999 Times Training System Chapter 239

Chapter 239: All Major Forces Gathered

Not long after Ji You and his party arrived, Qing Xuanzong's people also came, and the Canglan Empire Academy, which was the host, needless to say.

At this time they had arrived at the venue where the Three Grand Competitions were held, with a huge silver halo in the middle, and people from all major forces in the Canglan Empire sat on the surrounding high platforms.

Everyone in Ji You was also on the high platform, sitting beside Qing Xuanzong's group.

Many eyes on the field are focused on Ji You, after all, he has caused a lot of disturbance to the Canglan Empire recently.

Including the people from Qing Xuanzong and Canglan Empire Academy, they all stared at Ji You.

However, unlike others, the people of Qing Xuanzong looked at Ji You with a vigilant look, while the people of Canglan Empire Academy were both jealous and nervous.

Especially those students of Canglan Empire Academy who visited Qianyuan Wufu, the scene where Senior Senior was killed by a sword, they still vividly remember.

It seems to have become a nightmare in their hearts, and it will never be forgotten.

Looking at Gao Junjie again, he has already lost the arrogance he used to, and he has no guts to face Ji You at all.

On the other side, the big figures from other forces on the high platform all communicated mentally, and started talking with Ji You as the target.

"It seems that this is the famous Ji You recently. The old man felt that he was not easy at first glance at this young man."

"Bad old man, do you still need to talk about it? Just because he was able to show off his prestige in the admissions assessment and alchemy conference before, he is definitely not a simple guy."

"Dare to be self-proclaimed Tianjiao, there should be a few brushes. I am curious whether this young man can still stand out from the crowd in this three big competition, although I don't know why he hasn't come forward a while ago."


One thing is one thing, even these big figures of the major forces, they can't understand why Ji You was hiding in Qianyuan Wufu before.

Not only that, but two giants, the Alchemist Guild and Wanbao Pavilion, were also present.

In the location of the Alchemist Guild.

Among them, a gray-robed old man who couldn't see his face looked at Ji You and said, "You Shuyun, is this young man the Ji You you have been worried about?"


Sitting beside the gray-robed old man, it was You Shuyun.

She nodded without hesitation.

She didn't quite understand what kind of emotion it was like, she only knew that Ji You was the only opposite **** she had this kind of emotion.

Unlike other women, she dares to love and hate.

Like is like, dislike is not like, there is nothing to hide.

"Compared with the result of the Three Great Competitions, the old man is more curious that this young man's alchemy attainments have reached that point."

The gray-robed old man slowly said: "Two months have passed since the alchemy conference. With this young man's alchemy talent, he may already have the alchemy level of a fourth-rank alchemist."

From Ji You's performance at the Alchemy Conference, it can be estimated that Ji You's alchemy level at that time was probably at the middle or the third rank.

Now that two months have passed, even though it is a bit weird, it is not impossible to reach the fourth rank alchemist.

"The disciple believes that Ji You's alchemy attainments must have reached Rank 4 or higher."

You Shuyun said very firmly.


The gray-robed old man asked slightly interested: "You have so much confidence in him?"

"Well, because this is an absolute thing."

You Shuyun responded.

"The old man, no matter what I say, I have to invite him to our guild to sit down."

The old man in gray robe smiled.

After You Shuyun said this, he became even more curious about what Ji You's alchemy attainments had reached.

Although You Shuyun didn't say anything, there was a hint of joy in her beautiful eyes.

Now the Three Sects Competition is about to begin, she doesn't want to disturb Ji You, so she doesn't plan to contact Ji You.

When Ji You arrives at the Alchemist Guild, she will be able to meet Ji You.

It's a pity that they all guessed wrong, and now Ji You has already become a fifth-rank alchemist, even not far from a sixth-rank alchemist.


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