999 Times Training System Book 2 Chapter 556

Vol 2 Chapter 556: Everyone here is rubbish

The eldest young master and the second young master of the Mo family felt the profound power in them.

After looking at each other.

The two played their own mysterious skills to fight each other.

They yelled in excitement and went to the basement.

"Father, our profound strength has recovered."

"Father, I am finally not a waste person."

Seeing the two brothers so excited, Master Mo's profound strength suddenly skyrocketed.

The two brothers saw that Master Mo had broken through to the Spirit Profound Realm, with a hint of surprise on their faces.

"Congratulations daddy for breaking into the Spirit Profound Realm."

"Congratulations, father."

The two brothers were also very excited.

To celebrate Master Mo's breakthrough to the Spirit Profound Realm, he set up a banquet in the mansion. Many people in the city would not have entered, but at this time they also entered the banquet.

Even the city lord had to come in person.

Master Mo was very excited.

When Bai Wu received the news, he sighed. It seems that their rule of Tianxiufang in Tianbian City has also come to an end.

Early the next morning.

The banquet of the Bai family was held as usual.

Ji You personally came to the Bai family.

Bai Shangling personally waited at the door. After welcoming Ji You, she took Ji You's hand and walked into the mansion.

For today's banquet in Tianxiufang, the forces from several surrounding cities were invited.

The daughters of the Bai family are naturally beautiful, especially Bai Shangling, who is even more unique in Tianxiufang.

Many young princes from the forces came for Bai Shangling.

Now seeing Bai Shangling holding Ji You's hand, how can he not be angry.

One of them stood up and walked in front of Ji You.

"The white girl is polite."

"Master Mo is polite."

He glanced at Ji You: "I don't know who this son is?"

"In the next season."

"Under Moza."

Mozha swept his consciousness across Ji You's body.

He couldn't feel the profound energy on Ji You.

So he snorted coldly.

"Ji Gongzi is polite. Today, Miss Bai is wearing a long skirt. She must be inconvenient to walk. Let me help her."

After saying this, he took a step forward.

But he didn't expect that at this moment, Ji You pulled Bai Shangling's skillful hand.

Bai Shangling's face flushed.

Thinking of Ji You's powerful ability yesterday, she did not dare to resist at this time.

Mozha was a little angry: "Master Ji is too frivolous."

Ji You smiled slightly and asked Bai Shangling, "Do you mind?"

Bai Shangling shook his head.

"Naturally don't mind."

Mozha's face suddenly turned blue and red.

Ji You walked into the main hall with Bai Shangling. If his eyes could kill people, Ji You would have been cut by thousands of swords.

Bai Wu came to the main position.

The person who came today is a master of the Spirit Profound Realm, and he just wants those masters of the Spirit Profound Realm to deal with Ji You.

He said to the big guy: "Today, the old man invites everyone to come. It is for the third daughter of our Bai family. The old man decided to marry the eldest daughter and the second daughter to the Mo family and the Mo family.

Although everyone was a little sorry to hear this news, their goal was Bai Shangling.

"As for my youngest daughter, she is betrothed to Master Ji Youji."


"How can this kid He De, we can't even sense the profound strength in him."

"Yes, why is this kid?"

For a time, the voices of resistance came and went one after another.

Bai Wu smiled: "Ji Gongzi is a talent, the best choice for our Bai family son-in-law."

"When it comes to talents, Young Master Huang from Tianxiu City is only thirty-eight years old this year, and he has become the top powerhouse of the Spirit Profound Realm, which is rare in the entire Puppet Empire.

"That's right, let alone the puppet empire, even among the seven empires, it is very rare."

"Apart from the Lingbao Empire, who else can be compared with our Young Master Huang."

There were different opinions, and Young Master Huang stood up and bowed his hand to Ji You.

"I don't know if you are lucky enough to compete with Ji Gongzi?"

"If you win, I am willing to hand over and congratulate him. If the son loses, please don't agree to the marriage."

On this continent, strength is respected, and even marriage is within the control of strength.

Mozha saw someone challenging Ji You, and he didn't know how excited he was. He stood up and said, "Master Ji can be so favored by Master Bai. He must be strong and I am willing to accompany him."

Mozha was also a powerhouse at the pinnacle of the Tongxuan Realm.

A strong person in the first level of the Spirit Profound Realm and a strong person in the Tong Profound Realm.

Obviously, I didn't want Ji You to be able to go back, and the rest of the people started booing.

The prince of the Puppet Empire also came to the White House.

He smiled slightly, and said to everyone: "In fact, everyone is interested in the white girl, and our puppet empire respects strength, so let's have a suggestion next. If we hold a ring match, whoever wins will be able to hold it. How is the beauty?"

After hearing this sentence, everyone shook their heads and agreed.

Ji You snorted coldly, "I have no interest in hitting you."

After Ji You finished speaking, Bai Shangling beside him glanced at Ji You, not because of Ji You's strength, but because of his beauty, could it be that Ji You's face could not be included?

Beautiful women love face, especially Bai Shangling who makes everyone Cui Zhiruomu.

Mozha snorted coldly, "I don't think you are interested in anything, don't you dare?"

Suddenly Mozha only felt black before his eyes.

Immediately Ji You appeared in front of him, stretched out his hand, and slammed his fist down.

Moza hadn't felt what had happened yet.

However, the flesh that existed at the pinnacle of the Tong Xuan realm felt the danger coming, and the profound energy on his body was suddenly released at this moment, covering his body.

"Sure enough to be a strong person at the pinnacle of the Profound Profound Realm, able to react like this in the face of an unknown crisis!"

"But how Ji You did it just now appeared in front of him almost instantly."


While the proud generation of these families is discussing this matter.

Suddenly, Mozha made a clicking sound, obviously something on his body was destroyed.

Immediately afterwards, something seemed to start to fall.

"What, the Qi Gang on Mozha was crushed!"

"According to the truth, even if the Qi Gang of a master in the Tongxuan realm is destroyed, it will quickly recover itself."

"Exactly, what exactly happened and why is this happening?"

"In this way, it is impossible for Mozha to recover from the punch of Master Ji."

"Sir, how can this strength be so terrible."

Seeing that Mozha who supported him was beaten, if he didn't make any moves.

Where is your face?

Young Master Huang thought of this in his heart, and suddenly his profound strength soared.

A terrible coercion came straight towards Ji You.

If he had been changed to someone else, he would have been overwhelmed by this terrible coercion.

But this is Ji You.

Ji You just turned and looked in his direction.

His face is so calm.

Young Master Huang frowned. Taking this opportunity, Mozha wanted to escape Ji You.

Ji You smiled slightly, and stepped on his foot.

Ah came a scream.

Huang Gongzi said: "Why is Ji Gongzi so cruel?"

Ji You sneered: "Just now Young Master Huang didn't talk like this."

It has nothing to do with his coercion, or Ji You's strength has already defeated him by far.

But he became a master of the Spirit Profound Realm at the age of thirty-eight, and he couldn't find a second person in the Puppet Empire, not to mention that Ji You's name had never been heard before.

Thinking of this in his heart, he suddenly thought that Ji You should be an ordinary person.

He snorted coldly: "Boy, you are looking for death!"

After all, the appearance of the son of Qianqian just now disappeared, and the appearance of the favored son of heaven in exchange for it seemed to be to step on Ji You fiercely.

He flew out.

"Mysterious skill, Qianlang Fist!"

People from all major families, when they heard of Huang Gongzi, they used Qianlangquan.

They exclaimed.

"Qianlangquan, is Qianlangquan."

"Oh my god, this is so rare."

"Qianlangquan, as the name suggests, one punch, one thousand punches, presumably this season is dead."

He finished this sentence.

It is true that the fist that Young Master Huang just waved, after being blocked by Ji You, turned into a thousand fists, and it struck Ji You at 360 degrees without a dead angle.

"He is dead."

However, at this moment, Ji You's eyes suddenly opened.

"Mysterious skill, raging fire suit!"

"Ding, the host used the'Army War Clothes', and the'Army War Clothes' gained 999 times the proficiency experience!"

As soon as the raging suit came out, Young Master Huang only felt an extremely intense heat spreading throughout his body, as if his body would be burned to the limit in the next moment.

He burst back with a sudden burst.

Looking at Ji You with a vigilant look, what is so weird about this kid?

He thought of this in his heart and said faintly: "Boy, where did you cultivate the crooked way!"

As soon as this remark came out, Ji You was completely infiltrated into the cult.

The major families, although they are all families, usually regard themselves as prestigious and upright.

"Yes, your profound skill, I have not seen it yet, it must be a demon skill."

"Hmph, I will definitely unite and ward off evil spirits."

Ji You looked at the indignant people, as if he really did something heinous.

These so-called families are really ridiculous.

He said lightly: "Haha, rubbish."


Young Master Huang's eyes widened: "You dare to say that this young master is rubbish."

Ji You said faintly: "Don't get me wrong, Young Master Huang, I'm not saying that you are rubbish, but that everyone here is rubbish."

Upon hearing this, everyone stood up excitedly.

Why did you say this to them this season.

Simply unreasonable!

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