999 Times Training System Book 2 Chapter 454

Vol 2 Chapter 454: Wan Beast Mountain Qi Dongjun


Li Yuner asked immediately.

"Because I have more important things, I don't want to think about the love of children for the time being."

Ji You said: "Moreover, I have to explain in advance that I already have a marriage contract."

"Have a marriage contract?"

Li Yuner's face was startled.

"Yes, and they are sisters."

Ji You said seriously.

At this moment, Li Yun'er could see the warm and happy colors in Ji You's eyes.

She couldn't help but slowly lowered her head, silent.

"Although I am not qualified, I still want to say that you'd better not be so impulsive and think carefully."

At this time, Ji You said again: "Your thoughts may change in one or two years."

He could see that the other party was obviously in the midst of teenage puberty, and coupled with a momentary emotional use, would he be so active.

It's difficult for him to do this.


Li Yuner was silent for a moment, then nodded and said: "I understand what you mean."

She gradually calmed down.

I was really impulsive.

Moreover, Ji You already has a marriage contract, and the object of the marriage contract is likely to be sisters with huge backgrounds and talents.

In contrast, he is too far behind.


She will not give up easily!

"That's it."

At this time, Li Yuner said: "If my mind has not changed in a year, I will find you then."


Ji You answered softly.

After that, Li Yuner did not continue to stay, and went back soon.

The next day, Ji You left Qingyan Town.

At the rear entrance of Qingyan Town, Li Yunhao, Li Yuner and a group of people came to see Ji You off specially.

"Ji Gongzi be careful on the road."

Li Yunhao said goodbye.

Although Li Yuner did not speak, she watched Ji You leave, her eyes full of determination.

It doesn't matter if one year later, will my mind change.

From today onwards, she should work hard to make herself better.

And Li Yunhao didn't know that his daughter had already secretly felt affection for Ji Gongzi, so he didn't think much.

But he still appeared preoccupied.

At this moment, he suddenly said: "Yun'er, your mother will be back in a few days..."


Li Yuner's mood instantly turned into surprise.

She has never seen her mother since she can remember.

She has no impression of her mother.

Now I can see my mother who is thinking about it day and night soon.

But Li Yunhao's expression looked a bit heavy.

At this moment, Ji You was looking at the map in his hand.

This is a map of the entire Wanshan Empire.

Now that you have passed through Qingyan Town, you will be able to reach the King City of the Wanshan Empire as long as you pass through Wan Beast Mountain.

As its name suggests, the Wanshan Empire has many mountains in its territory.

And Wan Beast Mountain is one of the most dangerous mountains.

There are various poisonous insects and monsters inside.

Of course, this kind of place also has a variety of natural treasures.

Through the brief introduction on the map, we can understand that Wan Beast Mountain only divides two zones, namely the outer zone and the inner zone.

Most of the outer areas are second-rank monsters, a few are third-rank monsters, and first-rank monsters are extremely rare.

In the inner zone, most of them are Grade 3 monsters.

It is guessed on the map that there are two or three fourth-rank monsters in the innermost area of the inner zone, equivalent to the power of the human spirit profound realm.

However, even so, in Ji You's eyes, this is almost his own back garden, and he can walk sideways.

Xiao Bone was still next to him, even if there were many Fourth Grade monsters in Wan Beast Mountain, it would not be Xiao Bone's opponent at all.

Before long, Ji You and Xiao Gu entered Wan Beast Mountain.

Ji You's behavior was very casual, and he was naturally attacked by many monsters on the way.

However, most of them are second-grade monsters.

"Ding! The host swung a sword, and the medium-level swordsmanship of the second style of the dazzling sun gained experience points: 1*999 times!"

"Ding! The host swung a sword, and the medium-level swordsmanship of the second style of the dazzling sun gained experience points: 1*999 times!"


"Ding! Congratulations to the host, the mid-level swordsmanship of the "Bright Sun Sky Second Style" successfully broke through to the state of "Slightly Xiaocheng"!

To deal with the second-tier monsters, Ji You didn't need to use any swordsmanship, he could use one sword at a time.

And the third-rank monsters are not a big problem, and they are all third-rank monsters with a lower multiplicity, and at most they have a few more swords.

Along the way, Ji You's swordsmanship didn't even think he had reached a breakthrough.

At this moment, he suddenly sensed that three people were walking not far in front.

An old man with six levels of cultivation in the Profound Realm, and a young man with one male and one female. The male has the nine-fold cultivation of the Imperial Profound Realm and the female has the eight-fold cultivation of the Imperial Profound Realm.

Not only that, these three people seemed to be followed by two second-tier monsters, a second-tier nine-tier monster, and a second-tier sixth-tier monster.

Feeling it casually, Ji You stopped paying attention.

He continued to walk forward, because this was one of the quickest shortcuts through Wan Beast Mountain.

Before long, the three people that Ji You had previously sensed appeared in front of him.

The three people on the opposite side also noticed Ji You.

I saw it was an ordinary boy in black, with a little girl with an amazing and strange appearance.

The young woman among them was about to come forward and say something.

"Don't be nosy."

However, the old man stopped the young woman.

The young woman can only give up.

She thought that the boy and the little girl were lost with the adults nearby, so she wanted to take the brother and sister away from Wan Beast Mountain.

But she did not dare to disobey the elder's order.

"Elder, wait a moment."

At this time, another young man whispered to the old man.

There was a gleam of greed and excitement in his eyes, and he was fascinated by the little girl's appearance.

"Qi Dongjun, what are you going to do?"

The elder frowned slightly.

The next moment, he understood Qi Dongjun's eyes.

He couldn't help shook his head slightly.

A genius is indeed a genius, but his habit is a bit abnormal.

But it's none of his business.

He only needs to protect this beast-taming genius that even the dean takes seriously.

The elder stopped talking and let Qi Dongjun go.

Upon seeing this, the young woman bit her lower lip, but did not dare to say anything.

At the same time, Ji You heard the conversation between the old man and the young man and turned around instantly.

"Qi Dongjun?"

"Oh? Your kid actually knows me?"

Qi Dongjun was slightly surprised.

"That old dog in Qi Xiang is your father, right?"

Ji You narrowed his eyes and asked lightly.

Hearing this, Qi Dongjun's eyes suddenly became cold, and his expression was gloomy and authentic: "Boy, do you know who you are talking to?"

But the next moment, he suddenly felt a heavy blow in his abdomen.

Before the pain came, I heard the voice of the teenager ringing from my ear.

"Do you need me to ask again?"

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