be Ji Hufa's sister. I didn't expect that he even brought his sister to our Canglan branch hall."

"What I care more about is the horns on the head of the little girl and the tail at the back. Doesn't it look like a normal human being?"


When everyone was discussing, suddenly an eagle called from the sky.

Obviously, it was Wen Yunyang who came back.

Ji You was a little surprised. He originally thought Wen Yunyang and the elders had returned long ago.

But think about it.

The speed of the Black Feather Demon Eagle couldn't be better than that of a small bone.

Even if he and Xiao Gu stopped on a small island for so long in the middle, the Black Feather Demon Eagle couldn't keep up with Xiao Gu.

at the same time.

Wen Yunyang in the air found Ji You underneath, and also felt the breath of the natural disaster bone dragon.

He immediately ordered the Black Feather Demon Eagle to descend and land next to Ji You.

Wen Yunyang immediately jumped off the Black Feather Demon Eagle.

"Ji You..."

Just halfway through his words, he suddenly noticed the little girl next to Ji You.

Especially seeing the pair of bone dragon horns and that bone tail, his eyes widened suddenly.

"You... the little girl next to you is that natural disaster bone dragon?"

Wen Yunyang asked Ji You stiffly.

"Yes, she is the natural disaster bone dragon, now in human form."

Ji You answered truthfully.

Even if he wanted to hide this kind of thing, he couldn't hide it.

After all, the ossicles are very conspicuous now.

At this time, Xiao Gu also looked back at Wen Yunyang.

"Oh, I remember you."

Xiao Gu said, "You seem to be the guy who threw a broken net that didn't know what to do before."

It seems that it has become a human form, now Xiao Bone can't even speak with Long Wei.

Otherwise, all the ordinary disciples around will feel uncomfortable.

"Uh...that's me."

Wen Yunyang said with a wry smile.

In front of this natural disaster bone dragon, he did not dare to have the slightest temper.

Regardless of the fact that the natural disaster bone dragon is such a cute little girl, if it becomes true, their entire Canglan branch hall can't bear the anger of the natural disaster bone dragon.

The main reason is that he hasn't figured out now whether this natural disaster bone dragon will completely listen to Ji You's words.

The other four elders were also dumbfounded.

That was the fifth-rank beast taming technique that the deputy hall master was most proud of. As a result, it became a broken net in the mouth of the natural disaster bone dragon.

As for those who didn't know, they sounded dumbfounded.

What seat? What broke the net?

The only thing they could hear was that the little girl disrespected the Vice-Hall Master.

But what shocked them was that the Vice-Hall Master was completely lifeless.

They could not have imagined that the little girl who looked so cute and harmless to humans and animals was actually a natural disaster bone dragon stronger than the Spirit Profound Realm.

"Ji You, are you sure that this natural disaster bone dragon is not a threat to us?"

At this moment, Wen Yunyang communicated to Ji You spirit.

However, Ji You and Xiao Gu established a soul contract...

In other words, Xiao Gu could also hear Wen Yunyang's unilateral spiritual communication with Ji You.

"Human, I can hear you."

Xiao Gu said to Wen Yunyang directly through Ji You.


Wen Yunyang was taken aback and looked at the little girl in amazement.

"Don't worry, human beings, as long as Ji You is unwilling, this seat will not do you anything."

Xiao Bone continued.


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