999 Times Training System Book 2 Chapter 444

Vol 2 Chapter 444: Nangong Moqing's Coming Of Age Ceremony

After leaving the Alchemist Guild, Ji You left for Mingyue Ancient City.

Now he was going to the Nangong family to ask clearly what was going on with the pill of that Great Sky Xuanyang Pill.

Relying on the speed of the ossicles.

It didn't take long.

Ji You arrived at the Nangong Mansion in Mingyue Ancient City.

The two guards who were napping in front of the gate of the Nangong Mansion were instantly awakened by the movement of Ji You and Xiaogu from the sky.


One of the guards suddenly exclaimed.

He didn't notice that it was Ji You.

The other guard recognized Ji You and immediately slapped the man on his head, "Idiot, this is Master Ji You, don't let you go!"

The guard was almost taken aback.

But when he heard the word Ji You, he hurriedly stepped away.

Ji You ignored these two people.

He calmly walked into the Nangong mansion.

Xiao Bone also quietly followed behind.

Although the two guards saw that the little girl was different from ordinary people, they did not dare to say anything.

After entering the Nangong Mansion, Ji You quickly found Nangong Patriarch Nangong Yu.

Nangong Moqing is also here.

"Why did Master Ji suddenly come here?"

Nangong Yu couldn't help but be surprised: "Could it be that I came to Mo Qing..."

Nangong Yu's voice hadn't completely fallen off, so he heard Ji You speak: "I want to ask what's the matter with this pill?"

"Ding! The host urges the mental power to open the ring, and the'golden mental power' gains experience points: (1*999 times)!"

I saw that he had already taken out the pill of the Great Sky Xuanyang Pill from Najie.


Nangong Yu was happy in time and space.

He thought Ji You was here to find his daughter.

Nangong Moqing on the side didn't feel anything special.

Because she is used to such a character as Ji You.

Only then did Nangong Yu come back to his senses and looked at the pill in Ji You's hand.

"Oh, Ji Gongzi originally wanted to ask this."

Nangong Yu immediately said, "This is the day Mo Qing was born, and a mysterious person gave it to us."

"I only know that this is the prescription of the Six-Pin Pill Datian Xuanyang Pill. I don't know what exactly it uses."

"Moreover, no one of our Nangong family has the ability to refine this sixth-grade pill, so I gave it to Master Ji by the way."

"Ji Gongzi keeps his collection, too."

After listening to what Nangong Yu said.

Ji You was a little speechless.

He even ran over to ask, but Nangong Yu didn't know anything.

"By the way, it will be Mo Qing's coming-of-age ceremony in more than a month. Can the son take part in it?"

Nangong Yu took this opportunity to say.

He still wanted to match his daughter with Ji You.

Especially Ji You is now rising rapidly and powerfully in the Canglan Empire.

And Mo Qing was obviously interested in Ji You.

In the entire Canglan Empire, there was no more suitable candidate than Ji You.

The only thing he worried about was that Ji You might not be happy.

"More than a month later?"

Ji You murmured to himself.

At this time, Nangong Moqing looked at Ji You with anticipation.

"At that time I will not necessarily be in the Canglan Empire."

Ji You said: "If I come back in time, I can come and participate."

"Come back in time? Where is Master Ji going?"

Nangong Moqing couldn't help but ask.


Ji You said, "I will leave the Canglan Empire in about two days. I'm not sure when I will come back."

"So this is ah"

Nangong Moqing nodded slightly.

A hint of disappointment flashed through her beautiful eyes.

As for where Ji You was going, she didn't continue to ask in depth.

After all, she knew she had no right to interfere with Ji You yet.

The only thing she can do is hope that Ji You can come back in time.

Without asking for useful information about the Great Sky Xuanyang Pill, Ji You casually chatted with Nangong Yu and Nangong Moqing and left.

With the help of Xiaogu, he flew directly from Mingyue Ancient City back to Canglan Branch Hall.

Ji You plans to take a rest today and explain to Wen Yunyang and the three deputy heads.

Leaving the Canglan Empire tomorrow.

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