999 Times Training System Chapter 162

Chapter 162: Aren't The Two Girls The Son's Partner?

Under the leadership of Leng Rumeng, Ji You, Jiang Yuechu and Jiang Yuexin came to an extremely luxurious room.

"This is the most luxurious room in the restaurant. Is the son satisfied?"

Leng Rumeng introduced.


Ji You looked around for a while, and the furniture and decorations were very luxurious and beautiful.

But at this moment, he noticed that the huge room had only one big bed, and then asked Leng Rumeng: "Why is there only one bed here? We are three people."

"Aren't these two girls the son's partner?"

Leng Rumeng was also puzzled. She thought that the two girls she was accompanying were Ji You's partners.

During the words, her eyes turned to Jiang Yuechu and Jiang Yuexin.

Being watched by Leng Rumeng, Jiang Yuexin's complexion immediately turned a little blush, and she hummed, "Who is this kind of bastard's partner!"

However, through the look and tone of the girl in the pink skirt, Leng Rumeng saw the truth through.

Jiang Yuechu did not change his expression, nodded and said: "Yes, we are all Ji You's partners."

The tone of this sentence is a bit peculiar, as if it is an oath to Leng Rumeng.

But Leng Rumeng didn't care, and instead said to Ji You: "The two girls have said that, I won't bother the son, son please."

When Leng Rumeng said so, Ji You didn't know what to say, so he could only accept it.

Later, Leng Rumeng walked out of the room and closed the door.

But not long after she left, suddenly an old woman appeared beside her.

"Miss, is it really necessary to take care of that boy in this way?"

The old woman's voice was low and hoarse.

Although the young lady's behavior is not very good, but with her understanding of the young lady's character, it is very magical to be able to do this to a stranger.

"You don't understand, the potential of that young man is terrifying, and it is worthy of our friendship."

Leng Rumeng said coldly.

She knows Ji You almost perfectly, the only thing she doesn't know is the other party's true identity, what the other party experienced before being adopted by the poor couple in Chaoyang Ancient City, even with her means, she can't find out.

It was as if everything that happened to the other party before that had been deliberately erased.


At the same time, the night was dark.

Ji You sat on the bed, ready to sleep.

"You two sisters sleep together, I can just sleep by the side."

He said to Jiang Yuechu and Jiang Yuexin.

"You don't need to say that I don't want to sleep with you."

Jiang Yuexin said softly.

"Actually, you should really want to sleep with Ji You, right?"

At this moment, Jiang Yuechu whispered in Jiang Yuexin's ear.

Jiang Yuexin didn't know whether her ears were too sensitive or other reasons, her face flushed after a brush, "Sister, don't talk nonsense!"

Looking at her lovely sister, Jiang Yuechu couldn't help but chuckle.

Then she turned to Ji You and smiled: "Ji You, you should sleep between me and Yuexin."

"If you really want to, please beg this lady, she may be able to accept it reluctantly."

Jiang Yuexin turned her face away, and said with a blush.

It seems very unwilling, but in fact I am looking forward to it.

"No, I think I sleep better on the floor."

However, Ji You said indifferently.

Because seeing Jiang Yuechu's smirk, he felt that there was nothing good about designating.

Ji You casually spread a blanket on the ground, and then brought a set of quilts so that he could sleep.

Jiang Yuexin was dumbfounded when he saw Ji You lay up the floor in one fell swoop.

She thought that Ji You would definitely accept it happily, but she refused it without expecting to be so casual.

Even Jiang Yuechu couldn't help but was stunned. She couldn't figure out what kind of brain circuit Ji You was. She and her sister were so unattractive?

Although Jiang Yuexin felt a little pity in her heart, she couldn't put herself down to tell Ji You the truth, so she lay on the bed without saying a word.

At this time Jiang Yuechu also changed clothes and went to bed.

At midnight, Jiang Yuexin still couldn't sleep.

There was a throbbing in her heart that could not be suppressed, and after struggling for a long time, she still made a decision.

Immediately, Jiang Yuexin got out of bed secretly and quietly walked towards Ji You on tiptoe.

But at this moment, she suddenly heard her sister's voice.

"Yue Xin, I don't think you are quite bold~"

Jiang Yuexin was shocked suddenly, and saw her sister shrank in the bed on Ji You's right side and hugged Ji You tightly.


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