999 Times Training System Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Being A Maid For A Day Something Shameful

Ji You returned to the bank by his ear, and then went to chop some branches with his hands.

He just chopped off part of the branches of some trees without hurting the trunks of the trees, so that these trees can continue to grow.

Relying on the physical strength of the Ninth Level Peak Cultivation of the Tempering Body Realm, he chopped off a branch with one hand.

"Ding! The master slapped a palm, and the'Basic Palm Technique' gained experience points: (1*999 times)..."


"Ding! Congratulations to the master, the'Basic Palm Technique' successfully broke through to the realm of'Climbing the Peak'..."

"Ding! It is detected that the experience value of the'Basic Palm Technique' is full, and it will automatically be upgraded to the inferior Huang Tier mysterious skill'Breaking Wind Palm'..."

It's the same again, but Ji You is used to it.

Splitting a branch can get a yellow-level inferior palm technique, which is no longer a magical thing for this system.

Afterwards, Ji You simply used this yellow-step inferior palm technique to cleave the branches, still matching the upper body technique, which was quick and easy.

In a while, many branches were cut down, and Ji You's "Broken Wind Palm" also broke through to the realm of "slightly small success".

Ji You immediately placed these branches next to the dozen fishes by the river, and then lit a fire.

While the fire was burning, he used a knife to thin the remaining branches, and then cleaned the scales of the fish, and directly broke the fish.

The fish in this kind of river must be cleaned, otherwise there will be an unpleasant smell when grilled and smoked.

At this moment, Ji You suddenly remembered something, and his expression was a little pity: "Speaking of which, we don't have any seasonings. When the grilled fish is tasteless, it will be more unpalatable."

"Well, whatever, I think it's pretty good if you don't grill the fish later."

Obviously Jiang Yuexin didn't believe in Ji You's craftsmanship.

Ji You suddenly became dissatisfied. "Although it is my first attempt, it is not as unbearable as you said. You can look forward to it later."

"Let's take a good look at that young lady. If you can't cook the fish well, you will be my servant for a day, and you must obey me no matter what, how about it?"

Jiang Yuexin smiled proudly.

"Okay, if I didn't roast the fish on the other hand, then you will be my maid for one day and obey me no matter what, dare you?"

Ji You said with a joking expression.

Hearing this, Jiang Yuexin was taken aback, and then thought of something inappropriate for children.

I didn't feel anything when I said it out of my own mouth, but it felt a bit wrong to say it from someone else, especially a man.

But her dignity as the second lady of the City Lord's Mansion did not allow her to bow her head in front of Ji You.

She saw Jiang Yuexin blushing, as if she was giving up, "There is something that this lady dares not dare to, that's it!"

"This is what you said."

Ji You skewered fish from beginning to end with wooden sticks.

Put two branches on each side of the burning wood pile to cross, and then the grilled fish can be fixed on the intersection.

Although Ji You has never grilled fish, he still knows how to grill it.

During the roasting process, the fish was tumbling constantly to prevent it from being burnt.

Under the fire of the fish, the skin quickly turned brown.

Slowly, she could smell a burst of scent, and Jiang Yuexin felt that something was wrong at this time, and it seemed that Ji You was about to be baked.

In other words, she has to...

During the roasting process, Ji You did not add new firewood, and charcoal fire slowly appeared.

The next step is the smoked fish, the almost grilled fish meat gradually penetrates into the smoke of charcoal fire.

Finally, when the fish oil drips down, the grilled fish is complete.

"It's already baked, you can try it first."

Ji You handed the grilled fish to Jiang Yuexin, and then went to grill the next fish by himself.

Jiang Yuexin silently took over the grilled fish in Ji You's hand. While looking at the grilled fish with bright yellow color and tender outside and tender inside, she couldn't help thinking about it.

This grilled fish is undoubtedly a success.

After that, I have to obey this guy's request, no matter what it is.

If it's something shameful then, I can't resist it myself.

Jiang Yuexin's face blushed immediately, and she took a peek at Ji You, and realized that Ji You was almost ready to cook the second fish.


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