999 Times Training System Book 2 Chapter 527

Vol 2 Chapter 527: My Master Is Ji You

Master Jia looked at Ji You in front of him.

Also a teenager.

But Ji You was dressed in black and his face was frosty.

From his body, there is no aura that belongs to the strong.

"Does the nameless boy dare to teach this young master?"

"Who are you?"

Master Jia looked at Ji You with disdain.

Ji You said lightly: "Who am I and what do you do."

Master Jia has never been treated so rudely, he folded the fan in his hand.

"I will scrap him for this young master, take off his fingers one by one, and sprinkle salt on his wound!"

These cruel methods are nothing at all in this world where the power is respected.

"Master, is this still on the street?"

"Yes, there are still many people watching."

Master Jia's subordinates kindly reminded him that Master Jia turned his head and saw only a group of civilians watching him.

He frowned: "What do you look at? I'm watching Lao Tzu beat you up."

Hearing what Master Jia said, the surrounding hearts trembled and immediately fled around.

It's just that not only he moved, but Ji You also moved at the same time. His body was like lightning, and in an instant, he came to Master Jia and threw a fist forward.

As if thunder sounded in his ears.

The servants beside him shouted nervously.



They are all people with the Profound Profound Realm realm, but even so, there is no time to save their young master.

This boy is too strong.

Only seeing Master Jia being hit by a fist, the triple strength of the Tong Xuan Realm couldn't resist the power of this fist.

The whole person flew upside down like a kite. If it weren't for the Jia family life-protecting profound stone to be triggered automatically at a critical moment, the current Master Jia had become a corpse.

The others immediately mentioned Master Jia, and fled to Jia's house like a rabbit.

Uncle Mo wiped the blood from his mouth, saw everyone running away, and asked Ji You: "This son of Ji, don't we need to catch up? The Jia family also has great strength in Drunken Moon City."

"I won't pay attention to them, there is no need to be afraid of having my master."

Suddenly, Mo Xue's voice came from behind.

Uncle Mo looked at the room, his mouth was about to fall in surprise.

In front of Mo Xue, there was still a bit of Mo Xue's appearance. He was originally the pinnacle of the Body Tempering Realm. At this age, he couldn't break through to the Imperial Profound Realm and he was basically desperate in martial arts cultivation.

However, he had never expected that he had become a master of the three layers of the Royal Profound Realm.

"Miss, is this true?"

Mo Xue smiled: "Of course, who my master is? That's Ji You."

Uncle Mo's face was full of excitement, and the eldest lady rose rapidly, and their Mo family had hope.

Uncle Mo was too excited to have time, and quickly wrote the incident in a letter and passed it back to his city.

Mo Xue walked to Ji You's face: "Master, am I so talented, I have grown to this way in one night."

Ji You scratched her little nose: "I mean you are arrogant."

"It's a little bit short."

Mo Xue vowed in her heart that she must work hard to catch up with Master and not be able to hold her back.

Master Jia was still waiting for his new wife to come.

But he did not expect that his precious son was carried back.

Master Jia was placed on the ground.

Master Jia stepped forward to release his mental power to investigate the situation of Master Jia.

It's just that it's okay not to probe, and I almost didn't startle when I probed.

The body stone he bought back from Da Neng's hand was actually scrapped.

And his son was even more exaggerated, and all his veins were shattered.

I'm afraid that in this life, let alone martial arts, even walking to give birth to offspring is a problem. I am just such a precious son.

Thinking of this in his heart, Master Jia thought more and more angry, and the profound energy in his hand floated unconsciously.

"Unreasonably, you dare to hurt my child like this, you all deserve to die."

Master Jia clenched his teeth, and blood flowed from between them.

"Master Lin, please come over."

"But will Master Lin listen to us?"

"If he still wants spices, he must obey me."

But Master Jia never expected that he was waiting for someone to come and support him.

But Ji You went out to check their strength.

I only saw that not far from the Mo family, there was a place called Zuiyue Hall.

I only smelled a faint aroma of wine when I walked in.

He was a little bit drunk before drinking.

When the two saw Ji You, they walked straight in.

Stepped forward to stop it.

"I'm sorry, this prince, but the winemaker cannot enter here."

Ji You frowned.

"But Drunken Moon Empire does not have a taster union."

The two laughed: "It's true that we don't have a winemaker's union here, but the winemaker has a lofty status in the Drunken Moon Empire."

"The winemaker is not well-known and Wu Dao, what's the use."

Hearing what Ji You said, everyone around stood up.

Looking at Ji You's appearance, he seemed to be able to rush up to bite Ji You at any time.

The winemaker who blocked Ji You from coming in just now became more determined, this kid simply didn't understand anything.

He snorted and took out a small bottle from his arms.

I saw a few drops of red liquid flowing above it.

"Tell you, this is the fragrance of the piano. Drinking this wine can greatly increase the physical strength in a short time."

Ji You said lightly: "Then this is different from the pill."

"Hehe, your kid should be an alchemist. The pill not only consumes a lot of medicinal materials, but also has big side effects, but the wine made by our winemaker is different. Not only does it have no side effects, but it also tastes good."

Ji You chuckled, "This is an advantage."

The other party frowned.

"Well, that's enough when it comes to this, children should go home."

Ji You suddenly said, "I think I am qualified to stay here."

After hearing this sentence, the man suddenly laughed: "Boy, you don't even know what the winemaker is, do you still say you have the qualifications to stay here?"

Ji You didn't speak, looked around, and walked behind the wine cabinet alone.

Looking at the wine bottles placed on the wine shelf, relying on the production method of system rewards, I quickly selected a few bottles of excellent wine.

I saw that Ji You didn't use profound energy, but just patted the tabletop lightly.

Several bottles of sake placed on the table were thrown into the sky.

Ji You stretched out his hand to take it, received the bottles of wine, and shook it quickly.

"This kid is a mess, he's wasting wine, please take him out quickly."

But at this moment, a very charming voice came from behind.

"Wait a minute."

Many men yelled in their hearts when they saw this woman.

He looks too coquettish, even though he doesn't talk about being overwhelmed by the country, but the temperament revealed in his bones makes every man want to get into the wrong, especially the godly stage is intact.

This is simply the best lover.

"Sister Taohua, why are you here."

Sister Taohua twisted her posture and smiled slightly: "Isn't this I heard that someone went to the old lady's place to make trouble? So I came to see it specially."

"It's this kid."

They pointed their fingers at Ji You.

Sister Taohua smiled.

"What a handsome boy, my old lady is simply..."

But when she took a closer look, after Ji You's technique, the whole person was stunned.

Ji You opened two bartender bottles for shaking, only to see the wine stagnating in the air.

Everyone thought that the liquor above would be spilled on the table.

Ji You stretched out the wine glass and caught the liquor in the air.

He pushed the three cups in front of everyone: "Please taste."

A huge aroma of wine came.

Everyone smelled the scent of the wine and seemed extremely intoxicated.

Ji You sat in his seat.

Sister Taohua pushed away some people who wanted to taste.

After drinking a glass of Ji You, the glass in his hand fell to the ground.

She asked anxiously: "Who are you?"

"In the next season."

"What is your relationship with Mo Ruhai?"

"I don't know the name Mo Ruhai, is it Uncle Mo?"

Sister Taohua described the person's face, Ji You shook his head: "I don't know that person."

In fact, the formula is only Ji You took a sip of wine and the system automatically rewards it.

How do I know who this person is?

"Is the little friend interested in learning how to make wine with me?"

Ji You smiled slightly: "Zai Zhi is traveling around the world. I came here this time just to find out something."

"Who does not know that besides making wine, we also have more information."

These two sentences made Ji You a little moved.

"Well, if the little friend is not interested in learning winemaking with me, as long as you have time to make a glass of wine for your sister to drink, it's good, you can mention the conditions."

Ji You smiled faintly: "Really?"

"My peach blossom keeps saying everything."

"Then I want you to collect the information I need in the future."

Taohua looked astonished. He didn't expect that this kid would make such a request.

"Okay, it's a deal."

Tao Hua called a man with a sharp-mouthed monkey cheek, and introduced to Ji You: "This person is called Lao Wu. You can ask him anything you want."

Lao Wu and Ji You said hello.

Ji You asked faintly: "Old five brothers, I want to ask about the distribution of forces in this Drunken Moon City."

The fifth question asked in confusion: "Why do you want to ask this question."

Seeing that Ji You didn't say anything, the fifth child did not reluctantly go on.

He just opened his mouth and said: "If you talk about the distribution of power, in this Drunken Moon City, the Jia family has the greatest power, followed by the Qiao family, followed by the Gale Mercenary Corps, the Lone Wolf Corps, and the Blade Mercenary Corps."

"These forces are mainly mercenary groups, responsible for the delivery of spices, medicines, etc."

After saying this, Ji You smiled with satisfaction.

After he left, the other two glasses of wine placed on the table immediately attracted everyone's attention.

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