999 Times Training System Chapter 563

Vol 2 Chapter 563: Hydra Ebon

The temple stood in the middle of the snow-capped mountains.

Ji You divine consciousness radiated out.

However, this temple seemed to have some barriers, which completely reflected Ji You's mental power.

Xiao Gu pulled his sleeve.

"It seems a bit weird in it."

Even Bai Hu lowered his head and roared.

Ji You walked into the temple with a person and a beast, but after they entered the temple.

A strange laugh came.

"Jiejie, Ji You, you killed my people who killed the temple, and you have done good deeds of me many times. You should kill."

A statue of a **** is placed in the center of the hall.

At this moment, there was a burst of red light in the eyes of the idol

At this moment, the red light stopped in the direction of Ji You.

Ji You said: "Are you the master behind the Temple of Killing?"

"Jiejie, the young man is very smart, but what about that?"

"Boy, if you are bad for our good deeds, it is time to pay the price."

With this strong voice falling, Ji You felt that the surrounding world suddenly changed colors, a hurricane suddenly moved, and countless forces were wailing at this moment.

They seemed to be crying with Ji You.

Suddenly the two rows of surrounding walls slowly rose up, and many zombies inside rose up again.

There was still countless dust on his body.

Each zombie carries a giant sword in his hand.

They couldn't even feel any profound energy fluctuations, and Ji You couldn't judge the extent of their strength.

Their great swords were swung down.

Countless lightning bolts flew down in the direction of Ji You at the same time, and Ji You waved his giant sword of Ring Rong forward.

The lightning fell on it, cancelling the impact.

Unfortunately, the power of lightning swarmed up the giant swords that followed Ji You directly, and came directly to Ji You.

"Ding, the host used the raging suit, and the raging suit has gained 999 times the proficiency experience!"

Ji You waved the giant sword away, and the giant sword fell on a dry corpse, and its head fell to the ground in an instant.

The surrounding zombies took this opportunity to block up towards Ji You.

At this moment, the fire moved towards the surroundings and burned on them.

The flames immediately swallowed these zombies.

The zombies screamed.

They all fell to the ground.

Ji You looked forward vigilantly, then turned around, and saw that there was nothing in front of him, and only then took Xiaogu and them forward.

"The little girl behind you is pretty good. If she can swallow her spiritual power, the strength of the deity can be a lot stronger."

Ji You sneered: "If you have a life, let's talk about it."

He shook his palm, and huge profound energy suddenly shot out.

There was a loud bang.

The statue of the **** collapsed at this moment.

"Jiejie, we will meet after all."

The laughter stopped at this moment.

Unexpectedly, under this temple, it was so sloppy, surrounded by dusty tunnels, and even many caves.

Little insects of various colors crawled out of the cave.

And it continued to expand, as if it was about to burst.

There was a loud bang.

Ji Youchao stepped back two steps, and slowly summoned a powerful profound energy in his hand.

It resisted before that explosive force.

Xiao Gu kept clapping his palms: "I am most afraid of this kind of bug, Ji You is really powerful."

Ji You touched her little head. Perhaps Bai Hu couldn't stand it anymore, and rushed forward. Many spiders crawled out from various places, but Bai Hu stepped on his feet.

Mosquitoes are meat when they are young. They are usually by Ji You's side. Food is all small bones. He just eats some bones.

It's not a good meal to have this opportunity now.

It grabbed a spider with one paw, and the spider turned its stomach over and was stepped on by Ji You.

Bai Hu let out a sorrowful cry, and had to move on.

Following the passage to the end, and out of the passage, a high platform entered their eyes, and a white smoke visible to the naked eye enveloped the high platform.

Quite a few words appeared on the high platform.

A black-robed man walked out slowly, his face was like a corpse, pale and bloodless.

He raised his head: "My physical body, playing with music, for seven days and deserts, I am alone!"

After saying this sentence.

The high platform in front of him was at this moment a frost dragon fell on the ground.

After a roar.

A cloud of frost sprayed from its mouth.

Ji You quickly took a step back with Xiaogu, and the group of frost fell on a zombie, which was freezing up quickly at this time.

Ji You kicked out.

Suddenly the zombies shattered one after another, turned into fragments and fell to the ground.

Ji Yougang wanted to step forward, but Xiao Gu pulled him.

Quickly ran out and turned into a giant dragon. The two giant dragons were fighting at this moment.

Biting each other.

Under the scuffle, the ossicles gained the upper hand.

Suddenly at this moment, the black robe man laughed loudly.

"Haha, cracked ice formation."

At this moment, two huge strands of frost started.

The ossicles were frozen by frost.

Ji You's eyes widened: "Small bone!"

However, at this moment, the black robe man's body exploded with huge profound energy.

He sucked his own giant dragon into his body, and at the same time, Ji You noticed that the profound strength of the small bones was being absorbed into the opponent's body bit by bit.

Ji You clenched his fists.

"Small bones."

The fiery battle clothes suddenly appeared on his body.

He took a step, and the body of the black-robed man floated in the sky, turning into a huge long snake, and gradually the head of the long snake divided into nine heads.

The long snake in the air merged into the dragon's body.

"Ahahahaha, I feel that all my profound strength is back, all my profound strength is back!"

He made a roaring sound.

Flying in the air, Ji You swung heavily with the giant sword in his hand.

With a loud bang, Ji You burst away, but the beam of profound energy on the small bones seemed to remain unchanged.

"Boy, want to destroy the transmission of life, wishful thinking."

However, at this moment, Ji You looked aside, and a light flashed.

After the light faded, a beautiful woman appeared.

"Little Cai?"

Colorful Sky Snake looked at Ji You: "Who allows you to change my name at will?"

"But Xiao Cai, the name sounds pretty good, I accept it."

Immediately, the colorful sky snake looked at the body of the black robe man.

"Hei Feng, I didn't expect that after so many years, you still haven't changed."

The Hydra known as the Black Front.

Haha laughed.

"Only you can believe that God Lord will reappear in this world."

"But for me, even if the divine lord comes back, can her strength be as powerful as mine?"

When the black front mentioned the divine lord, he seemed to be angry, and the thunder around him shook in an instant.

The two heads rushed in the direction of the colorful sky snake.

A long sword like a rainbow appeared in the hands of Colorful Sky Snake.

The treasure waved out.

A thick mist floated out, and the black front's nine heads also sprayed out black mist at the same time.

The two fogs stood in a stalemate in the air, but the colorful thick fog quickly subsided, and the fog reached the body of the colorful sky snake, and a mouthful of blood was spit out from the colorful sky snake's mouth.

It seemed to have suffered a great deal of damage.

It was originally flying in the air, but it landed on the ground.

The black front said faintly: "Under my black mist, if there is no male mating within three hours, he will explode and die. Blend into my body, the colorful sky snake, let us become one."

The other heads burst into laughter.

One after another woman was injured under his hand, and Ji You's eyes burst into anger.

The cracking sky turned quickly.

"Ding, the host used the technique "Sky Splitting" to gain 999 times the proficiency experience!"

This time Ji You used the technique, only to feel that the profound energy on his body was rapidly compressed, and it burst in an instant, and the profound energy quickly came to his meridians.

The fifth rank of the Spirit Profound Realm!

Ji You realized his breakthrough.

"Ding, the host has broken through to the fifth rank of the Spirit Profound Realm!"

The profound energy on his body became heavier and heavier, and the profound energy was injected into the treasure in his hand.

Swinging the huge sword, an extremely powerful profound energy burst out suddenly.

The powerful profound energy hit Hei Feng's body.

The black front was hit by such a blow, and his huge body seemed to shake at this moment.

The beam of light connected to the ossicles just now disappeared.

He looked at Ji You angrily: "Boy, you actually broke through to the fifth level of the Spirit Profound Realm?"

"But so what, I am the existence of the five peaks."


Several people in black robes suddenly let out a scream, and they all stayed where they were, and their profound strength was instantly drained by Hydra.

The Hydra floated in the air.

The nine heads turned into nine spears behind it, and he took the two spears off his back.

Aiming at Ji You in front of him, he suddenly flew out.

With a heavy spear thrown out, Ji You stretched out his hand, and Qi Gang suddenly released and resisted it.

In the next moment, the spear felt like it was about to break.

"Ding, the host used "Sky Split" to gain 999 times the proficiency experience!"

The experience value kept rising. Ji You, who had just broken through to the fifth level of the Spirit Profound Realm, felt that he still had the feeling of breaking through.

"Ding, the host has broken through to the sixth level of the Spirit Profound Realm!"

The profound strength in Ji You's hand became stronger and stronger, and he swung out with a heavy punch.

At this moment, the fist and the spear collided.

There was a loud bang, and the Qi Gang split up at this moment and fell on the ground.

Hydra looked in the direction of Ji You angrily, and suddenly rushed in the direction of Ji You. Ji You swung a sword, and hit the Hydra heavily.

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