999 Times Training System Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Death Or Surrender?

"Ji You, don't be impulsive!"

Jiang Zhongtian shouted.

He didn't expect Ji You to rush over in the blink of an eye.

If something happened to Ji You, then he would really be desperate.

However, Ji You did not look back, because the Leng Feng in his hand had already been cut out.

The serial nine swords were cut out in an instant, and Chen Wuheng and Lin Zhanshan were caught off guard.

Suddenly, scars appeared on the two of them, and blood flowed out uncontrollably.

Only then did they realize that they had been injured, and they were all dumbfounded.

"Old dog, die!"

Seeing that his move just now had a significant effect, Ji You didn't give Chen Wuheng and Lin Zhanshan a chance to breathe, and directly used his full strength.

"Ding! Master urges Yicheng Kendo true meaning, Yicheng Jiando true meaning gains experience points: (100*999 times)!"

The Nine Peaks of Lonely Swords with the true meaning of kendo have multiplied their power.

With the increase in sword intent, every sword became more fierce, and completely defeated Chen Wuheng and Lin Zhanshan like a ruin.

At this moment, Chen Wuheng and Lin Zhanshan were bloody, they both fell to the ground and lingered.

They looked at Ji You with horror, and they didn't even think they would end up in such a miserable situation.

The next moment, the last breath of the two disappeared.

Less than half a minute after the start of the battle, both leaders died.

All the hostile people were stunned, and the morale of the City Lord's Mansion was soaring.

With the help of the Ten Thousand Sword Killing Array, all the warriors who were hostile to the cultivation base of the Tong Xuan realm were quickly killed.

There were only a dozen Patriarch or Elder-level Tong Xuan realm martial arts practitioners left, barely resisting.

There was basically no loss in the City Lord's Mansion, and Ji You even sat in a chair leisurely drinking tea while watching the battle.

Ji You got up and walked over slowly until they were exhausted.

"Death, or surrender?"

Ji You Leng looked at those people and said lightly.

As he fell, the first person immediately bowed to the ground, "Willing to surrender!"

"Willing to surrender!!!"

The other Patriarch elders hesitated for a while, and they all knelt on the ground one after another, saying in unison.

Ji You nodded slightly, and immediately communicated with Jiang Zhongtian, "Palace Master Jiang, please lock them up later, I will be useful in the future."

Hearing Ji You's voice at this time, Jiang Zhongtian was relieved from the shock just now, and sent a message to Ji You, "No problem."

He took a deep look at Ji You, his eyes still flashing with shock.

You should know that Chen Wuheng and Lin Zhanshan's cultivation level has reached the second stage of the Tongxuan realm, and there is no room for fighting back in front of Ji You.

If it was replaced by himself, I am afraid it is far from Ji You's opponent.

If Jiang Zhongtian remembers correctly, it has been less than a month since Ji You left last time and now he returns.

In less than a month, he had already stood at the top of the martial arts in Chaoyang Ancient City.

Jiang Zhongtian smiled with relief.

It's time for my old bone to give way to young people.

Since then, the number one strongest in Chaoyang Ancient City is no longer him, but Ji You!

"It's a pity, he probably doesn't like me as the palace lord, otherwise I really want to give this position to him and go to Xiaoyao."

Jiang Zhongtian thought to himself, and sighed slightly.

After all, the true dragon would not succumb to the land of Niwan.

With Ji You's talent, it is impossible to stay in a barren place like Chaoyang Ancient City.

Even the Canglan Empire may not be able to restrain Ji You, I am afraid that the world outside the Canglan Empire is the world that Ji You really yearns for.

At the end of the war, Ji You stopped and destroyed all three formations so as not to injure himself.

"Ding! The master cracked the third-rank weak profound formation, and gained experience points for Magic Achievements: (600*999 times)!"

"Ding! The master cracked the Third Stage Exciting Array, and gained experience points for Magic Achievements: (600*999 times)!"

"Ding! The master cracked the Third-Rank Ten Thousand Sword Killing Array, and gained experience points for Magic Achievements: (800*999 times)!"

Seeing that Ji You didn't mean to do anything, the dozen or so surrendered elders of the family heads were greatly relieved.

Even Chen Wuheng and Lin Zhanshan were killed by this young man in seconds. If this young man were to kill, they would only be even worse.


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