999 Times Training System Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Promoted By Body Style Punched The Stakes

The body tempering realm martial artist has limited understanding and acceptance. Although Chen Yan is the young master of the Chen family, but his cultivation is still in the body tempering realm, he definitely cannot practice the mysterious skills above the yellow level, even the middle-level mysterious skills of the yellow rank. All are reluctant.

But Ji You is completely different, there is no need to learn mysterious skills at all, the system itself comes with mysterious skills that can be upgraded.

He now possesses two yellow-tier medium-level mysterious skills, and he will soon be able to upgrade to a yellow-tier high-level, plus the cultivation base of the nine-fold late stage of the body tempering stage.

Even if Chen Yan's cultivation was as high as the 9th Level Consummation of Body Tempering Realm, it was not his opponent at all.

"Since you want to strengthen mystery skills, let's take a trip to the martial arts field."

Ji You whispered in his mouth, and then walked out of the room to the martial arts field.

Before long, Ji You came to the training ground of Lin Mansion.

This is a martial arts training ground specially established by the Lin family, where all the children of the Lin family can practice.

At this time, there were many Lin family children on the martial arts field, some were practicing basic exercises, some were practicing boxing, and some were gathering together to brag.

Ji You didn't say hello to anyone, but prepared to start practicing mysterious skills.

"Ding! Master casts "Ling Yun Step", and "Ling Yun Step" gains experience points: (50*999 times)!"

The moment he used "Ling Yun Step", his figure suddenly disappeared in place, and he appeared not far away almost the next moment.

This amazing speed attracted the attention of many Lin family children on the martial arts field.

"Fuck, did you just see that guy's speed is so fast!"

"I saw it too, that guy moved so far in a blink of an eye."

"It should be a kind of yellow-step body technique. When did our Lin family have such a powerful character? How come I have never seen him before?"


The children of the Lin family around were all exclaimed.

After they saw Ji You's true face clearly, some people suddenly remembered something.

"Wait! I have seen this boy before. He seems to be a servant of our Lin family?"

"Are you kidding me, how could he be a mere servant with such strength."

"It seems to be true, I also remember that he was a servant. I used to call him to do something."


Many people immediately argued over this matter.

However, Ji You didn't care about these people at all, and continued to use "Ling Yun Step" to strengthen her body.

"Ding! Congratulations, master, Huang Tier's medium-level mysterious skill "Ling Yunbu" successfully broke through to "Peak Peak"!"

"Ding! It is detected that the experience value of the yellow-tier intermediate mysterious skill Ling Yunbu is full, and it is automatically upgraded to the yellow-tier superior mysterious skill Ling Tianbu!"

I don't know how long it took before Ji You finally upgraded Huang Ji's middle "Ling Yun Bu" to Huang Ji's upper-class body technique mysterious technique.

During this period of time, almost all of the Lin family's children on the martial arts ground had forgotten their own practice, and kept watching the black-robed boy flashing like that.

This was the first time they saw someone so fast, and they didn't stop.

"Why does he keep flashing back and forth? Is it practising some kind of body technique?"

"He must have performed some kind of physical skill, under normal circumstances, it is impossible to be as fast as him."

"Even if he is practicing Shenfa, it is too terrible, not to mention how advanced the Shenfa he has displayed, and he hasn't exhausted his skills after performing so many times. The martial arts cultivation base is definitely not ordinary."

"The point is that he is still a servant of our Lin family. I really don't understand why he wants to be a servant of our Lin family."


Many of the Lin family's children talked about Ji You, and they didn't know that Ji You had left the status of a servant.

At the same time, Ji You's physical and mysterious skills have been upgraded to the first-class yellow rank, and he finally stopped.

He planned to take a break to recover the profound energy in his body, and then start practicing the profound skills of boxing.

About half an hour later, Ji You felt that he was almost recovered, and he was about to start practicing boxing.

In this half an hour, no Lin family dared to disturb him, at most he just glanced at him secretly, or whispered a few words in private.

Afterwards, Ji You got up and walked towards a wooden stake.

The people standing next to this wooden pile consciously dispersed, they instinctively have a sense of awe for the strong.

The next scene stunned them directly.

I saw the black robe boy smashed a punch, a "bang" sounded, and the entire wooden stake instantly fell apart.

At this moment, all the Lin family children present were dumbfounded and dumbfounded.

They couldn't believe what they had just seen, they just broke the stakes with just one punch? !

The wooden stakes in their Linfu martial arts training ground were all made of very hard materials. In the past, no one from the Lin family could damage the wooden stakes.

It is said that only the genius of Body Tempering Realm Nine Layers can cause damage to this kind of wooden stake.

And this black-robed young man actually smashed the stakes with a single punch. Doesn't it mean that the young man's martial arts cultivation base is at least at least nine levels of Body Tempering Realm?


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