999 Times Training System Book 2 Chapter 507

Vol 2 Chapter 507: Extremely Cold Body

"I can eat it myself."

Ji You smiled and declined.

He is a big man, and he wants someone to feed him?

It's not a kid anymore.

"You have a taste first."

Nangong Moqing is still unwilling to give up.

This is her last chance.


Ji You still compromised.

After taking a bite, I found that the dinner was really delicious.

"Your cooking skills are much better than those two girls, Yuechu and Yuexin."

Ji You couldn't help sighing.

I think he was impressed by what Jiang Yuechu made at the time.

Originally Ji You obediently took a bite, and Nangong Moqing was already happy enough.

She was praised for her cooking skills, and she was even more delighted.

"Speaking of which you call them directly, can't you also call me by name?"

Nangong Moqing suddenly noticed what Ji You called Jiang Yuechu and Jiang Yuexin just now.

"first name?"

Ji You thought for a moment, "Mo Qing?"


Nangong Moqing smiled happily, and picked up another vegetable leaf, wanting to continue feeding Ji You.

"No, no, I can just eat it myself."

This time Ji You really didn't want to continue to compromise.

He is a man anyhow, and his hands are sound, how can he let a woman feed himself?

Nangong Moqing didn't want to force Ji You, so she had to forget it.

At least I just fed Ji You a bite, she was already satisfied.

While Ji You was eating dinner, Nangong Moqing was still watching.

"Aren't you going back?"

Halfway through the meal, Ji You found that Nangong Moqing had been sitting next to him looking at herself, and couldn't help asking.

"Don't worry, I can take the tableware back with you after you finish."

Nangong Moqing said calmly.

Hearing this, Ji You didn't care so much.

After dinner, Ji You returned the box to Nangong Moqing, "Thank you."

"Then I will go back first."

Nangong Moqing then got up.

In fact, she still wanted to stay here, but before watching Ji You it seemed to be practicing.

In order not to disturb Ji You, she had to go back.


Ji You responded.

After Nangong Moqing left, he continued to practice Zi Liutong.

"Ding! The host reads Zi Liutong's practice secrets for one minute, and'Zi Liutong' gains experience points: (1*999 times)!"

"Ding! The host reads Zi Liutong's practice secrets for one minute, and'Zi Liutong' gains experience points: (1*999 times)!"


Before Nangong Moqing's coming-of-age ceremony began, Ji You had been cultivating Zi Liutong.

During this period, Nangong Moqing brought the food she cooked to Ji You at every meal, so that Ji You was never hungry.

However, on the day when Nangong Moqing's coming-of-age ceremony began, Ji You's Zi Liu pupil could not completely reach completion.

However, he felt that the fourth stage of the "Zi Liuhua God" was about to break through.

It is estimated that it will take another day or two.

This morning, Nangong Moqing delivered food as always.

But Ji You found that Nangong Moqing looked a little strange today.

"What's wrong with you, are you feeling sick?"

Ji Yougang asked this sentence.

At the same time, a system prompt sounded in my mind.

"Ding! The host took a look at the first stage of'Cold Absolute Yin Body', triggering 999 times the comprehension ability!"

"Ding! Congratulations to the host, for successfully comprehending the solution to the first stage of the "Cold and Absolute Yin Body"!"

Ji You learned these things through the system.

In other words, Nangong Moqing has the physique of an "extremely cold body"?

Through the system, it can be known that the "extremely cold and absolutely yin body" is a special physique that is perfect for yin.

In the first stage, the body will only feel very cold and uncomfortable.

The reason for saying "only" is because the latter two stages are more terrifying.

Once the first stage is not resolved, at the second stage, the body will be frozen from the inside out, unable to move, which can be described as a vegetable.

In the third stage, even the heart will be frozen, completely losing life.

Obviously, Nangong Moqing was in the first stage of the "extremely cold and absolutely Yin body" broke out today.

Ji You didn't expect that this kind of physique was still hidden in Nangong Moqing's body.

It just so happened that Ji You learned from the system that the solution for the first stage of the "Cold and Absolute Yin Body" was the "Great Sky Xuanyang Pill" last time.

Thinking of this, Ji You stopped thinking about it.

Seeing the uncomfortable appearance of Nangong Moqing in front of him, even walking a little wobbly, he immediately put down the box that Nangong Moqing was holding.

"You have a problem with your body. Follow me to your father's place first."

Ji You directly picked up Nangong Moqing and left the room while talking.

Nangong Moqing wanted to say something, but she was too cold to speak.

Feeling Ji You's warm back, she couldn't help holding Ji You's neck tightly, pressing her body against Ji You's younger generation.

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