999 Times Training System Chapter 284

Chapter 284: I Have My Own Measures


Zhuang Weiran was slightly stunned.


Ji You said as it should be: "You want me to help if you don't give me benefits?"

"That's the Great Beast Hunting Ceremony, and the top rankings can get very rich rewards..."

Zhuang Weiran was only halfway through when she was interrupted by Ji You.

"That belongs to that, not to mention that it is what I deserve."

The Beast Hunting Ceremony has not yet begun, Ji You already has 100% confidence that he can win the first place in the Beast Hunting Ceremony.

To put it bluntly, no matter who he teamed up with, the first place was his.

"you really are"

Zhuang Weiran was completely speechless, "Oh, forget it, just use this token as your reward. I can't get anything else you want."

With that said, Zhuang Weiran threw the black token in his hand to Ji You.

"this is"

Ji You took a closer look and found that this was the token of the No. 6 training room.

"I have saved this token for a long time, and there is still a ten-day time limit in it. Don't be uncomfortable."

Zhuang Weiran said.

Ji You was silent for a moment, and then said: "Okay, I will accept this thing."

The training room No. 6 is also a top-level training room, and being able to practice in it for ten days with this token is not bad.


Zhuang Weiran sighed: "Then now you and I are in the same team. A total of five people are needed to form a team. There are two more friends on my side who will join. You just need to find another one."

"no problem."

Ji You nodded.

The beast hunting ceremony is irrelevant to the power and honor, and anyone from any power can team up with each other.

But the Beast Hunting Ceremony has a hard requirement, that is, the age of the contestant is less than twenty-two and the cultivation base must reach the fifth level of the Imperial Profound Realm, otherwise they will be forced to expel.

After all, the Monster Beast Mountain Range is full of crises, and the entry of a warrior who is not high enough will only die in vain.

As for the age limit, this is for balance.

Among the people Ji You knew, only Qi Ling'er could meet the requirements.

The cultivation bases of Jiang Yuechu and Jiang Yuexin were still a little short of the fifth level of the Imperial Profound Realm, and there was no way to join him in the beast hunting ceremony.

Then only Qi Ling'er is left. To be honest, Ji You doesn't really want to have too much contact with Qi Ling'er.

Although the woman didn't pose any threat to him, the annoyance was really annoying.

But now in this situation, Ji You also had to find Qi Ling'er.

"Okay, then you go back and prepare, just meet me here tomorrow morning."

Zhuang Weiran said, "I will tell you about the rules of the Beast Hunting Ceremony at that time."

After a few more chattering words, Ji You and Zhuang Weiran went back to their respective places.

"Ding! The master took a step, and the lower-level mysterious technique'Thunder Light Transformation' gained experience points: (1*999 times)!"

"Ding! The master took a step, and the lower-level mysterious technique'Thunder Light Transformation' gained experience points: (1*999 times)!"


After returning to Qianyuan Wufu, Ji You went straight to the Zijin Hall.

One is that he wants to tell Palace Master Murong something, and the other is that he wants to know where Qi Ling'er is now.

"Palace Lord, I want to tell you something."

Entering the Zijin Hall, Ji You immediately asked Palace Master Murong.

"what's up?"

"You should know the Temple of Evolution, right?"

Ji You said with a face.

"They have already started on you?"

Murong Zili's purple eyes moved slightly.

Hearing these words, Ji You could be sure that Palace Master Murong knew 100% of the Temple of Evolution.

"Not yet, but I guess it won't be long."

Ji You said: "The main thing I want to say is that the beginning of the month was also one of the goals of the Evolution Temple."

"At the beginning of the month?"

Murong Zili was slightly surprised.

"Although the risk of her being targeted at the beginning of the month is not high, I still can't rest assured, so I hope that the palace lord can help me protect the beginning of the month and the heart of the moon."

Ji You said.

"You can rest assured of the two sisters, but you, stay in Qianyuan Wufu for the time being and don't go out."

Even though Murong Zili's face was always cold, she could still see a trace of worry flashing in her purple eyes.

"No, I am going to participate in the hunting ceremony next."

Ji You shook his head.

Murong Zilidai frowned slightly, "Do you know how terrifying the evolution of the temple is?"

"I know, I will have my own measures when the time comes."

Ji You said confidently.

Seeing Ji You's expression, the worry in Murong Zili's eyes also disappeared, "Then you can do what you want, and this palace lord will not restrain you. But this palace lord still has to remind you, You must not be careless when facing the Temple of Evolution."

"I see."

Ji You said, "By the way, does Palace Master know where Qi Linger is now?"

"She just returned from me not long ago, and now she should be at Maple Leaf Forest."

Murong Zili said.

She didn't ask why Ji You was looking for Qi Ling'er. This was because she had guessed that Ji You was looking for Qi Ling'er to attend the animal hunting ceremony.

She didn't care much about the beast hunting ceremony.

Because she was convinced that with Ji You's strength, it would be easy to get the first place in the Beast Hunting Ceremony.

"Okay, then I will retire first."

When everything that should be said was finished, Ji You walked out of the Zijin Hall.

"Temple of Evolution...I am now reduced to a sub-temple, do I need to worry about it..."

At this moment, Murong Zili's eyes faded slightly, seeming to flash with a hint of sorrow.


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