999 Times Training System Chapter 314

Chapter 314: Who Are You?

Hearing what Ji You said, Zhuang Weiran then left the room.

Ji You changed his daily clothes and put on a mask to change his appearance.

After finishing the room a little bit, he also went out.

"Let's go, I have ordered the chef to make breakfast, and now it is probably delivered."

While talking, Zhuang Weiran took Ji You to the hall.

On a large and luxurious round table, all kinds of delicacies have been placed.

Qi Ling'er, Cheng Yueyue and Cheng Jiangjiang have also sat at the round table.


After a comfortable breakfast, makeup took them around in the palace with enthusiasm.

The entire palace is huge, much bigger than Qianyuan Wufu.

At any time you can see the guards patrolling the palace, and they will bow down to Zhuang Weiran.

"By the way, why didn't you pretend to be a man today?"

At this time, Ji You realized that makeup was not for women's clothing before, and asked, "Is it okay to be seen by others?"

"It's okay, I can dress as I like in the palace."

Zhuang Weiran said: "You will only dress up as a man after you leave the palace."

"That's it."

Ji You nodded.

"The King Canglan is really nasty, and he will make his daughter dress up as a man."

At this time, Cheng Jiangjiang inserted a sentence.

"It's really a bit nasty."

Ji You also agreed.

"Okay, don't talk about this."

Zhuang Weiran smiled slightly and said, "I will take you to the special lecture place in our palace to take a look."

Where to teach...

Although Ji You hadn't seen it before, he was not very curious.

This is because each force generally sets up a place for special lectures, and top forces like the palace are no exception.

Whether it is the children of King Canglan or the children of ordinary royal family nobles, they have to receive all kinds of education since childhood.

Both civil and military are required.

The only thing that can make Ji You a little curious is what kind of education the royal family members have received since childhood.

"Ding! The master took a step, and the lower-level mysterious technique'Thunder Light Transformation' gained experience points: (1*999 times)!"

"Ding! The master took a step, and the lower-level mysterious technique'Thunder Light Transformation' gained experience points: (1*999 times)!"


Before long, Zhuang Weiran took Ji You and the others to a mansion.

"this is?"

Ji You looked at the mansion in front of him and couldn't help asking.

This mansion does not seem to be very big, it is estimated to be about the same size as those of the small families in Chaoyang Ancient City.

But the degree of luxury is higher than that of Qianyuan Wufu.

What he didn't expect was that such a mansion still existed in the palace.

"This is the institution specially set up by our palace."

Zhuang Weiran replied.

"Oh, it turns out this is a college."

Ji You looked slightly surprised.

I have to say that the palace is really willing to work **** the education of future generations.

Such an independent and extravagant university requires an inestimable amount of funds.

"Although I am a student of Canglan Empire Academy, I have never been to Canglan Empire Academy much. I still stay comfortable here."

Zhuang Weiran said as she walked into the gate of the academy.

In fact, she was just lazy.

Canglan Empire Academy has regular courses every day.

On the academic side, she has received so many years of education here, and now only once or twice a week is enough.

Compared to before, she was definitely unwilling to go to Canglan Empire Academy.

"Then you came here today to attend class by the way?"

Ji You asked immediately.

"No, it's not easy to relax today. How could it be possible to go to class? I just came here to take a look."

Zhuang Weiran said.

While chatting, they walked to a house.

Inside, it seems that a lecturer is teaching the royal children.

Ji You casually listened, and found that he was teaching martial arts knowledge.

Lost interest in an instant.

But just as Ji You was about to go to other classrooms to take a look, a brand new system notification sound suddenly came in his mind.

"Ding! The master listened to the martial arts class for one minute, and the experience value of'Budo Cultivation': (1*999 times)!"

Only this next season did you know that not only did you get 999 times the experience of alchemy, but you can also get 999 times the experience of martial arts.

But it's still boring, just so little experience, it's a waste of time to say something bad.

"Well, that's all for this class."

At this moment, the lecturer also finished the lecture.

The children of the royal family came out one after another, and they all bowed before they met makeup.

At this moment, a voice came.

"Weiran? I didn't expect to meet you so soon!"

Hearing this, Ji You turned his head to look subconsciously.

I saw a handsome young boy, smiling at Zhuang Weiran, and walking out of the classroom.

"Who are you? Do I know you?"

However, makeup Weiran is inexplicable.


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