999 Times Training System Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Indirect Kissing

"Ding! Congratulations, Master, Huang Tier's superior mysterious skill "Ling Tianbu" successfully broke through to "Integration and Integrity"..."

I don't know how many times "Ling Tianbu" was used, and the system finally strengthened "Ling Tianbu" to the realm of "integration".

Ji You suddenly felt happy, now he can get rid of the giant python behind him.

"Ding! Master casts "Ling Tianbu", and "Ling Tianbu" gains experience points: (100*999 times)!"

After displaying "Ling Tianbu" again, Ji You could feel that his speed was obviously much faster than himself.

Jiang Yuexin, whose cultivation base was not weak, was also vaguely aware of this. She turned to look at the python behind her, and suddenly found that the python behind her was thrown further and further by Ji You.

There was a hint of incredible color on her delicate face, and the beautiful eyes were full of colors.

The strength that Ji You demonstrated once again shocked her.

She suddenly felt that the boy in front of her was as mysterious as a bottomless pit, and she would never see through this boy.

Hope rekindled, but the profound energy in Ji You's body was almost overdrawn.

With a difficult expression on his face, he said to Jiang Yuexin: "My body is not enough of profound energy. I will take out the Huixuan Pill from the ring, but I will trouble you to feed it to me."

With that said, he took out one of the Xuxuan Pills in the ring of meditation into Jiang Yuexin's hands.

Jiang Yuexin looked at the Xuxuan Pill in her hand, and a strange thought suddenly occurred in her heart.

She held the Huixuan Pill in her hand to her lips, and a faint red color appeared on her delicate face, slowly leaning against Ji You's lips.

Ji You, who was preoccupied with escaping, didn't notice Jiang Yuexin's appearance. It wasn't until a refreshing touch came to his lips that he suddenly realized that Jiang Yuexin had actually used his mouth to feed the Xuan Dan to him.

In fact, Jiang Yuexin and Ji You's lips did not directly touch each other, but even so, Ji You was still struck by thunder.

"Ding! The master took a first-grade inferior pill "Returning Profound Pill", and the profound energy recovery effect increased by 999 times!"

The moment Ji You ate Huixuan Pill, the profound energy in his body instantly recovered.

It was also at this time that he came back to his senses after hearing the system prompt. Now that he has no time to take care of Jiang Yuexin's affairs at the moment of death, he forces his attention to focus on the front.

Seeing the appearance of Ji You who was just hit by thunder, Jiang Yuexin secretly smiled, but the blush on her face showed that she was actually more shy.

Even if there is no direct contact, it is an indirect kiss.

She didn't know why she was so bold all of a sudden, originally she just wanted to tease this guy...

Ji You kept performing "Ling Tianbu" and looked back from time to time, and found that he could hardly see the giant python.

Just when he wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, he suddenly realized that there was no way ahead!

He quickly stopped, and there was a cliff in front of him, and he looked down.

Ji You's face suddenly became a little ugly. He just thought that he could survive, when God played him such a "little joke".

It is impossible for him to turn his head back now, because behind him is the second-grade giant python.

The front is an invisible abyss, and the back is an irresistible powerful monster. There is no way to escape this time.

"Ji You, how are we going to run now?"

Jiang Yuexin said anxiously.

She also had no idea that there would be a cliff here.

Ji You was silent for a moment, then released Jiang Yuexin.

Under Jiang Yuexin's suspicious gaze, he rushed down the red-patterned python without fear.

Since there is no way to escape, Ji You intends to fight this red-patterned python.

He flickered to the side of the red-patterned python, and hit the red-patterned python's head with a "seven-strength punch".

With a sound of "poof", Ji You suddenly realized that his full punch had failed to cause obvious damage to the red-stranded giant python's head, and only saw a small dent.

The red-stranded python reacted extremely quickly, and the thick tail the size of a bucket swept towards Ji You's waist at an extremely fast speed.

Ji You's pupils contracted suddenly, but because of the great disparity in strength, he couldn't dodge at all, and abruptly took the sweep of the red-stranded python.


Ji You suddenly felt as if his waist had been severed in two, and couldn't help spouting blood.

His figure flew upside down, flying directly out of the cliff.

His consciousness gradually blurred. He only heard the system prompts coming from his mind, but couldn't hear Jiang Yuexin's heart-piercing shouts.

"Ding! The master's body has been severely injured, and the experience value of the'Basic Defense Mystery Skill': (9*999 times)!"

"Ding! Congratulations, Master, the'Basic Defense Mystery' successfully broke through to the'Peak Peak'!"

"Ding! It is detected that the experience value of the'Basic Defense Mystery' is full, and it will be automatically upgraded to the lower-level Huang Tier'Thick Earth Armor'!"


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