999 Times Training System Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Ji You..do You Still Have This Habit?

I have to say, although Jiang Yuechu's figure is almost the same as that of Jiang Yuexin.

But little Lolita is a little Lolita after all. It's not a joke that she is light and easy to push down, and it is easy for Ji You to be unable to help her inner impulse.

However, he forced himself to calm down and asked Jiang Yuechu, "Do you have any purpose?"

"No, I just did what I wanted to do."

Jiang Yuechu said: "And you like it too, then there is no problem."

"What do you want to do?..."

Ji You pondered for a long time, but didn't want to understand what Jiang Yuechu's thoughts were.

But he didn't bother to continue thinking about things, so he went to bed before talking.

Anyway, leaving aside other things, being held to sleep by a little loli like this is also a kind of enjoyment for him.

Not only that, but you can also hone your willpower.

for example

"Ding! The master resisted the temptation of Little Lolita, and the experience value of Bronze Grade Willpower: (1*999 times)..."

"Ding! The master resisted the temptation of Little Lolita, and the experience value of Bronze Grade Willpower: (1*999 times)..."


"Ding! Congratulations, Master, the'Bronze Grade Willpower' successfully broke through to the Xiaocheng realm..."

One night later, Ji You's willpower successfully broke through and was able to suppress his inner impulse more easily.

"Time to wake up."

When he woke up, he realized that Jiang Yuechu was still asleep in his arms, Ji You called out immediately.


Jiang Yuechu let out a cry, obviously not awake yet.

Upon seeing this, Ji You didn't bother Jiang Yuechu again, but gently moved the little hand that Jiang Yuechu had wrapped around her waist and abdomen, and then got up and got out of bed.

Jiang Yuechu was still half asleep, her Jiao body curled up subconsciously, like a little animal in a daze.

Ji You helped him cover the quilt before going out to wash.

After washing back, the servant of Nangong Mansion also brought breakfast.

However, when Ji You ran out of his breakfast, Jiang Yuechu hadn't woke up yet.

"It's getting late, when are you going to sleep?"

Ji You walked over and shook Jiang Yuechu.

"Wait a moment..."

Only then did Jiang Yuechu make a bewildered voice.

"After a while, the breakfast will be cold, just get up."

Ji You said.

But then Jiang Yuechu didn't respond, as if she fell asleep again.

Ji You suddenly felt helpless, but at the next moment, a smirk flashed in his eyes.

He lifted the quilt underneath, only to see a pair of white and pink feet exposed.

The toes are like green onions, small and cute, and beautiful, making Ji You feel slightly lost.

He immediately swiped his fingertips on the matte and smooth soles of the feet, Jiang Yuechu's whole body trembled, and at the same time, his little feet immediately retracted.

"Little feet are quite sensitive."

Seeing Jiang Yuechu's obvious reaction, Ji You grinned and said: "If you still don't get up, I will continue to punish you."

Jiang Yuechu seemed to be really scared, and quickly got up from the bed, her two little feet shrank, for fear that Ji You would continue to scratch her feet.

"Tsk tut..."

Ji You's eyes revealed a touch of joy, because he discovered Jiang Yuechu's weakness, that is, his little feet are very sensitive.

At this time, Jiang Yuechu showed a shy look on her face, and she looked at Ji You with a little embarrassment, "Ji You...do you still have this habit?"

I rub?

Hearing Jiang Yuechu's words, Ji You immediately realized that he seemed to be misunderstood.

"Don't get me wrong, I don't have this habit."

Ji You immediately explained: "I only did this to wake you up."


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