999 Times Training System Book 2 Chapter 520

Vol 2 Chapter 520: Princess Qingyue

Rare things are expensive?


Everyone on the scene was in an uproar, this is not an integration at all.

But to swallow them all in.

Although the head of the Xiao family is Xiao Ran, the ancestors of the Xiao family would not attend such occasions.

Xiao Yi, the future successor, stood up.

"Integrate us? The son of Ji is too vocal."

Huang's family also said: "Exactly, if Ji Gongzi only intends to speak such empty words, then please forgive us to say goodbye."

The visitor from the lonely family did not speak, but sat at the table quietly watching everything in front of him.

Everyone suddenly started talking.

Ji You said faintly: "My plan is to gather the craftsmen in all the stores to refine the treasures individually, and they will be given a certain title. In the future, only the stores we have approved can sell them. Treasure."

Hearing this sentence, everyone was in an uproar.

This is not just to **** their shop, but to directly **** the status of the Craftsman's Union.

When everyone thought of this, they took a breath.

Ji You said lightly: "It's up to you to agree or not."

Some aristocratic families saw the benefits inside, and they stopped talking.

The person from the lonely family and the person from the Xiao family looked at each other.

"The Refining Master's Union has always been in the hands of the royal family. Now you do something that skips the control of the Refining Master. No one will be able to control you in the future."

Ji You smiled slightly: "The refiner still needs a badge from the refiner's union?"


Suddenly a woman said something lightly.

Everyone looked in the direction of the woman.

Seeing people coming, one after another bowed their hands.

"Meet Princess Qingyue."

Princess Qingyue seems to be the goddess of the misty snow mountain, making people unattainable.

"The lonely young general has already spoken out the harm. If anyone wants to agree, he will have trouble with my royal family."

Many aristocratic families agreed with Princess Qingyue's words, but many also sneered disdainfully. If it weren't for the three great masters, the royal family would have long since existed.

The royal family does not have much power at all.

Knowing this situation, Ji You came to Princess Qingyue.

"Princess, I don't know if I can go to the Piandian for a comment."

When entering the room, Qingyue accidentally stepped on her skirt, Ji You suddenly grabbed Princess Qingyue's hand, held it in her arms, and closed the door.

When did Princess Qingyue be so close to a man.

It feels so warm...

Oh, what are you thinking about?

With a red face, Princess Qingyue pushed Ji You away, as if she jumped two steps away like a little rabbit.

"You, rascal, do you know that just what you did to this princess just now, this princess can condemn you to death."

Ji You smiled slightly and said: "Princess, if you don't say that no one in the Qingsteel Empire can kill me, even if you kill me, you won't be able to save the decline of the royal family."

Seeing Ji You immediately hit the royal family's pain.

"how do you know?"

"Before I came down, I heard that in the entire Qinggang Empire, the five princesses were the most talented, but even so, they are only the first level of the Tongxuan Realm."

"General Lonely has reached the first peak of the Spirit Profound Realm, right?"

"The Xiao family is still a relative of the Queen Mother."

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