999 Times Training System Book 2 Chapter 517

Vol 2 Chapter 517: He Passed Directly

There were also many people who were rated as unqualified during the participation process.

When Li Changqing's name was called, he gave Ji You provocatively.

Walked in front of the test stone.

A three-attribute refiner, and his profound strength judged that he possessed the Profound Realm.

All the onlookers present were in an uproar.

"It's really a good generation."

"Is this the one who will take over the club in the future? He is really strong."

"Ahhhhh! Li Gongzi is so handsome, I want to marry him."

Gao Jian smiled slightly and invited Li Gongzi to step down. Li Changqing was a little curious. On weekdays, wouldn't Gao Jian do everything possible to accept himself as a disciple?

How can I feel so indifferent to myself today.

The person next to him shouted loudly: "Next, Ji You!"

Daixue shook her hand nervously.

Ji You patted her hand and smiled slightly.

Walked in front of the test stone.

Seeing that Ji Youguo really came, Gao Jian thought that he had come to gain experience, his talent was fair, but his rank was still too low.

"Ji Xiaoyou doesn't need to test, he just passed it."

Gao Jian's words can be said to have stirred up waves with one stone.

Everyone present shouted objections.


"That is, why can he avoid the test?"

Ji You didn't refute, but gently placed his hand on the test stone.

Suddenly a colorful halo appeared on the test stone.


"Five attribute refiner!"

"My God, isn't this only in the legend?"

"This is incredible."

There are different opinions, but just now the people who are screaming about marrying Li Changqing, they all yelled about marrying Ji You as soon as the conversation turned around.

Gao Jian said: "This is why Xiaoyou Ji does not need to be assessed."

Li Changqing's eyes were locked on Ji You's black chest, only to see that there was no badge on it.

Only some craftsmen who have been recognized by the craftsmen union can be exempted from the assessment.

This guy has no rank?

Haha, even if you are a genius, you are not my opponent!

Li Changqing said heavily: "Brother Ji is really good, but we give priority to skill here. How about making a bet with the next?"

Ji You thinks this guy is an idiot.

"What are you betting?"

"If I win, you must not approach Girl Dai in the future."

Since learning that Dai's family has come to a master craftsman, all craftsman geniuses in the city have focused on Dai Xue.

Regardless of whether you can get along with the master.

With Dai Xue's red lips and white skin, she occasionally likes to dress up like a man.

It is enough to make these young masters crazy about it.

But in the past the family didn't like this girl, even if they had ideas in their hearts, they would not be allowed.

Now that there is such an opportunity, it is natural to kiss Fangze.

"If you lose, what will you do?"

When Li Changqing heard Ji You's question, he almost died out of laughter.

"This young master is the number one craftsman among the young people in the city. How could you lose it? If I lose, I'll leave it to you."

Ji You smiled slightly at the corner of his mouth: "This is what you said, if you lose, the whole family of the Li family will be subordinate to the Dai family!"

When Li Changqing heard this, he almost didn't do anything with anger.

But he couldn't do it because of the rules.

"Well, if you lose, you will be a cow and horse for this young master in your life."

Ji You only felt that the other party was naive.

Gao Jian was afraid that the atmosphere would continue to deteriorate, and he immediately stood up and said: "Everyone, this selection will give each refiner badge based on your performance, depending on your strength."

"We chose the treasure made by the master craftsman alone from the cloud, the Pagoda of Seven Orifices!"

"You are not required to be able to recover 100%, as long as the closest one is the winner."

After the fire started, the fire suddenly lit up.

The first process of refining is to strike iron.

Everyone started to clink.

Ji You took a step forward and hit the mysterious iron provided by the Craftsman's Union with a hammer.

"Ding! The host hit the profound iron once, triggering 999 times the comprehension ability!"

"Ding! Congratulations to the host, for successfully comprehending the violent wind burst hammer!"

Tornado Hammer

Ji You snorted, his entire arm exploded, and with every beating, the entire floor that had been blessed with profound strength gradually sank.

Everyone present was awakened by the shaking on the ground.

"This is the strongest wrought iron technique the old man has seen in so many years."

"It's rare to see in a thousand years!"

"God pity me Fengcheng!"

"Genius, no no no! Genius is not enough to describe him, this is a monster, a monster."

Looking around, Ji You already seemed like a shadowless hand, everyone only saw the profound iron in front of him become more and more refined.

The next step is to remove impurities.

Ji You released a purple flame in the small jade bottle.

With the mysterious power of last season, the flames eroded the profound iron at once.

Remove all the impurities inside.

"Such an exquisite quality removal technique, the old man has been in vain for so many years.

"Oh, I wanted to accept the little friend of the season as an apprentice before. It's an old man, but I'm not so proud."

"It would be nice if Xiaoyou Ji could teach me a hand."

Ji You closed his eyes, and the treasure in front of him gradually formed in the fire.

Next, it was a treasure that was originally a treasure.

Unfortunately, a process is missing.

It is aiming at the array.

Everyone felt that they could not see the reappearance of the Linglong Tower of Seven Orifices today.

Unexpectedly, Ji You snorted suddenly.

A rune like a snake gradually gathered on the pagoda.

The dazzling light filled the whole hall.

Make everyone unable to open their eyes.

Everyone realized that the distinguished guest that Dai's family recently invited was not someone else, but the boy in front of him who was less than eighteen.

God, what is going on in this world?

Why is it so crazy!

The light gradually faded, and the others stopped one after another.

Yes, there is such an evildoer here.

What is better?

It's better that they all go home directly.

Gao Jian announced the result.

The members of the four major families were about to leave, when Ji You suddenly asked, "When will the Li family fall under the Dai family?"

Li Changqing turned his head abruptly, "Ji You, I advise you to stay in front of you so that you can see each other later."

"My master is the elder of the general association, and his strength has reached the eighth level of the Tongxuan Realm."

"If he comes, no matter how strong you are."

Major families and some casual crafting masters despise Li Changqing in their hearts, and you obviously made the bet, but now you are not only repentant but threatening others.

No matter who is in his heart, his contempt for Li Changqing has reached its culmination.

Ji You chuckled, shaking his hand suddenly, and Li Changqing's arm flew out.

The blood kept flowing down.

"Go back, within three days, the Li family will not return, and the door will be destroyed."

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