999 Times Training System Chapter 52

Chapter 52: The Acquired Spirit Body That Should Belong To Ji You

At the same time, Jiang Yuechu was helped by the two maids to a middle-aged man.

"You go back to heal your injuries first."

I saw disappointment in the eyes of the middle-aged man, saying indifferently.

Seeing the other's eyes, Jiang Yuechu's face suddenly became paler.

"Sister, are you okay?"

At this moment, Jiang Yuexin ran over, anxiously concerned.

Although Jiang Yuechu did not respond, there was a hint of relief in her beautiful eyes.

Ji You caught this glance, suddenly thoughtful.

"From today, Ben Shao will be the first genius of martial arts in Chaoyang Ancient City."

Above the ring, Chen Yan suddenly spoke with a high profile.

As soon as this remark came out, many unconvinced people were whispering in the audience.

"Oh, I don't know what happened to the eldest today. She actually lost to Chen Yan, and Chen Yan is now in the wild in our city lord's mansion."

"The eldest lady is really today...I always feel that she is a little absent-minded, and she is not really fighting at all."

"Although it did defeat the eldest lady, it shouldn't be so arrogant, right?"

Chen Yan glanced at the people in the audience whose faces had changed, and then smiled slightly: "By the way, Ben Shao has one more thing to make known to the public. Not long ago, Ben Shao awakened the acquired spirit body."

The acquired spirit body? !

Hearing what Chen Yan said, everyone present was shocked.

How can they not know the acquired spirit body, this is a very rare physique.

In the Canglan Empire, almost everyone is the most ordinary mortal body, and only a few people can awaken the spirit body.

Some are innate spirit bodies that are awakened at birth, and some are acquired spirit bodies that awaken later.

Although the acquired spirit body is not as good as the innate spirit body, it is also countless times stronger than the ordinary mortal body.

Those few martial artists who were able to awaken the spirit body were all peerless arrogances who suppressed an era, and in the end they all became a giant, the top existence of the Canglan Empire.

It was hard for them to believe that Chen Yan actually awakened the acquired spirit body.

If it is true, then Chen Yan will probably stir the entire Canglan Empire before long.

Jiang Yuechu, who had not yet gone far, heard what Chen Yan said, and then smiled at herself.

It's no wonder that I will be defeated so thoroughly, it turns out to be the acquired spirit...

At this moment, Ji You frowned.

Unexpectedly, Chen Yan, the dog thing, actually awakened the acquired spirit body, and it happened to be in the last few days.

He couldn't help guessing that the reason why Chen Yan was able to suddenly awaken the afterlife spirit body was probably because he had taken that spirit pill.

The magical pill that Ji You had obtained by accident was forcibly taken away by Chen Yan, and his family was destroyed.

Whenever he thinks of that scene, Ji You can't help but want to kill Chen Yan immediately.

In other words, this Hou Tian spirit body should also belong to Ji You.

Such a strong physique was snatched by Chen Yan, and Ji Youxin suddenly resented him.

But he couldn't do it yet. Chen Yan was accompanied by many masters, and once he did it, he would be finished.

Forcibly suppressed the impulse in his heart and watched Chen Yan leave freely.


On that day, Chen Yan defeated Jiang Yuechu with only three moves and Chen Yan's awakening of the Houtian spirit spread throughout the ancient city of Chaoyang.

No one was shocked by this, especially Chen Yan's awakening of the acquired spirit body, which was a shocking event.

Regardless of the innate spirit body or the acquired spirit body, as long as the spirit body is awakened, if it doesn't die halfway, it will definitely become the top powerhouse of the Canglan Empire.

The streets and alleys were talking about Chen Yan's heavenly spirit body after awakening, and it soon became a well-known thing in the entire ancient city of Chaoyang.

Even before the next day, the news spread from the ancient city of Chaoyang, and countless forces in the Canglan Empire were alarmed.

Canglan Imperial College directly stated that it would go to the Chen family in the ancient city of Chaoyang to enroll students in seven days, which is equivalent to saying clearly.

The intention was very obvious, and that was to recruit Chen Yan, who had awakened the acquired spirit body, into Canglan Imperial College.

As soon as the news of Canglan Empire came out, it directly shook everyone up and down in the ancient city of Chaoyang, and it also shook countless forces in the Canglan Empire.

Canglan Empire Academy is the No. 1 transcendent force in the entire Canglan Empire, and it is the martial arts holy land that countless young men and women in the Canglan Empire dream of.

As long as they are young people who can enter the Canglan Empire Academy for cultivation, they will be able to exist in the famous town after they come out.

It can only be said that it is worthy of the acquired spirit body, and it can let Canglan Empire College take the initiative to come forward and recruit in person.

However, Canglan Empire's martial arts sacred place is more than one Canglan Empire Academy.

There are three martial arts sacred sites in the Canglan Empire, and the overall background is not much different.

They are: Canglan Imperial College, Qianyuan Wufu, and Qing Xuanzong.

After the Canglan Empire Academy released the words, Qianyuan Wufu and Qing Xuanzong also followed closely, planning to enroll students in the Chen family of Chaoyang Ancient City.

At that time, the wind and clouds will surely be surging, and martial arts geniuses from all directions of the Canglan Empire will flood into the ancient city of Chaoyang.

Knowing these things, Ji You seized the time to improve his strength.

Although these treatments belonged to him, but now he has obtained the 999 times cultivation system, it will not affect his mentality.

After these seven days, he was bound to increase his strength to the point where he could crush Chen Yan.


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