999 Times Training System Chapter 261

Chapter 261: Someone Wants You

"Are you Nangong Moqing?"

The black-clothed man carrying a big knife unscrupulously looked up and down Nangong Moqing's delicate body, his eyes wickedly said: "Tsk tusk tusk, it is really a first-class beauty."

"You came to me, is it just to tell me this?"

Nangong Moqing's beautiful eyes revealed a trace of disgust, and her tone was extremely cold.

"of course not."

The black-clothed man said directly: "Oh, come with us, there is a big man who wants you."

Although the look of the woman in front of him made him very excited, but he only used people's money to do things for others, and did not dare to act on this woman.

"Who is that big shot?"

Nangong Moqing continued to ask.

"You don't need to know this, but I advise you not to play tricks."

The black-clothed man threatened: "Otherwise, everyone else will be the end of the old guy."

The old guy in the black man's mouth refers to the old coachman just now.

Hearing this, most of the Nangong team jumped in their hearts.

Although they don't know how high the cultivation base of these men in black is, they know that the man in black with a big knife in front of them is far stronger than them.

At this moment, an accomplice behind the black-clothed man suddenly spoke: "A carriage is coming over there."

"Don't worry about it, but if the people in the carriage do anything, they just clean up together."

The man in black didn't even bother to look at the carriage and said casually.

At this moment, an old man in the crowd finally couldn't help standing up.

"Miss, don't follow them."

He stood in front of Nangong Qingmo, staring coldly at the people in black.

"Oh? It's an old guy again, looks like he's good at strength?"

The black-clothed man's tone is still arrogant, "But you, such an old and undead fellow, want to stop us?"

As soon as the voice fell, an aura burst out of his body instantly.

The old man's face suddenly became extremely ugly. Through this aura, he felt that the opponent's cultivation base was at least above the Tongxuan Realm.

And he was only the ninth level cultivation base of the Imperial Profound Realm, not the opponent of the black man at all.

He even suspects that those guys who are also wearing black robes behind the black man may have a cultivation base above him.

There was only one way that the hem was in front of him. He only heard him whisper to Nangong Moqing behind him: "Miss, you immediately escape here, I will stop them."

He knew how long he couldn't stop the people in black with his own strength, but this was the only way.

He couldn't count on the other hired warriors, and it would be good for those hired warriors not to run away later.

Moreover, even if all the mercenaries were to join together, they would not be the first-hand enemy of the experts in the Tongxuan realm.

"Old fellow, don't think I can't hear what you are talking about."

The black-clothed man looked contemptuously.

He didn't worry at all, because Nangong Moqing couldn't escape his palm.

Nangong Moqing made the decision immediately, turned around and fled.

In this situation, she does not allow her to hesitate.

Senior is destined to sacrifice, and she can't do anything other than escape here as best as she can.

"Oh, want to escape?"

The black man sneered, and almost caught up with Nangong Moqing in the blink of an eye.

However, the old man reacted at this moment, seeing the black-clothed man about to grab the young lady, his eyes were full of despair.

After all, there is an almost insurmountable gap between the Tongxuan Realm and the Yuxuan Realm.


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