999 Times Training System Chapter 299

Chapter 299: Just For Fun

After the detection, Ji You five waited at the entrance of the Monster Beast Mountain Range to start the hunting ceremony.

Now even noon has passed, and the beast hunting ceremony will not officially begin until the afternoon.

This period of time is not only for the participants to register in time, but also for the palace staff to have enough time to check the outer and inner surrounding areas of the Monster Beast Mountain Range.

A few days ago, the palace sent people to the Monster Beast Mountain Range to set up formations.

That is a kind of formation that can feed back all the images in the range to the formation mage.

With enough such formations arranged in the Monster Beast Mountain Range, all the images of the outer and inner surrounding areas of the Monster Beast Mountain Range can be captured to observe whether anyone fouls the game.

However, as long as it is a formation, there will be a very small probability of something wrong.

In order to ensure that the formation is not accidental in the game, someone should be sent in to check it before the game starts.

"There is still a lot of time before the start of the hunting ceremony, let me tell you more about the hunting ceremony."

At this time, Zhuang Weiran said: "This time our main enemy has two teams, one is the team led by my fifth brother Zhuangqun, and the other is my second brother Zhuangxiang's new team."

In fact, she was mainly to inform Cheng Yueyue and Cheng Jiangjiang, just in case.

With Ji You's absolute strength, it doesn't matter whether he listens to the information.

And Qi Ling'er also knew Ji You's identity and didn't need to care about it at all.

"My second brother and fifth brother have been in close contact with the top geniuses of Canglan Imperial College and Qing Xuanzong respectively recently, and the strength of the two teams is only high."

Zhuang Weiran's tone gradually became solemn, "Moreover, it is said that they also secretly colluded with the Temple of Evolution..."

Zhuang Weiran's last words caused Ji You, who was originally laid-back, to stare slightly.

The Temple of Evolution...Sure enough, it has already begun.

Ji You can be sure that even if it wasn't for him, the evolution temple sending people to participate in the evolution temple this time is definitely for other geniuses.

Cheng Yueyue and Cheng Jiangjiang had also heard of the Temple of Evolution, but they didn't care too much.

Because in their broken army empire, the Temple of Evolution is simply a holy place that all geniuses dream of.

Each empire has different evolutionary temples. Some are notorious and some are extremely popular.

The only thing they worry about is whether the opponent's strength is too strong.

Only Qi Ling'er didn't react, because she didn't know much about the Temple of Evolution, at most she knew that there was such a power.

"In this way, I don't need to explain too much about the Temple of Evolution."

Zhuang Weiran looked at the reactions of several people and said, "But don't worry too much, just do what you should do."

She also knew that the Temple of Evolution had already been eyeing Ji You, so she was not surprised by Ji You's obvious reaction.

After all, there is no time when the top genius of the Three Great Competitions is not targeted by the Evolution Temple.

In the branch hall of the evolution temple in this ancient city of Chaoyang, it is like a robber that no one can rule.

Although it won't go too far, as long as it wants to do what it wants, there is really no power that can control it, and at most restrict it.

This is the most appropriate description.

However, Ji You soon became calm again.

How about sending someone from the Temple of Evolution?

The Animal Hunting Ceremony requires that the age of the contestants must be under 22 years old.

Under this age, at least the entire Canglan Empire could not find a genius comparable to him.

If the people in the Evolving Temple provoke him by then, he doesn't mind teaching those people a "little" lesson.

Anyway, it's only a matter of time to tear the skin with the Temple of Evolution, and tearing it sooner or later will not have much effect.

"Apart from these two teams, there is nothing we need to care about."

Zhuang Weiran said.

"So, why did the second prince and the fifth prince collude with the Temple of Evolution?"

At this moment, Ji You asked suddenly.

He cares a little bit about this.

"In fact, I am not particularly clear about this, maybe they all want to be appreciated by the father."

Zhuang Weiran said with a guessing expression on her face.

Ji You instantly understood what makeup Weiran meant.

If you want to be appreciated by King Canglan, it must be to inherit the throne.

"So, is your purpose the same as theirs?"

Ji You asked again.

"I'm not the same. I don't have much interest in that aspect. I just thought the animal hunting ceremony should be very interesting, so I came to participate."

Makeup Weiran smiled faintly.

Ji You did not continue to question, nor did he doubt what Zhuang Weiran said.

In his opinion, it is normal to say such things with Zhuangweiran's character.

But theres no one here. It turned out to be for fun...

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