999 Times Training System Book 2 Chapter 555

Vol 2 Chapter 555: Mohist Bloodline

The most terrifying thing is that Mars can burn the earth.

Even Ji You's brows frowned slightly.

He could not resist such a strong flame.

Bone wings grew behind the small bones, and a hurricane blew up under the wave.

It rushed like a sickle.

Firebird is so flexible about the small bones, and there is a hint of jealousy in his eyes.

The small bones were extremely flexible due to the relationship between the human body, the profound strength in his hand reached the top in an instant, and then he banged his fist on Firebird's head.

The firebird wailed.

However, the flame wrapped around his body gradually moved towards the small bones' arms.

The fire burned on her arm immediately.

Xiao Bone also seemed to be very afraid of these flames, shook his hand, and saw that the flame had not been extinguished.

There was a burst of inexplicable anger in his heart.

Bai Wu brought the master of the Profound Realm of the family to the Mo family's vicinity, and he dared not approach the battle between these two great beasts.

People from the Puppet Alliance also came to the vicinity of the Mo family.

The third stage puppet master Li Lao was also dumbfounded as he watched the battle.

But what he thought in his heart was how great it would be if he could refine these two great beasts into puppets.

Apocalypse led the army and took the ordinary people around to Beicheng District.

And sealed the surroundings.

The flame in Xiaogu's hand could not be extinguished, Ji You thought, and a treasure appeared in his hand.

The long sword was swung forward.

A flash of profound light flashed, and the flame in Xiao Bone's hand was immediately thrown out by this sword.

Ji You: "Small bones pull me up."

Xiao Gu suddenly understood, leaned over and quickly descended, grabbing Ji You's body, and the two appeared in the void at the same time.

After the ossicles were burned by the flames, I only felt the vitality hurt.

Now leaning in the arms of Ji You.

The treasure in his hand waved heavily.

Countless profound powers descended at the same time.

The firebird roared at the sky.

The fireball fell like raindrops and hit the ground heavily.

The sea of fire suddenly seemed like the sea, flooding the entire Mo Mansion.

Fortunately, Mo Xue took everyone from the Mo Family to the outside of Mo Mansion.

The firebird screamed, seemingly like Ji You's provocation.

Ji You's profound strength is not much stronger than that of Firebird, and even the small bones are not Firebird's opponents, but Ji You's eyes saw the mark of the formation on Firebird's feet.

Suddenly, the rope of soul shook violently.

The voice of the remnant soul and shadow came out from the rope of soul.

"Ji Xiaoyou, attack its formation, the old man has his own way to store it."

Ji You's faint little bone said: "Fly to its feet."

Xiaogu hummed obediently.

Leading Ji You to fly to Firebird's feet, Ji You heavily waved the treasure, and when he touched Firebird's feet, a ray of light suddenly lit up.

In front of this heavy light.

Suddenly the figure of the remnant soul flew out.

After seeing the remnant soul phantom, the firebird's eyes widened, as if he wanted to turn around and escape.

However, a smile appeared at the corner of Remnant Soul Xuying's mouth.

Reaching out his hand, the Firebird suddenly seemed trapped in the air.

Immediately afterwards, the remnant soul phantom disappeared.

"Ding, the host got the "fire suit"."

Ji You felt that the Firebird was entrenched in his Dantian at this time.

With a thought in his mind, a thin layer of fiery battle clothing appeared on Ji You.

He seemed to be wrapped in flames.

Xiao Gu looked at Ji You, with a trace of fear in his eyes.

"Ding, the host used the "fire suit" and gained experience value of 1*999."

Ji You suddenly stretched out his hand.

Suddenly, the pill that he wanted to escape in the air suddenly came to Ji You's hands.

Seeing that Ji You got the pill.

The Patriarch of Tianxiufang, Bai Wu, the general Tianqi of Tianbian City, and the three elders of the puppet trade union came to Ji You at the same time.

The three elders laughed and shook their hands: "Congratulations, Xiaoyou Ji, Xiaoyou Ji is really strong, and he can make a fifth-grade pill."

Ji You nodded: "Thank you."

Tianqi handed over and said: "I don't know what the effect of Xiaoyou Ji's pill is? If you don't abandon it, I am willing to spend a lot of money to buy it."

A wave of desire erupted in Tianqi's eyes. If it hadn't been for the inexplicable **** of the firebird of the town clan in Tianxiufang just now, he would have already taken it.

"I have my own effect on this pill."

Tianqi only felt a little regretful, and said, "If the son has any ideas in the future, I am willing to buy heavily at any time and leave."

But just when the two were about to leave, Bai Wu said: "Little friend Ji, I don't know where my ancestor is now?"

"Your ancestor said that he had a relationship with me, so he won't go back for the time being."

Bai Wu gritted his teeth, and Ji You was clearly a grab.

"Then I don't know if my ancestor has ordered you to give the five-grade pill to the old man."

He thought in his heart, if Guo Jiyou obediently handed over the pill, it would be fine, otherwise.

Ji You naturally saw his thoughts.

"I heard that there are three fair-looking ladies in the Bai family, and it happens that the Mo family also has two Pian Pian sons, who are willing to be a matchmaker in Xia, and Master Mo Xue in Xia. If your miss and my disciples two brothers marry, then we can be considered as such. family."

"In the future, I will give my own pill."

If Bai Wu didn't fight, Ji You could **** the sacred beast of his family's formation family. He also wanted to let the two desperate Mo Family take away his two baby daughters.

It's just wishful thinking.

"Boy, insult me too much"

"Mysterious skills, the earth is burning."

Two raging fires emerged from Bai Wu's hands and slapped on the ground.

Suddenly, two rows of flames burst from the ground, like a long snake, rushing directly in the direction of Ji You.

Even Apocalypse still has three elders and two people, in their hearts.

He immediately enveloped the body guard's Qi Gang on his body.

The remaining prestige of the flame was immediately hit towards Qi Gang.

The two people beside them shouted loudly in their hearts, the Third Elder and Tianqi quickly stepped back hundreds of meters before extinguishing the flame on their Qi Gang.

Otherwise, this flame will completely destroy their Qi Gang.

"What a terrible mysterious technique this is."

"A master in the Profound Realm can actually use such a profound technique."

Tianqi said, "Master Ji, be careful."

Ji You said, the flame came to Ji You, and was suddenly absorbed by the fiery suit on his body.

He felt a loose feeling in his cracked sky.

Change in the hands

The blue sword appeared in his hand instantly.

"What, Siping inferior treasure?"

"How many treasures are there on this kid?"

Ji You came to the front of Bai Wu.

However, at this moment, Bai Shangling was late, and shouted, "Master Ji, wait a minute."

Ji You stopped now, but Bai Wu was injured by the remaining power of the fiery suit, and now his face was full of pain.

Ji You waved heavily, and the raging fire suit was instantly absorbed into his body.

Bai Shangling bent down and glanced at his father.

"Father, are you all right."

Ji You took out a small medicine bottle from his arms and threw it into Bai Shangling's hands.

He didn't know why he did it.

But seeing her pitiful appearance, Ji You's heart suddenly softened.

After taking Ji You's pill.

Bai Wu's face obviously improved a lot.

Bai Wu glanced at Ji You, did not speak, just turned and left.

Bai Shangling walked in front of Ji You and knelt down. She naturally knew how terrifying Ji You's strength was. It was really rare for people to let her father go.

"Master Ji, please forgive my father."

Ji You said, Bai Shangling relaxed.

Otherwise, she is really afraid of what Ji You will do.

"Tomorrow's appointment, please don't forget Ji Gongzi."

Ji You said.

Young Master Mo came up: "Young Master Ji, look at our Mo Mansion."

Ji You's blazing suit flashed away.

In an instant, the flames flew to Ji You.

The Mo family became a ruin.

Ji You said lightly: "Take some gold coins out of the shop and buy a new address."

Young Master Mo is nothing short of admiration for Ji You.

He whispered: "Ji Gongzi, are you right to the Bai family?"

Ji You said faintly: "I just don't want to do things so absolutely."

Young Master Mo smiled slightly, and naturally thought of Ji You's thoughts.

It seems that our son of the season does not like to use violence.

The mansion was bought back soon.

Now that the Mo family has Ji You, and its reputation is in full swing, the people who sell the house naturally want to have a relationship with Ji You.

Even the furniture in the mansion is well arranged.

Ji You led Master Mo into the basement of the mansion.

Take out the five-grade pill.

Looking at the five-tier pill in Ji You's hand, Master Mo swallowed and spit.

He never expected that Ji You would give this pill to himself. Thinking of this in his heart, he was extremely excited.

Facing Ji You in front of him, he said, "Little friend Ji, is there really no problem with giving this medicine to the old man?"

Ji You said lightly: "I can refine one, and naturally I can refine two."

Master Mo took the pill, and his whole person changed drastically.

The profound strength on his body surged upwards extremely fast.

He couldn't believe his ability to break through.

It seemed that the power that was faintly about to break through the spiritual profound realm, at this moment, Master Mo's spirit and spirit gradually merged into one.

He stood up with a brush.


The surrounding stones exploded violently.

He looked at Ji You excitedly: "Thank you Ji Xiaoyou."

With the recovery of Master Mo's profound strength, the bloodlines of Master Mo and Master Mo's second seemed to have changed.

At the same time, the two felt the profound strength that had not returned for a long time.

The devil grass that Ji You joined was integrated into the blood of the fifth-rank monster beast, and it could naturally bring changes in the blood of the Mo Family.

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