999 Times Training System Book 2 Chapter 518

Vol 2 Chapter 518: Fengyun Taoist

Ji You took Dai Xue out without looking back.

The people in the Refining Division Branch didn't even glance at the former genius Li Changqing, but chased them in the direction of Ji You.

Gao Jian followed Ji You back to Dai Mansion.

Ji You looked at him curiously.

"I don't know what's the matter with President Gao?"

Gao Jian glanced at the others.

The person immediately took out the badge of a Fourth Grade Mixing Master.

After this period of time, Ji You continued to make treasures and handed them to the Dai family for auction. His strength had reached the fourth-grade lower-grade refiner, and through a series of techniques, it was actually equivalent to the fifth-grade intermediate refiner.

But he kept a low profile, he did not say.

After handing things down, Chairman Gao and others did not intend to leave.

Ji You glanced at them suspiciously.

"I don't know what else is going on with President Gao?"

Gao Jian smiled awkwardly.

"Little friend Ji, that's not right, Mr. Ji, don't you know if you can accept me as a disciple?"


"Mr. Ji, please rest assured, I will definitely study hard and follow Mr.'s orders."

"OK then."

Everyone was so excited when they heard it, they knelt down and worshipped.

"I'll wait to see the teacher."

After a few more days, Ji You was about to set off for Qinggang City, the capital of the Qinggang Empire.

All the craftsmen of the Seven Empires packed their luggage and set off directly towards Qinggang City.

Before leaving, Dai Xue called Ji You reluctantly and suddenly took a bite on his arm.

"I know you don't like me, but I want you to remember me forever. When you see this scar, you will remember me."

After all, Dai Xue ran into Dai's house without looking back.

The journey went smoothly.

Finally came to Qinggang City. As soon as he entered the city, Ji You only felt three spiritual forces swept away from him.

The Craftsman Conference is one of the most important holy scriptures of the Qinggang Empire.

So the three masters in the city, the lonely cloud of a lonely family.

Xiao Ran from the Xiao family.

Fengyun Taoist three masters of the first level of the spiritual profound realm are sitting here.

Monitor everyone who enters and exits Qinggang City.

Ji You's strength is higher than that of the three, so they didn't pay attention after they swept Ji You was just an ordinary person.

Together with Ji You, there was also the genius of Fengcheng Li's family, Li Changqing.

He dragged his hand off and knelt in front of an old man.

"Master, you must be the master for the disciple, the disciple has been abolished by someone."

The old man's face turned hideous.


"Someone dared to hurt my disciple?"

He slapped the table hard and suddenly the table fell apart.

Li Changqing now has no arm, and he will be a waste person in the future. He would not pay much attention to the waste person, but before the waste person was his apprentice.

Isn't he slapped in the face when someone makes him like this?

"Unreasonable, where is this person now?"

Li Changqing cried and cried, "Report to Master that this person has now arrived in Qinggang City and his name is Ji You."

"Come here."


"Take your younger brother down for a good rest."

"It's Master."

The old man took seven or eight people to the Iron Armor Hotel.

"Who told Ji You to get out of the old man and leave your whole body."

The master's aura of the Tongxuan Realm suppressed everyone present.

Ji You just arrived and looked for the Iron Armor Hotel, where all the refiners would temporarily live.

"It's so noisy, get out!"

Ji You's voice came lightly.

The old man immediately found Ji You's location.

A huge hammer appeared in his hand.

The hammer struck forward hard.

The air seemed to be shattered.

The door of the hotel suddenly flew out, and the surrounding tables and chairs were even more horrible. The refiners who were originally in the hotel ran outside one after another, but this was also affected.

Those who are strong through profound art have the unity of spirit, energy and spirit.

How overbearing his arrogance is.

Ji You's figure slowly walked out of the room.

"I gave you a chance to roll."

The old man still wanted to say something, but he just opened it, and suddenly he felt his body lighten and he flew into the air.

What followed was a heavy blow like a violent storm.

The old man hadn't figured out how the profound energy channel on his body could resist for a period of time even if he tried to fight with the master. How come he feels like a fluffy catty now?

How fast and domineering Yun Jue boxing is.

In just the blink of an eye, the old man's qi gangs that could resist thousands of troops have long since disappeared.

The various acupoints on the body are even more sealed.

Thinking of practicing is hopeless.

Ji You opened his eyes and was about to kill him.

Suddenly a very urgent voice came.

"Little friends, wait a minute."

But Ji You still attacked directly, and the old man suddenly exploded and died.

"Do you dare to kill my disciple?"

In an instant, Cai Cai's voice became extremely manic.

As if something beloved was taken away.

"Die to me!"

Thousands of flying swords came flying in.

The people watching the game outside the house shouted in unison.

"It's Fengyun Taoist!"

"Yes, it is Fengyun Taoist!"

"Oh my god, what is that person's background, let Fengyun Taoist make a move."

Fengyun Taoist heart was also aggrieved, he just sensed that there was something wrong, and he had rushed over at the fastest speed, but he did not expect that his apprentice would be beaten to death in front of him.

But I can't do anything by myself.

If you don't kill this son today, what is the face of his Fengyun Taoist living in this world?

"go to hell!"

"Wan Yin Sword Technique!"

In an instant, the world changed color, as if all were shrouded in sword light.

Murderous intent here, as if as long as Fengyun Taoist's mind moves, blood will flow into a river.


Only a crisp sound was heard, and the dark clouds that had been suppressed just now seemed to disappear in an instant.

"Well, what is going on?"

Everyone looked towards the Iron Armor Hotel.

Only seeing the boy in black, who had just been motionless, swung a sword.

Fengyun Taoist was also taken aback, he had never seen anyone who could resolve his swordsmanship, except for the other two old men who were comparable in strength to him.

But this person looks so young.

Ji You said lightly, "You don't have to go anymore."


The people present wondered if something was wrong with their ears?

The black-clothed boy in front of him told Fengyun Taoist that he didn't need to leave.

Who do you think the other person is?

Is it your toy?

Did you say that you let others stay and leave?

The opponent is a Fengyun Taoist who is one of the three masters of the Qinggang Empire!

They suspect that either they are crazy or Ji You is crazy.

But Ji You next told them that it was not that they were crazy, but that the world was crazy.

I saw that Ji You had a set of sword styles.

"Ding! The host used the third style of shining sun and sky, and the third style of shining sun and sky gained 999 times of proficiency experience!"

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