999 Times Training System Chapter 206

Chapter 206: Just Let Ji You Take Care Of The Sixth Prince

Fifty-three thousand contribution points, the third-rank high-quality silver silk treasure, the third-rank low-quality cold front, and ten third-rank low-level medicinal pills are restored to Sudan.

Elder Baihu handed all the rewards of the three top tasks to Ji You at once.

"Then'six princes' will trouble the elders to deal with it."

After speaking, Ji You turned and left.

He didn't bother to continue wasting time here, and left the rest to the old man Baihu.

"His Royal Highness, the old man will take you back to the palace in person later, what do you think?"

The old white Hu said to Zhuang Weiran with a kind face, with a rather respectful tone.

Although the opponent is a junior, this is not an ordinary junior.

The six princes of the Canglan Empire royal family, even if the lord of the palace came, he had to respect him three points.

He was just an elder in Qianyuan Wufu, and he did not dare to offend the Sixth Prince.

"I was tired this time I came back. I want to rest in your house for two days."

At this time, Zhuang Weiran deliberately turned her voice into a neutral voice, with a hint of majesty in her tone.


The old man Bai Hu looked a little embarrassed, "The old man has to go and ask the Lord Palace Lord first, and trouble the Sixth Prince to wait here."

Where he dares to decide such things easily, even if he is not careful, his head may fall.

Whenever His Royal Highness the Six Prince stays in the Wufu for one more day, they must ensure that His Highness the Six Prince is foolproof.

This is not a joke.

Zhuang Weiran just nodded slightly without making a sound.

This matter is very important, the old white Hu directly used his body skills to rush to the Zijin Hall.

"Palace Master, Master Palace!"

The person has not arrived, the sound has arrived.

Murong Zili, who was urging Jiang Yuechu and Jiang Yuexin to practice martial arts, heard this voice.

Looking at the old white Hu rushing from outside the hall, Murong Zili immediately asked coldly, "Why is it so flustered?"

"Palace Lord, Ji You has completed all the tasks, and he has also brought back His Royal Highness the Sixth Prince."

The old man Baihu spoke quickly.

Suddenly, Murong Zili's beautiful eyes showed a slight surprise.

She didn't expect Ji You to return so soon, and also completed the three top tasks.

Just when she was about to speak, the old man Baihu continued: "But His Highness the Sixth Prince said that he will rest in our Wufu for two days. What should the Lord Palace Master do?"

"...Actually, it is not difficult to handle, just let Ji You take care of the Sixth Prince."

Murong Zili thought for a moment and said.

"This is indeed feasible..."

The old man Bai Hu nodded, but his expression became worried again, "But I don't know if Ji You is willing to accept it."

These elders cannot look at His Royal Highness the Six Princes anytime.

In the entire Qianyuan Wufu Palace, except for them, the elders and the lord of the palace, basically no one is Ji You's opponent.

On weekdays, Ji You is almost free from any restrictions in the Wufu.

There is no doubt that Ji You is the best candidate.

His only concern is that Ji You might not accept it.

After all, this kind of thing is not a joke, it is necessary to ensure that His Royal Highness the Sixth Prince is completely safe.

"You don't need to worry about this. Use the 20,000 contribution value as the basic condition. If Ji You is not satisfied, the contribution value will be increased until he meets it."

Murong Zili said faintly: "As for the palace, this palace lord will personally explain it clearly to that side."


The old man with a white Hu immediately retreated.

Not long after the old man Baihu retired, Jiang Yuexin couldn't help but ask: "Master, how long will it take for us to end today?"

When she heard that Ji You was back, she couldn't wait to see Ji You.

"Yue Xin, today's cultivation is not over yet, and I'm already anxious to see Ji You, just care about Ji You?"

Jiang Yuechu teased from the side.

"Sister, what are you talking about, who cares about that guy."

Jiang Yuexin blushed and said stiffly.

"Why is that?"

Jiang Yuechu asked in a teasing tone.

"That...that is..."

Jiang Yuexin couldn't think of what reason to find, and she was too anxious.

"It will be over soon, you first practice with peace of mind."

Murong Zili suddenly spoke.

At the same time, the conversation between Jiang Yuechu and Jiang Yuexin was interrupted, and Jiang Yuexin was also relieved.

Because she didn't want Master to know that she liked Ji You.

Little did they know that Murong Zili had already seen it through.

It's just that Murong Zili has never mentioned this topic to them.


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