999 Times Training System Book 2 Chapter 415

Vol 2 Chapter 415: She Is Your Second Miss Qi Family Third

Ji You gave Xiao Bone some candies, and then waited for the carriage to reach the Wanshan Empire.

The Wanshan Empire was different from the Canglan Empire in that it was possible to enter and exit directly by land.

The Canglan Empire needed to take a spirit ship to enter and exit.

After all, the Canglan Empire had more rivers.

Those rivers occupy at least a quarter of the territory of the Canglan Empire.

Before reaching the Wanshan Empire, Ji You could see the huge wall in the distance.

Within that huge city wall, it must be the territory of the Wanshan Empire.

"I will soon reach the Wanshan Empire."

At this time, Ji You asked Qi Ling'er: "Do you still remember where the King City of the Wanshan Empire is located? It would be better if you remember the specific location of the Qi family mansion."

"I can't remember."

Qi Ling'er shook his head.

From birth, she was in a miserable situation in the Qi family.

Even freedom was strictly restricted, and there were few opportunities to leave the house.

So she didn't know the exact location of Qi Mansion at all, only knew that it was in the royal city.

She even didn't even know where the King City was.

"Well, then I'll buy a map at that time."

Ji You said.


After about half an hour.

The carriage finally drove into the walls of the Wanshan Empire.

After getting off the carriage, Ji You looked around.

I found that this place seemed to be a resident, the resident of the Wanshan Empire army.

After all, this is the border wall, and the guards must be very strict.

There are almost no ordinary residents around, and there are not even a few ordinary houses.

However, there are many merchants and carriages coming and going.

Just in time, Ji Youshun went to those merchants and bought a map of the Wanshan Empire.

Judging from the map, the Wanshan Empire is almost all land, not many river areas.

Especially there are many forests and mountains, in other words it is a place suitable for monsters to live.

It is no wonder that the most popular profession in the Wanshan Empire will be the animal trainer.

The royal city is located to the southeast of the Wanshan Empire.

From the perspective of the border where Ji You and the others are now, as long as you go straight ahead, you can reach the royal city of the Wanshan Empire.

In order to resolve the matter quickly, Ji You directly used her body technique to rush Qi Ling'er and Xiao Gu to the city.

Ji You and the others had disappeared without a trace before those merchants could react.

"Ding! The host used "Shadow Thunder Light Flash", and "Shadow Thunder Light Flash" gained 999 times the proficiency experience!"

"Ding! The host used "Shadow Thunder Light Flash", and "Shadow Thunder Light Flash" gained 999 times the proficiency experience!"


"Ding! Congratulations to the host, the upper level body technique "Shadowless Thunder Light Flash" successfully broke through to the state of "Slightly Xiaocheng"!"

In just a few minutes, Ji You arrived at the Wang City with Qi Ling'er and Xiao Gu.

Because of the upper-level body technique consumes profound energy too fiercely.

In the middle, Ji You took two pills to restore profound energy, and barely managed to survive until now.

When we arrived in the city, the previous large map was useless.

Ji You went to buy a map only about Wangcheng.

Only in this way can we find the location of the Qi family and know how to go the route.

Follow the route shown on the map.

Ji You used her body skills again, and brought Qi Linger and Xiaogu to the Qi family mansion quickly.

Because of their extreme speed, no one on the road can see them.

Soon, the gate of the Qi family mansion appeared in front of the three people.

Looking at the familiar and unfamiliar mansion in front of him, Qi Linger's eyes suddenly became complicated.

"Who are you?"

It took several seconds before the guard at the gate of Qi Mansion noticed that three people he hadn't seen appeared outside.

"She is the second young lady of your Qi family, don't you even recognize it?"

Ji You spoke first.

"Second Miss? What Second Miss?"

"Where is the second young lady from our Qi family, isn't there only one young master Qi Da?"

"I don't know, I have been a doorman in the Qi's house for three years, and I have never heard of any second lady in the Qi's house."

"I have only stayed here for a year, and I have never heard of the second lady."


After the guards listened, they looked at each other.

Ji You couldn't help being a little surprised to hear that none of these people knew Qi Ling'er.

He glanced at Qi Ling'er subconsciously.

Qi Ling'er lowered his head slightly, his complexion looked a bit low.


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