999 Times Training System Chapter 144

Chapter 144: Nangong Moqing's Strong Desire To Conquer

Before long, Ji You and Jiang Yuechu arrived at the medicine field of Nangong Mansion under the leadership of Nangong Yunxin.

It seems that Nangong Xun has already explained in advance that none of the people guarding the medicinal field cares about them.

As soon as he walked into the medicinal field, Ji You could feel that the profound energy in it was obviously more than that of the outside world.

It can only be said that it is worthy of the famous Alchemy Family of Mingyue Ancient City, and Ji You caught a green firefly in two strokes.

"Is it so easy to find?"

Looking at the green firefly in Ji You's hand, Jiang Yuechu said with surprise.

"Although green fireflies are very precious, the medicine field of our Nangong family is very suitable for green fireflies, so there are a lot of green fireflies here."

Nangong Yunxin explained, with a hint of pride in his tone.

Then, Nangong Yunxin said again: "Does the son need only a green firefly?"

"Well, one is enough."

Ji You nodded.

He is basically 100% sure that he can successfully refine the Qixuan Qingling Pill, so there is no need to prepare additional green fireflies.

"Okay, then I will help the son take care of the expenses."

Nangong Yunxin said.

"Then trouble you."

Ji You said.

Subsequently, the three left the medicine field.

But just when they left the medicine field, someone else happened to enter the medicine field, and they were still acquaintances.

"Ji You? Why are you here?"

As soon as I entered the medicine field, I ran into Ji You. Nangong Moqing was taken aback for a moment, and then said in surprise.

"Why can't I be here?"

Ji You asked back.

Although he knew that Nangong Moqing should be in the Nangong mansion, he was a little surprised when he ran into Nangong Moqing in the medicine field.

However, Ji You didn't notice that Nangong Yunxin's expression had changed behind him.

"You came here on purpose to look for green fireflies?"

Nangong Moqing noticed the green firefly in Ji You's hand.


Ji You said casually.

He didn't bother to continue arguing with Nangong Moqing, but when he was about to pass Nangong Moqing, he was stopped by Nangong Moqing.

"what do you mean?"

Ji You frowned slightly, said.

"This is the Nangong Mansion. Without my permission, you can't walk out of the medicine field with the green firefly."

Nangong Moqing said indifferently.

"and so?"

Ji You's tone gradually cooled down.

"If you want to take away the green firefly, you become my servant, and I will offset the cost for you."

Nangong Moqing said coldly with an aloof expression.

Ji You looked at Nangong Mo Qing coldly, thinking inside.

This is the Nangong mansion, and the other party is the daughter of the daughter here. It is not good for him to tear his skin.

But he definitely didn't want to be this woman's servant, so it seemed that he could only give up the green glowworm.

At this moment, Jiang Yuechu couldn't help it, and whispered to Ji You anxiously: "Ji You, don't promise her, we don't want this green firefly."

Ji You just meant this, and immediately said to Nangong Moqing, "I'll give you back this stuff."

During the words, he threw the green firefly to Nangong Moqing.

"In this way, you refuse to be my servant?"

Nangong Moqing said coldly.

Ji You suddenly became a little speechless, this is not nonsense, he has thrown away the green glowworm, is it not what is it?

At this moment, Nangong Moqing's eyes fell on Nangong Yunxin who was behind Ji You.

However, Nangong Yunxin at the back kept his head down without saying a word.

Nangong Moqing just glanced, not paying much attention, and did not speak.

"let's go."

Ji You immediately spared Nangong Moqing, and Jiang Yuechu followed along.

Nangong Yunxin finally moved, lowered his head and followed Ji You silently.

Nangong Moqing looked at Ji You leaving behind, her cold eyes flashing with the desire to conquer.

Sooner or later, I will let you willingly become my slave.


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