999 Times Training System Chapter 252

Chapter 252: The Casualties Were Tragic And The Situation Reversed

Those younger generations were only shocked by their eyes. They couldn't realize the real horror of the scene just now.

But the big figures of the various forces whose cultivation level reached the Tongxuan realm were completely different.

They are also experts in the Profound Profound Realm, and naturally know that the moves performed by the ten instructors are very powerful.

However, those moves were all smashed into pieces by Ji You's sword wave, not even a flash in the pan.

And looking at Ji You's expression, it was as easy as playing a sword casually.

The more Ji You acted understatement, the more shock it brought them.

Elder Zheng and Elder Fu were also extremely stunned. At the first moment, they thought that they would desperately want to protect Ji You, but the next moment Ji You killed everything with a single sword.

The most shocked in his heart was Elder Fu. As the elder of kendo, he didn't understand what Ji You's sword meant.

He knew that Ji You had far surpassed him in sword intent, and that was at least in the realm of sword intent and above.

That sword is at least the power of the Earth-level swordsmanship.

At this moment, Elder Fu's brain almost stopped working, and he no longer knew how to think.

Even Gao Huan and Murong Zili who were in the distance noticed the changes here. Gao Huan couldn't help being distracted for a moment, and Murong Zili seized the opportunity.

The situation soon changed from evenly matched by both sides to Gao Huan gradually falling into a disadvantage, while Murong Zili was getting more and more fierce, constantly putting pressure on Gao Huan.

At the same time, the ten instructors each used defensive mysterious skills and defensive formations to resist the scarlet golden sword wave that wanted to swallow the sky and the earth.

However, their defensive formation was only a fourth-rank formation, which was shattered after only a few breaths of resistance.

Then they could only ask for their own blessings and resist with their own defensive skills.


Moments later, the casualties were tragic.

Among them, four of the instructors whose cultivation bases were only in the fifth level of the Tongxuan Realm, their bodies were directly penetrated by the golden sword wave, completely dead, and there was no possibility of survival.

Of the remaining six,

Three instructors of the sixth level of the Tongxuan realm were seriously injured and survived.

The other three instructors with cultivation bases of the seventh layer or above in the Tongxuan realm, although they blocked the sword wave, their complexions were not very good.

Ji You's sword turned the whole battle around instantly.

Of the ten experts in the Profound Realm of Canglan Empire Academy, only six were left in a blink of an eye, and three of them were still seriously injured and their strengths plummeted.

On the side of Qianyuan Wufu, Ji You and Zheng Fu were basically completely full.

Seeing all this happening before me, everyone in the audience felt suffocated again.

A total of ten experts in the Tongxuan Realm were half annihilated by Ji You in an instant.

Especially the younger generation of Canglan Empire Academy felt deep despair and fear.

Only now did they realize how terrifying the existence of their Canglan Empire Academy provoked!

At this time they had already moved the idea of running away, the dean was still entangled with the palace lord of Qianyuan Wufu and couldn't get away, and the mentors soon couldn't hold it anymore. After that, Ji You might take them. .

"That's your strength?"

Ji You Leng looked at the mentors opposite, with a touch of disdain in his indifferent eyes.

Three of the instructors were already seriously injured, and when they heard Ji You's words, they couldn't help but spout a mouthful of blood.


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