999 Times Training System Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Take A Get Out Of Class And Get Promoted To Alchemist In An Instant

As the first genius of the alchemy, You Shuyun is now a second-rank alchemist, with a very high status in the ancient city of Chaoyang.

There was no one who didn't have eyesight dared to make trouble in front of You Shuyun, so everyone was very peaceful.

Even Lin Qitian, seeing You Shuyun coming, had no choice but to find another place to sit down.

You Shuyun wandered to the podium, her beautiful eyes quickly swept over everyone in the hall, and immediately opened her lips, "Since everyone is here, then the alchemy class will begin immediately."

"Today's alchemy class will first talk about basic alchemy knowledge, and finally try alchemy practice."

Everyone present listened to You Shuyun's speech quietly, and there was almost no noise.

Hearing that there was no more noise in the venue, You Shuyun nodded slightly, and continued: "Presumably most of you in this room rarely touch Dan Dao. I will start with the most basic things. I want to become a man. A true alchemist, in addition to a strong soul power, also needs a high enough talent for the alchemy. These are all innate and it is difficult to improve through the day after tomorrow. I hope you know this.

"Next, let me talk about alchemy. Alchemy is to refine pill. You need to have: profound energy, fire, material, container, and soul power. These five things can be said to be indispensable..."

At this time Ji You was also listening to the class seriously, no matter whether he could become an alchemist, it was always better to give it a try.

Suddenly, a system prompt sounded in his mind.

"Ding! The master listened to the alchemy lesson for one minute, and the experience value of the "Alchemy Achievements": (1*999 times)!"

"Ding! Congratulations to the master, the'Alchemy Achievements' successfully broke through to the first-grade inferior alchemist!"

Ji You suddenly looked unbelievable, just after listening to the alchemy class casually, he became a first-grade alchemist?

At the same time, he felt a lot of alchemy knowledge poured into his mind, besides that, he also felt that his soul power had been improved.

He was shocked again.

You know that soul power is innate, and it is difficult to improve it through the day after tomorrow. Right now, he has only listened to a one-minute lesson to improve soul power.

Undoubtedly, I should really have the alchemy attainments of a first-grade inferior alchemist!

Ji You finally suppressed the excitement and excitement in his heart, and devoted himself more to the alchemy class, and continued to listen to it to gain reinforcement.

At the same time, You Shuyun was also teaching.

"First of all, lets talk about profound energy. Every martial artist has profound energy in his body. Refining a pill is a very delicate activity. Generally, it takes a lot of time to slowly refine it. Promoted by profound energy, the entire alchemy process will consume a lot of profound energy, so martial arts cultivation is still very important for an alchemist."

"Fire is the flame that must be present when refining pill. Normal flames are generally used. Although there are some special fires, you have not yet understood the need for them. The materials are all kinds of heavenly spirits. Dibao, if you want to refine a pill, you must naturally prepare the materials needed to refine a pill. The container is a pill furnace or a pill pot. You can use whichever you want to use, depending on your own habits. "

"There is also soul power. Everyone is born with soul power. The degree of strength varies from person to person. It is very difficult to improve soul power, so I won't explain more here."

"The specific function of the soul power is to have a great impact on the identification of materials, control of the fire, and the timing of condensing pills. The fire must be controlled appropriately. If the fire is too heavy, all materials will be scrapped, and if the fire is too light, it will also be difficult to condense. Dan. The same is true for the timing of controlling the pill. It must be precise enough to control the timing, otherwise it will cause a series of problems."

"Whether it is the control of the heat or the timing of the pill condensate, it will affect the success or failure and quality of the pill, and these require soul power to control."

"This kind of most basic knowledge has been explained. Next, I will explain to you the varieties of various pills and materials..."

You Shuyun's speaking speed is not fast, so that everyone present can hear clearly.

Most people are very serious about listening to classes, after all, listening to beautiful women's lectures is a different kind of enjoyment.

Ji You is also very attentive, and system prompts sound in his mind every minute.

"Ding! The master listened to the alchemy lesson for one minute, and the experience value of the "Alchemy Achievements": (1*999 times)!"

"Ding! The master listened to the alchemy lesson for one minute, and the experience value of the "Alchemy Achievements": (1*999 times)!"


"Ding! Congratulations, Master, the'Alchemy Achievements' successfully broke through to the first-grade middle-class alchemist!"

As time passed slowly, Ji You gradually improved from the first-rank inferior alchemist to the first-rank intermediate alchemist.

This efficiency is simply amazing!

I saw that his eyes were full of joy. In the past, he had never dared to imagine that after only a few minutes of alchemy lessons, he could directly become a first-grade intermediate alchemist.

Feeling the influx of knowledge into his mind and the improvement of soul power, Ji You can be sure that everything that is happening now is true!

Alchemists also have a clear level division, from low to high, they are divided into one to nine grades, which are also subdivided into: low, medium, and high.

It is estimated that it will not be long before he can be promoted to the second-rank inferior alchemist.

On the stage, You Shuyun, who is known as the number one genius of the ancient city of Chaoyang, is said to be only a second-tier middle-class alchemist.

In comparison, this so-called first genius of alchemy was not enough in front of Ji You.

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