999 Times Training System Book 2 Chapter 440

Vol 2 Chapter 440: Ways To Lift The Curse

This time the lunar eclipse was short, lasting less than two hours.

During this time, Ji You was rubbing sweat and massaging Murong Zili, even if it only relieved a little pain.

"Thank you."

At the end of the lunar eclipse, the severe pain in Murong Zili's head gradually subsided at night.

Thinking of Ji You just helping herself so tenderly and patiently, her mood couldn't help but a subtle change.

"As for my cultivation base, you should understand now, right?"

Murong Zili said.


Ji You said slowly: "Actually, Palace Master, your curse is not without a solution."

"what did you say?"

Murong Zili was taken aback for a moment.

"I know how to lift this curse."

Ji You responded.

"How...how could you know?!"

There is an incredible color in Murong Zili's beautiful eyes.

She couldn't believe it at all.

After all, her Murong clan, from ancient times to the present, have not found a way to effectively solve the curse.

"Because I also know that there is a cultivation secret book for Zi Liutong, which is not the same as Palace Master your cultivation secret book."

Ji You said: "You are the first half of the practice secrets, and what I know is the second half of the secrets."

"If you don't believe me, you can look into my eyes."

Upon hearing this, Murong Zili immediately looked at Ji You's eyes.

Ji You's eyes instantly became almost the same as his own, even far stronger than his own.

Murong Zili felt extremely shocked immediately.

But she had already cultivated Zi Liutong to the limit state of "observing the qi as real".

It should be said that it is impossible for someone to have Zi Liutong stronger than her.

"What exactly is going on?"

The emotion was too shocking, which affected Murong Zili's ability to judge.

After all, in her subconscious mind, Zi Liutong can only have two realms, "detailedness" and "observation of Qi."

I have never heard of Zi Liutong's practice secrets that there will be an upper part and a lower part.

"In fact, Ziliu pupil has four realms, namely, meticulous, observing the vitality, investigating the virtual and real, and Ziliu transforming the god."

Ji You explained in detail: "The third realm of "Explore the Virtual Reality" and the fourth realm of "Zi Liuhuashen" are the practice secrets recorded in the second half."

"As for the way to lift the curse, it is to cultivate Zi Liu Tong to the fourth realm of'Zi Liu Hua Shen'."

"But your family lacks the lower half of the cultivation secrets, so it has been unable to solve this curse."

Ji You has made this very clear.

But as for why he was not affected by the curse.

It was because this curse was born with the Murong clan.

But Ji You only obtained a part of the blood through Murong Zili's blood.

Will not be cursed.

if not

Just two hours after the lunar eclipse, Ji You felt comfortable.

After all, he has only now cultivated Zi Liutong to the third stage of the third realm "explore the reality".

Although it is not far from the fourth realm, the "Zi Liuhua God", it will take some days.

After listening to what Ji You said, Murong Zili gradually calmed down.

She quickly understood what was going on.

"So, the second half of the cultivation secrets are on you?"

Murong Zili said calmly.

"Perhaps it is, because it is in my mind."

Ji You pointed his head.

"Keep it in your mind?"

Murong Zili asked, "How did you discover the second half of the cultivation secrets?"

"I accidentally discovered it from a secret realm."

Ji You casually found a reason to prevaricate, "I didn't know what it was. It wasn't until you gave me the first half of the practice secrets last time that I realized that it was the second half of the secrets."

"Moreover, it also contains curses, so I know so much."

Ji You's face didn't blush or breathless, and he didn't mention the system in a word.

Murong Zili could hear that Ji You didn't want to reveal too much.

She did not continue to ask.

"Next, I can teach Palace Master how to cultivate the third and fourth realms of Zi Liu Tong, and then you can lift the curse by practicing to the'Zi Liu Hua Shen'."

At this time, Ji You said.

"Then trouble you."

Murong Zili spoke without hesitation.

She has had enough of this curse.

Being cursed has been with me for twenty-one years, and every time a lunar eclipse night, I feel painful.

Even though her willpower and endurance were tempered and strengthened, the pain caused by the outbreak of the curse was unabated.

And the pain caused by the outbreak of the curse is not a big deal.

As early as five years ago, she had reached the Ninth Level of Consummation in the Tongxuan Realm.

Now that five years have passed, we are still standing still, unable to break through.

Both physically and mentally, Murong Zili brought great torture.

Now that she knew there was a way to lift the curse, how could she give up this opportunity?

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