999 Times Training System Chapter 272

Chapter 272: The City Lord's Mansion Of Yunchuan Ancient City Comes To Marry

"I'm not afraid!"

Fang Junyi said without hesitation.

Through the previous two fights with monsters, she could clearly feel that her strength had undergone a qualitative change.

This kind of strength is not reflected in the cultivation base, but in actual combat.

Although I don't know why Ji You wants to help her improve her strength, since there is such a good opportunity, she naturally has to grasp it.

As for life and death, there is nothing to be afraid of.

"You are not afraid, then go ahead."

Ji You walked deeper into the Monster Beast Mountain Range, "Come with me."

"Ding! The master took a step, and the lower-level mysterious technique Lei Guangchang gained experience points: (1*999 times)!"

"Ding! The master took a step, and the lower-level mysterious technique Lei Guangchang gained experience points: (1*999 times)!"


Ji You already knew the middle area of the Monster Beast Mountain Range well, and he almost knew which Monster Beasts were in which small area.

Now he took Fang Junyi to a small area where monsters appeared more frequently.

The lowest second-tier first-tier monster beasts, the highest second-tier third-tier monsters, in large numbers, this is very suitable as Fang Junyi's next training place.

"Okay, here it is."

Ji You found another stone and lay down directly, and said to Fang Junyi: "Go, I'll wait for you here."


Fang Junyi nodded, and walked forward solemnly.

Several giant wolves can be seen living there in front.

Although the levels are only in the second grade and the first level, it is still very tricky to increase the number.

Ji Youzhen just lay on the rock and didn't care about Fang Junyi, and even started cultivating on her own.

"Ding! Master practiced for one minute, and the'martial cultivation base' gained experience points: (10*999 times)!"

"Ding! Master practiced for one minute, and the'martial cultivation base' gained experience points: (10*999 times)!"


I don't know how long it has passed, Ji You noticed that Fang Junyi seemed to have ended the battle, and sat up.

Fang Junyi walked back weakly, and the giant wolves had become corpses.

At this time, Fang Junyi's body was covered with blood, among them were those of the giant wolves, and also her own.

The red armor appeared more vivid under the rendering of the blood, and it also gave Fang Junyi a fascinating temperament.

"It's over, then continue to find the next batch of monsters."

Ji You didn't give Fang Junyi much time to rest. "You should have a pill to restore your profound energy and recover your injuries. Take it before you encounter the next batch of monsters."

Fang Junyi nodded, and took the pill from Najie while walking.


A full day passed, and the monster beasts in this small area were almost killed by Fang Junyi.

Among them, although Fang Junyi sometimes encountered life and death crisis, in the end, they were all shocked.

In fact, Ji You deliberately arranged the order, so that the more powerful monsters were left behind by him, otherwise Fang Junyi would have died a long time ago.

At the end of this day, Fang Junyi gained a lot.

Even if he didn't deliberately cultivate, his martial arts cultivation base broke through from the second stage of the Imperial Profound Realm to its peak.

But this cultivation is not the point, her actual combat ability has been greatly improved.

With her current strength, it is not impossible to defeat most of the Imperial Profound Realm double-consummated martial artists, and it is not impossible even to compete with the general Royal Profound Realm triple early martial artists.

Fang Junyi had to admit that all this was attributed to Ji You.

"It's getting late, I'm almost going back."

At this time, Ji You looked up at the sky and said: "If you want to stay here, then you stay here."

"No, I will go back too."

Fang Junyi said.

The night is not suitable for fighting monsters, there is no point for her to stay here.

"Then go."

While talking, Ji You walked towards the exit of the Monster Beast Mountain Range.

"Thank you this time."

After not taking a few steps, Fang Junyi suddenly spoke.

Then she continued: "But I still won't let you go in the end!"

"It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter what you love."

Ji You looked disapproving.

This time, he was purely on a whim. He felt that Fang Junyi was a creative talent, so he brought Fang Junyi out to practice. Fang Junyi's performance today did not disappoint him too much.

Personality, ass, willpower, etc. are all pretty good. It seems that something strange has been mixed in, but it doesn't matter.

But it is only today, and he will not be bothered to bring Fang Junyi over to practice in the future, and he still has to keep his energy to deal with the Temple of Evolution.

"It's too slow to go out like this, do you want me to take you again?"

Ji You turned his head and asked Fang Junyi behind him.

Fang Junyi was taken aback for a moment, then his face blushed, and she said softly, "No, I will leave by myself."

She just unconsciously thought of the scene of Ji You spanking her before.

No matter what, she didn't want to be carried on her shoulders like Ji You.

"Then you go slowly by yourself."

Ji You didn't care what Fang Junyi was thinking, and then left the Monster Beast Mountain Range with "Thunder Light Change".

"Ding! The master casts the Thunder Light Transformation, and the Thunder Light Transformation gains experience points: (1000*999 times)!"

"Ding! The master casts the Thunder Light Transformation, and the Thunder Light Transformation gains experience points: (1000*999 times)!"


"Ding! Congratulations, master, the lower-level mysterious technique "Thunder Light Transformation" successfully broke through to the realm of "Integration and Penetration"!"

After many days, the Shenfa Leiguangchang finally broke through again.

Ji You hoped that the Leiguang Transformation could reach the Consummation Realm as soon as possible and upgrade to a medium-level physique.

As the night darkened, Ji You returned to the City Lord's Mansion without wandering around.

"Ji You are back."

Seeing Ji You return, Jiang Zhongtian asked curiously: "Where did you go today, why haven't you seen your figure all day?"

"It's just taking a second-hand out to practice."

Ji You said casually.

The second child in his mouth naturally refers to Fang Junyi.

Jiang Zhongtian was stunned that he didn't understand what Ji You was talking about, but at this time Ji You had already returned to his residence, he could only be confused.

After returning to the residence, he washed his body, and then Ji You fell on the bed and fell asleep after a while.

When Ji You woke up early the next morning, as usual, waiting for his servant to bring breakfast over.

Breakfast was delivered soon, but there was a message.

The servant put breakfast on the table, and said to Ji You: "My lord, the city lord's mansion of Yunchuan Ancient City has come to ask for a marriage. He is now waiting for you in the discussion hall, and family lord Jiang is there."

Now that Ji You is the new Palace Master, the name of Jiang Zhongtian by his servants is no longer Palace Master Jiang or Chengcheng Jiang, but Family Master Jiang.

But this is not the point. The point is how did the city lord's mansion in the ancient city of Yunchuan come to get married?


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