999 Times Training System Chapter 318

Chapter 318: The Ranking Is Announced Not Surprisingly

At this time, Zhuang Weiran and the three did not go too far.

Soon, Ji You and Qi Ling'er followed them.

After wandering around in the palace for a long time, the makeup finally stopped before it happened.

"It's almost time to go back."

Zhuang Weiran stretched his muscles and bones, and the proud curve was looming, and his tone was lazy.

It just so happened that a familiar person came from the opposite side.

The one who came was the makeup of the Five Princes.

Ji You and Zhuang Weiran were not surprised.

This is the palace, so it's not surprising that you will encounter makeup groups.

The makeup group was taken aback for a while, and then his face quickly sank.

Up to now, he still cares very much about what happened at the animal hunting ceremony the other day.

Encountering the King of Tier 4 Monster Beasts, Thorns and Monster Dogs, the entire team, except him, all died.

But the team that made up Weiran, but all survived.

If there is nothing tricky in this, the makeup group will definitely not believe it.

Zhuang Qunzhi lowered his head slightly, passing by the five Ji You.

Although the two sides did not conflict at all.

But Ji You could detect that the makeup group's embrace was obviously hostile.

But he didn't care very much, as long as there was nothing else in the makeup group to provoke him.

The rest of the time, Ji You was practicing in the room.

"Ding! The master has practiced martial arts for one minute, and the experience value of'Budo Cultivation': (10*999 times)!"

"Ding! The master has practiced martial arts for one minute, and the experience value of'Budo Cultivation': (10*999 times)!"


"Ding! Congratulations, Master, the'Buddhist cultivation base' successfully broke through to the sixth peak of the Tongxuan realm!"

In the middle of the night, Ji You's cultivation finally reached the sixth peak of the Tongxuan Realm.

When hunting monsters in the Monster Beast Mountain Range a few days ago, there was a vague sign of a breakthrough, and it finally broke through today.


The next day was the day when the ranking results of the Beast Hunting Ceremony were announced.

"Don't go in a hurry, we will go there after the results are announced."

Ji You was already ready to set off, but he heard Zhuang Weiran say.


Ji You asked a little puzzled.

"Don't you know, every time this kind of ceremony is held, there will be a lot of messy and complicated rituals."

Zhuang Weiran said, "Instead of just standing there and waiting for a long time, it's better to wait for the results to be announced before going directly."

"That's true."

Ji You nodded.

In fact, he didn't think it mattered, anything would do.

According to Zhuang Weiran's opinion, Ji You and the others are waiting here.

As Zhuang Weiran said, the ranking results were finally announced after being delayed until noon.

Not surprisingly, they ranked first.

The only thing that surprised Ji You slightly was the second and third place.

The Second Prince Makeup Group and the Five Prince Makeup Cloud actually ranked second and third respectively.

It should be said that both Zhuangqunzhi and Zhuangyun have lost their teammates, and their rankings should all drop.

Unexpectedly, the two of them could still remain in the top three.

As for the ranking further down, Ji You is not interested in paying attention.

Subsequently, Zhuang Weiran changed into men's clothing.

Going to places where there are many outsiders, she still appears as a man.

The five people went to Canglan Palace, the palace where King Canglan was located.

After the results are announced, the ceremony is over, and the next step is to prepare to start awarding.

They naturally had to rush over.


When the five people arrived at Canglan Palace, all those attending the ceremony had almost retreated.

The group of people who were walking out of Canglan Palace recognized Zhuang Weiran at a glance.

Originally, they were shocked by the results of this ranking. Seeing makeup Weiran, they all started talking.

"This is the Six Princes, he has finally come. I didn't expect that the winner of the first place would be the Six Princes team!"

"Yeah, fortunately, I didn't dare to bet easily this time, or I would lose myself to autism."

"Not only that, they are also absent from this grand ceremony..."

"The ceremony is over. Only Six Princes who dare to be so capricious are coming here so late."


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