999 Times Training System Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Leaving The Lin Family The Elders Discouraged

The Lin Family Mansion in Chaoyang Ancient City.

Now that Ji You's family is broken, he can only go to the Lin family.

The Lin family is one of the three major families in the ancient city of Chaoyang. It is comparable to the Chen family. A year ago, in order to help the family share, he ran to the Lin family to become a servant. He listened to others and could also live here.

But he didn't want to stay here anymore. He planned to find a new place to live, because he was a servant in the Lin family and he had to be called at any time. How could he accept this.

However, as one of the three major families, the Lin family has a great reputation in the ancient city of Chaoyang, and has detailed records of everyone in the mansion. If he leaves the Lin family without a word, it will be difficult to do things in the entire ancient city of Chaoyang in the future.

So this time he came back to the Lin family to go through the process of leaving the Lin family.

Soon after, Ji You came to a hall.

It was here that he was taken in by the Lin family a year ago, and he wanted to go through the formalities for leaving the Lin family.

Of course, only a lone warrior can go through the escape procedures, and the Lin family members cannot easily escape.

"I want to go through the formalities to leave the Lin family."

Ji You said to an old man in front of him.

The old man looked at Ji You with both eyes, and a look of surprise flashed in his eyes, "I remember you came to my Lin's house a year ago, and now you have broken through to the fifth level of body tempering realm."

He could see at a glance that this young mans cultivation level was in the fifth stage of the body tempering stage. He remembered that when this young man first came to the Lin family, he was only in the late stage of the second stage of the body tempering stage. After only one year, his cultivation level has actually improved. so much.

He couldn't help being amazed by this young man's martial arts talent, and his eyes gradually became more important.

However, the old man didn't know that this was Ji You's breakthrough cultivation level only today.


Ji You nodded slightly, not surprised at how the old man saw through his cultivation.

Because he had heard that this old man's cultivation was at least above the fifth level of the Imperial Profound Realm, a strong man with this kind of strength could casually see through his true cultivation.

The old man thought for a while and said, "I probably know why you want to leave the Lin family. You probably don't want to continue to be a servant of the Lin family."


Ji You responded with a sigh in her heart.

This old man is amazing, and he guessed the reason why he wanted to leave the Lin family.

"In fact, you don't have to leave the Lin Family. Now that you have reached the fifth level of Body Tempering Realm, I can raise your status to the same level as ordinary disciples, and you won't be bound by the Lin Family."

The old man said.

It is also such a talent, he will find a way to stay in the Lin family.

If he were an ordinary person, he would be too lazy to say a word.

The attention of some people around was attracted.

On weekdays, elders rarely speak, and they give them the impression of being serious and reticent. They rarely see elders talking to people so politely.

They couldn't help but start to guess who this young man was.

Hearing what the old man said, Ji You pondered for a moment, and respectfully said: "Then trouble the elder."

The reason why he wanted to leave the Lin family was simply because his status as a servant made him feel very uncomfortable.

Since he can now get rid of his status as a servant without being restrained by the Lin family, there is nothing wrong for him to stay in the Lin family.

"So starting today, you will no longer be a servant. If you encounter any trouble, this token can prove your identity."

With that, the old man took out a white token from nowhere and handed it to Ji You.

"Thank you elder."

After receiving the token, Ji You saluted, and then left here.

Back to his residence, this is a very simple and ordinary house, but he is still used to living.

Ji You turned around and closed the door, and immediately began to study the 999 times cultivation system.

"The 999 times cultivation system is so awesome, there should be a lot of functions I haven't discovered."

"As far as it seems, walking can strengthen the body, a punch can strengthen the boxing, and one minute of practice can gain 999 times the experience, so it should be said that a kick can also strengthen the legs, and a slap can also strengthen the palm. ..."

Ji You whispered in his mouth, and tried a high side kick forward.


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