999 Times Training System Book 2 Chapter 443

Vol 2 Chapter 443: So When Will You Be Engaged To Me?

"You finally came to see me."

You Shuyun hugged Ji You tightly and whispered.

It has been a long time since I met Ji You, she missed it very much.

In fact, she went to Qianyuan Wufu several times to find Ji You.

But every time I didn't find it.

Even if they deliberately asked Jiang Yuechu and Jiang Yuexin, neither of them knew where Ji You was going.

During this period, You Shuyun not only missed him from time to time, but also worried about whether something happened to Ji You.

Today I finally saw Ji You.

There are countless words that I want to say, and I don't know what to say first.

Hearing a faint resentment in You Shuyun's tone, Ji You smiled and said, "Well, I'm here to see you."

"It's not convenient to talk about things here. Let's go to a quieter place first."

Ji You continued.

"follow me."

At this time, You Shuyun let go of her embrace.

Ji You followed immediately.

As for the Qin Shaotong who had just escaped secretly, he didn't bother to take care of it.

He didn't waste time with that kind of stuff.

But if that guy dared to do something extraordinary in the future, he wouldn't mind slaughtering it easily.

Following You Shuyun, Ji You came to a simple, luxurious and antique room.

And of course Xiao Bone has been by his side.

"here is?"

Ji You glanced around, feeling like a boudoir here.

"This is the place that President Qin Ran arranged for me."

You Shuyun replied.

Ji You also guessed that this is indeed You Shuyun's boudoir.

"By the way, who is this little sister?..."

At this moment, You Shuyun looked at the little girl who had been following Ji You.

Ji You then gave You Shuyun a brief introduction.

"It turned out to be a small bone, let's sit down first."

You Shuyun said.

After the three people sit down.

"Ji You, where did you go some time ago?"

You Shuyun just continued: "I went to Qianyuan Wufu once, but I didn't find you."

"I went to Canglan Branch Hall to deal with some things."

Ji You said truthfully.

"Then do you deal with it now?"

You Shuyun asked again.

Although she didn't know what the Canglan branch hall was, she didn't even bother.

As long as Ji You is fine, she is relieved.

"It has been processed, so I will come to see you this time."

Ji You said.

"That's good."

You Shuyun was relieved immediately.


Ji You hesitated for a while, and then said: "But it won't be long before I have to leave the Canglan Empire for a while."

"Is it"

You Shuyun seemed to have no fluctuations on the surface.

In fact, this is she deliberately concealing her feelings of loss.

Even so, Ji You still noticed a trace.

He just wanted to say something.

But I heard You Shuyun suddenly change the subject.

"I forgot to say when we met last time, you are already engaged to Jiang Yuechu and Jiang Yuexin."

You Shuyun said directly: "So when will you be engaged to me?"


Ji You was surprised by You Shuyun's direct words.

He was speechless for a while.

"Or do you want to get engaged to me after you leave the Canglan Empire this time and come back?"

You Shuyun asked.

"Uh, uh..."

Ji You was stunned for a while, before nodding in a daze.

Seeing Ji You nodded, You Shuyun smiled like a flower, "Then I have been here waiting for you."

Ji You suddenly stared blankly.

This should be the first time he saw You Shuyun smile so happy.

It made him keep the promise he just made in mind.

"I will never forget."

Ji You also smiled.

Next, Ji You chatted with You Shuyun for a while, and then left.

Now that You Shuyun is living well in the Alchemy Master Guild, he does not need to worry about it.

As for what Qin Shaotong.

As long as Ji You went to talk to Qin Ran, the president of the Alchemy Master Guild, to ensure that Qin Shao Tong was safe.

Of course there will be unexpected situations.

In case, Qin Ran doesn't give face.

But it doesn't matter, Ji You has so many ways.

Either take You Shuyun to the palace or Qianyuan Wufu, or simply destroy Qin Ran and Qin Shaotong directly.

After that, Ji You went directly to Qin Ran.

Qin Ran gave enough face, and directly cursed Qin Shaotong, forbidding Qin Shaotong from approaching You Shuyun.

It was even locked up for three months.

Qin Ran's sincerity was enough, Ji You didn't care about anything.

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