999 Times Training System Chapter 217

Chapter 217: Think Of A Countermeasure

"Ding! The master has practiced martial arts for one minute, and the experience value of'Budo Cultivation': (10*999 times)!"

"Ding! The master has practiced martial arts for one minute, and the experience value of'Budo Cultivation': (10*999 times)!"


"Ding! Congratulations to the master, the'Buddhist cultivation base' successfully broke through to the Tongxuan Realm first level to Consummation!"

Before the spirit ship arrived at Chaoyang Ancient City, Ji You's cultivation reached the first level of the Tongxuan Realm.

It won't take long before he can break through to the second level of the Tongxuan Realm.


Returning to the ancient city of Chaoyang, Ji You used her Shen Fa to bring Jiang Yuechu and Jiang Yuexin to the City Lord's Mansion quickly, but was not discovered by anyone on the way.

"At the beginning of the month, Yuexin, and Xiaoyou Ji, why are you back?!"

Jiang Zhongtian was suddenly surprised when he saw the three who had returned suddenly.

"I heard that the Lin family and the Chen family had joined forces to make trouble, so I came back."

Ji You said.

"How can you come back at this time?"

Jiang Zhongtian said with a worried expression: "Go back now. I just sent a letter to inform you before, but I didn't call you back."

He couldn't help cursing his stupid in his heart, if he didn't inform those things.

These three juniors shouldn't stay here in this tense period.

"It doesn't matter, we dare to come back this time, naturally we are sure."

Ji You said confidently.

Jiang Zhongtian was about to say something, when Jiang Yuechu on the side suddenly said: "Father, believe in Ji You."

"Don't worry, Ji You is not stupid, and my sister and I are watching him."

At this time, Jiang Yuexin also patted her chest and said vowedly.


Jiang Zhongtian hesitated for a while before speaking.

Since his two daughters have already talked about it, he has nothing to say.

"But you must stay in the house honestly these days, and you must not run around, understand?"

Jiang Zhongtian said.

Now the entire ancient city of Chaoyang is chaotic.

Since the Lin family and the Chen family joined forces, most of the forces in the ancient city of Chaoyang have sided with the Lin family and the Chen family.

As for the remaining half of the forces, only a small part still stood on the side of the City Lord's Mansion, and the rest were quietly watching.

It can be said that the current situation of the City Lord's Mansion is very embarrassing.

Had it not been for the Chaoyang branch to support them, they would have been unable to hold it.

This is also due to Ji You, if there is no Ji You, Chaoyang Branch will not intervene in this matter.

Simply put, nowadays, there is no absolute safety outside the city lords mansion.

"I understand."

Ji You nodded.

He had no intention of running around.

He wanted to wait for the Lin Family and Chen Family to arrive at the City Lord's Mansion.

"Understood at the beginning of the month."

"Yuexin understands."

Jiang Yuechu and Jiang Yuexin also responded.

"Just understand."

Jiang Zhongtian breathed a sigh of relief.

But just in case, he still wanted to arrange for a master to spy on his two daughters, Ji Xiaoyou and himself.


At this time, Ji You suddenly remembered something and asked: "Palace Master Jiang, when will the Lin Family and Chen Family come back?"

"Three days later."

Jiang Zhongtian said: "The noon after three days is the deadline they gave us. If we don't hand over the seat of the city lord mansion, they will level our city lord mansion."

In the words, there was a heavy color in his eyes.

This time the Chen Lin family united was too fierce, and their City Lord's Mansion was hard to resist.

What's more, there are still many forces standing on the side of Chen Lin's family, and they will definitely come to cheer at that time.

Their situation will only get worse.

"Sweeping here...If you say that, then Lin Zhanshan and Chen Wuheng will show up, right."

Ji You narrowed his eyes.


Jiang Zhongtian nodded and said: "Not only that, the main combat forces of the Chen family and the Lin family will probably come together at that time, and there will even be other forces."

"Okay, so I know."

Ji You replied, and then pondered.

He doesn't care about the main combat power and other forces, as long as Lin Zhanshan and Chen Wuheng will come.

After pondering for a while, he thought of a good countermeasure, that is...

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