999 Times Training System Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Yes We Are Brothers And Sisters

"What's going on? How could Miss Nangong Yunxin invite a strange man to talk in the carriage?"

"Yeah, it shouldn't be. Could it be that Miss Nangong is interesting to this young man?"

"It's even more impossible. Nangong Yunxin is also the daughter of an elder of the Nangong family. How could she have such a low-sightedness, she would be attracted to a little maotou from nowhere?"


At the same time, the mercenary warriors around were also talking about it.

"Apart from him, is there any other first-class alchemist present?"

Hearing the arguing around him, Nangong Yunxin said lightly.

First-class alchemist? !

Hearing the voice of Nangong Qingmo, everyone's expressions became amazed. They all looked at the black robe boy stiffly.

At this time, they discovered that there was indeed a badge on the chest of the black robe boy.

It was only half covered by the black robe, and only a small part was exposed outside, which is why they hadn't noticed before.

They couldn't imagine that this young man who seemed to be at most sixteen years old was still a first-class alchemist!

But it was Miss Nangong who said that this young man was a first-class alchemist, even if they didn't believe it, they had to believe it.

When all the mercenaries on the side were surprised, the middle-aged man also looked surprised.

But Wu Feng's gloomy color on his face is even worse.

However, Ji You didn't bother to care about these people, and silently took Jiang Yuechu onto Nangong Yunxin's carriage.

After getting on the carriage, Ji You and Jiang Yuechu sat together, opposite Nangong Yunxin.

"My name is Nangong Yunxin, shouldn't the two be brothers and sisters?"

Nangong Yunxin made two cups of tea politely and placed them in front of Ji You and Jiang Yuechu.

Hearing what Nangong Yunxin said, Jiang Yuechu was about to deny it.

But Ji Youxian said: "Yes, we are brothers and sisters."


Jiang Yuechu was stunned for a while, she couldn't understand why Ji You said that.

"My name is Yueyou, and her name is Yuechu."

Ji You continued smiling.

In fact, he didn't deliberately want to hide his identity or anything, but his temporary evil taste.

The status of brother and sister is quite interesting.

"So that's it..."

Nangong Yunxin nodded and said, "Fortunately, the two are willing to walk with us. Otherwise, with the appearance of Miss Yuechu, it is easy to be targeted by the bandits and bandits."

She hadn't noticed before, but now she was so close to see that the girl in front of her was so beautiful.

In contrast, she felt very ashamed.

If such a little sister falls into the hands of the wicked, the consequences will be completely disastrous.

Ji You smiled without saying anything about what Nangong Yunxin said.

With his strength, need to be afraid of those so-called robbers?

"In other words, look at the badge in front of the son, should it be an alchemist?"

Nangong Yunxin's eyes once again fell on the badge on Ji You's chest.


Ji You said casually.

"...Could it be that the son has just participated in the alchemy meeting and is now returning from Chaoyang Ancient City?"

Nangong Yunxin hesitated for a moment, then continued to ask.

Ji You still nodded.

Seeing Ji You nod his head, Nangong Yunxin's eyes flickered suddenly, as if thoughtful.


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