999 Times Training System Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Easy To Kill

"Sure enough, it's you kid, grab this kid for me!"

Seeing Ji You's true face, the captain of the guard immediately scolded.

After he gave an order, the other guards moved towards Ji Yousi with unkind faces.

"You can try it."

Ji You smiled faintly, without the slightest panic on his face.

One of the guards seemed to want to grab power and rushed towards Ji You first.

"Ding! The master casts the'Stone Fist', and the'Stone Fist' gains experience points: (100*999 times)!"

With one punch down, the guard flew out directly, bumping into several companions on the way.

Ji You's punch shocked all the guards present.

Their faces were full of unbelievable colors, stiff and dumbfounded.

The captain of the guard team was also dumbfounded. At any rate, his subordinates are all elite guards specially trained by the family, and each cultivation base is at least at least Seventh Level of the Body Tempering Realm, so even this kid can't hold a punch?

"Why doesn't it move?"

Ji You sneered: "If this is the case, then it's my turn."

Even if these guards dare not attack him now, he will not let them go.

If people do not offend me, I will not offend people. If anyone offends me, I will do so!

If you offend him Ji You, don't think about it!

Ji You's figure flashed quickly, and he appeared in front of the captain of the guard in an instant.

The captain of the guard is also a martial artist of the Body Tempering Realm nine layers. Although the opponent's speed is so fast that he can hardly see it, he can draw his sword in time to respond.

He flicked a vicious look, and slashed towards Ji You with his sword.

The captain of the guard believed that this sword was fast and ruthless, but in Bai Juechen's eyes, it was just as worthless as a kid playing with a sword.

The corner of his mouth raised slightly, and his right hand clenched a fist and slammed it directly against the blade of the sword.


Hearing an extremely crisp sound, the sword in the hand of the captain of the guard was directly shattered by Ji You's gravel fist.

The captain of the guard looked at the broken sword that was only half in his hand, his whole person was stupid, his brain was blank, and he even forgot who he was for a while.

When the guards around saw this scene, they all looked in disbelief, astonished that their jaws almost fell.

They couldn't believe their eyes. They had to know that the sharp sword in the captain's hand was a first-grade treasure, but it was smashed by this young man with a punch? !

Without giving the opponent the slightest chance to breathe, Ji You punched again on the face of the captain of the guard.

The captain of the guard couldn't react at all, and sturdily resisted Ji You's punch.

His last consciousness before coma was as if he heard the sound of crushing his facial bones.

I saw the captain of the guard rolled out on his side and hit the wall of the Lin family mansion, smashing a pit in the wall.

You can see that his face is directly sunken in, bloody, almost disfigured.

The guards around had witnessed all this, but each of them seemed as if their legs were filled with lead, stiff and unable to move, because they were completely dumbfounded.

The few two or three were still a little conscious, and neither dared to go up to help nor escape.

In their eyes, Ji You was like a humanoid beast, and it was not too much to be called a pervert.

Even the strongest captain was beaten to death with a punch, and they went up to die.

Ji You looked at the unrecognizable captain of the guards indifferently, suddenly his eyes turned, and his icy eyes fell on the guards.

The guards were all agitated immediately, and the atmosphere did not dare to breathe.

There were even individual guards who couldn't hold on any longer and fled around frantically.

Seeing that there was already a companion who had fled first, all the other guards also fled.

Even if the captain is killed, there is only one thought in their hearts, that is to escape!

If you don't escape, you will die!

"You still want to escape now?"

Ji You snorted coldly, his figure blurred, and then disappeared in place.

In almost an instant, he caught up with the guard who had escaped the farthest.

With a punch down, there is nowhere to escape.

After solving one, Ji You immediately chased the next one.

The second one is solved, and the third one is next!

the fourth!

the fifth!



"Ding! Congratulations, Master, the Huang Tier's superior mysterious skill "Stone Fist" successfully broke through to the realm of "Furnace Pure Blue"..."

He chased and killed more than a dozen guards in one breath, and was finally solved by Ji You and only the last one was left. Even the "Stone Fist", the profound technique of boxing, unknowingly broke through to the realm of "Pure Fire".

"You, die for me too."

Ji You pinched the neck of the last guard with one hand and said coldly.

I saw that the guard's face was suffocated blue and purple, and his eyes were full of fear.

He kept tearing at Ji You's hand, but he couldn't shake it.

He could barely breathe, and weakly pleaded: "No...don't...kill me, I...I'm innocent!"

Ji You smiled, helplessly, "Before you arrested me, did you ever think I was innocent?"

From the beginning, he had never done anything to harm the world, but because he accidentally obtained a spiritual pill, he was forced to destroy his family and was driven to extinction.

The next moment, his smile stopped abruptly, because he heard Lyn Qitian's voice.

"Stop it!"

Lin Qitian appeared at the gate of Lin Mansion, and the guard who came with him was directly frightened to the ground.

Ji You glanced at Lin Qitian indifferently, then squeezed hard with his right hand, breaking the guard's neck.


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