999 Times Training System Chapter 127

Chapter 127: At The Start Of The Game The Third Grade Inferior Soul Recovery Pill

Ji You and You Shuyun entered the venue together to start the draw, because the positions were drawn.

Then, they walked to the position they got.

Two people share an alchemy furnace, which is also the rule of the double match, a group of two people work together to make alchemy.

Beside the alchemy furnace, a variety of alchemy materials are placed.

Ji You glanced at it roughly. There were almost all materials that could be refined from the third-rank pill to the first-rank pill.

"What kind of pill are you going to refine?"

Now that You Shuyun knew Ji You's true alchemy level was extremely high, he first asked Ji You's opinion.

"Choose a medicinal pill that is inferior to the third grade or the third grade medium."

Ji You seemed very casual.

Regardless of whether it is inferior or intermediate, he is almost certain to win.

You Shuyun was surprised for a moment, then nodded and said: "Okay, then let's refine the soul recovery pill."

Fuhun Pill is a third-class inferior pill.

Although she was surprised by Ji You's strength, for the sake of safety, she decided that it would be safer to refine the third-rank inferior medicine Fuhun Pill.

"I will be led by you later, and I will be there to assist you, can I?"

You Shuyun asked again.

Now she was only a second-rank middle-class alchemist, and she was close to the level of a second-rank first-class alchemist. Refining a third-rank inferior pill was still relatively reluctant for her.

But if it's just on the sidelines, there is no big problem.

"Yes, you can help me depending on the situation."

Ji You nodded.

Originally, he wanted to tell You Shuyun that it was not necessary at all, he was completely enough alone.

But considering You Shuyun's feelings, he still didn't say anything.

While Ji You and You Shuyun were talking, all the surrounding contestants also found their place in the draw.

It didn't take long before the double match officially began.

Everyone is racing against time to start the alchemy process, but Ji You is not slow.

I saw that he didn't have any eagerness to select the materials needed to refine the "Resurrection Pill", and then began to refine the pill.

"Ding! It is detected that the owner has started to refine the third-grade inferior pill "Recovering Soul Pill", and the success rate of alchemy is increased by 999 times..."


At the same time, although all the noise around the venue is isolated, the mood of the surrounding audience is always high.

"The double match has finally started. Why don't we have a guess, which team can win the first place?"

"I think it should be the team of the Nangong family. It is said that Miss Moqing of Nangong has already mastered the unique knowledge of the Nangong family.

"I am more optimistic about Liu Ling's team. After all, Liu Ling is also the number one pill genius in Yaoguang Ancient City, but what do you think of the guy who clashed with Liu Ling at noon?"

"What else to look at? That guy heard that the martial arts is very strong, but he is definitely not as good as Liu Ling in terms of alchemy. You don't even have to think about it."

Many people also nodded one after another, they were basically not very optimistic about Ji You.

At this moment, Ji You certainly couldn't hear the voice from the outside world.

But even if he could hear it, he wouldn't care at all.

Ji You is now concentrating on refining the "Recovering Soul Pill", but with the assistance of You Shuyun, his pill refining speed is slower.

Because the difference between the two of them is too far in terms of alchemy attainments and alchemy techniques, they belong to the kind of completely unable to cooperate.

If it hadn't been for Ji You's alchemy level to have reached the third-rank first-class alchemist, he might even fail due to You Shuyun's assistance.

But he didn't mean to blame You Shuyun, just quietly refining the pill.

But at this moment, Ji You's eyes flashed suddenly, as if thinking of something.

He immediately displayed the "Cyan Light Seal".

In this way, it should be able to cooperate with You Shuyun a little bit.


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