999 Times Training System Chapter 277

Chapter 277: Like Is Like Five Shift

"That's a coincidence, you're done doing it too."

Ji You said to You Shuyun.


You Shuyun said: "Sure enough, you are still so good."

As early as the alchemy meeting, there was a huge gap between her and Ji You.

Later, after studying with the master for so long, the improvement was very great. I thought I could narrow the gap between myself and Ji You a little bit.

Looking at it today, the gap between himself and Ji You is actually getting bigger and bigger.

But now You Shuyun has looked away, as long as she can stay with Ji You, she will be satisfied.

Subsequently, Ji You and You Shuyun handed the refined medicine to the examiner for identification.

Looking at the barrier-breaking pill refined by Ji You, the examiner was truly shocked.

Originally, he thought that Ji You's ability to successfully refine the fifth-rank intermediate pill Breaking Barrier Pill was enough to shock him.

As a result, it was not only successfully refined, but the speed was so fast, and the immortality was impeccable.

This level of alchemy is completely comparable to that of the Lord President!

"how's it going?"

After waiting for a while, Ji You tried to ask without waiting for the examiner's reply.

At this time, the examiner came back to his senses and said quickly: "I will prepare the alchemist badge for the two!"

It didn't take long for the examiner to return with two alchemist badges.

One is the alchemist badge with three purple stars, and the other is the alchemist badge with five blue stars.

The number represents the rank of the alchemist, and the color represents the three levels of lower, middle, and upper.

Obviously, one is the badge of the third-rank superior alchemist, and the other is the badge of the fifth-rank intermediate alchemist.

The examiner respectfully handed the two badges to You Shuyun and Ji You.

But Ji You and You Shuyun returned the original old badges to the examiner. The old badges cannot be kept by themselves and must be returned to the Alchemist Guild.

With the fifth-rank middle alchemist badge in hand, Ji You finally won't be scorned by others.

In any case, the status of a first-class alchemist is indeed too low.

"Then I will take you to see my master. It is him who has invited you many times before."

At this time, You Shuyun said to Ji You.

"it is good."

Ji You nodded in surprise.

He remembered that the person who sent someone to invite him claimed to be the vice president of the Alchemy Master Association, and some did not expect that You Shuyun would be accepted as an apprentice by the vice president.

In order to avoid people's eyes and ears, Ji You continued to wear a black robe to cover his face.

With You Shuyun by his side, there would be basically no more troublesome guys with eyesight.

Even so, passers-by have a high rate of returning.

"Who is that black-robed man, who is walking with You Shuyun."

"You Shuyun is usually very cold, and will not walk with others casually. It seems that the man in black robe is an incredible figure."

"But I remember Qin Dashao has been pursuing You Shuyun. It would be fun if this black-robed man was a man."


The news of Ji You's appearance in the Alchemy Master Guild has not spread, so everyone around is curious about the identity of the black-robed man.

"Ding! The master took a step, and the lower-level mysterious technique'Thunder Light Transformation' gained experience points: (1*999 times)!"

"Ding! The master took a step, and the lower-level mysterious technique'Thunder Light Transformation' gained experience points: (1*999 times)!"


As Ji You walked, he inadvertently heard the sound of discussion from around.

He asked curiously: "Who is Qin Dashao?"

"You should be talking about Qin Shaotong, the son of President Qin Ran."

You Shuyun said.

"I do not know?"

Ji You said, "But since he is the son of the president, the so-called Young Master Qin should be him."

"What's wrong with him?"

You Shuyun asked with confusion.

"It's nothing."

Ji You shook his head.

Seeing that You Shuyun seemed to have no impression on Qin Shaotong like this, he didn't plan to keep asking so much.

Ji You said halfway but didn't finish it, making You Shuyun puzzled.

Before long, Ji You followed You Shuyun to an alchemy room.

He had never seen such a high-end alchemy room, and he knew it was dedicated to a great figure in the alchemist guild.


As soon as he entered the alchemy room, You Shuyun cried out.

"Disciple, you are back."

There was only one gray-robed old man in the alchemy room. While he was busy with the things in his hands, he said, "Have you successfully challenged the third-class alchemist's assessment?"

"The disciple succeeded."

You Shuyun said.

"Very good, the next teacher will let you break through to the fourth-rank alchemist within half a year."

The gray-robed old man looked quite satisfied, but he still lowered his head.

"Master, Ji You, he came with me."

You Shuyun said.

Hearing this, the gray-robed old man suddenly raised his head, his eyes staring slightly.

Only then did he discover that a man in black robes was still following You Shuyun.

"This is Ji You?"

The gray-robed old man stared at the black-robed man and asked.

"It's under."

Ji You immediately took off his black robe, revealing his true face.

"Looking for a long time, Lord Ji You has finally come."

Determined to be Ji You, the gray-robed old man immediately smiled respectfully.

"I was busy a while ago, so it took so long to come here."

Ji You said.

"It's okay."

The gray-robed old man said: "It's not a big deal at all, I just want to take a look at a man who can make me care about like a disciple."

Hearing the gray-robed old man's words, Ji You couldn't help but look at You Shuyun beside him.

Feeling Ji You's eyes, You Shuyun also looked at Ji You, and the two looked at each other like this.

Look at...

You Shuyun never showed the slightest shyness, and looked directly at Ji You, but Ji Youxian looked away with embarrassment.

At this time, Ji You suddenly reacted, no wonder You Shuyun was so excited when we met before, it turned out that she was always concerned about herself.


The gray-robed old man looked at Ji You up and down, and kept nodding his head, "The enchanting talents of both pill and martial arts, outstanding personality and courage, and handsome appearance. He is indeed a rare wizard. No wonder my disciple is infatuated. you."

"Senior praised."

Ji You said modestly.

However, You Shuyun did not express his opinions at all about the gray-robed old man's ridicule, and even his facial expression did not fluctuate at all.

Like is like.

For her, this is nothing to be shy.

If she is shy, it will make her wonder if she really likes Ji You.

"so good"

This time the gray-robed old man really saw You Shuyun's emotional concept, and couldn't help sighing.

But in his view, this is just You Shuyun's unilateral love for Ji You.

As for Ji You's inability to see You Shuyun, it was a matter between these two juniors, and even if he wanted to, he couldn't control it.


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