999 Times Training System Chapter 564

Vol 2 Chapter 564: Kannushi

There was a trace of disbelief in the hydra's eyes.

This kid could hurt himself.

Hasn't he reached the sixth level of the Spirit Profound Realm?

"Damn, why can your profound strength increase so quickly?"

The profound strength of the Hydra rose heavily.

He raised his hands: "Dancing Fury!"

At this moment, the eight heads took off his head and flew out.

Flying out in the direction of Ji You.

Ji You swung out with a long sword in his hand, hitting the head, and one head fell down.

Two, three.

"Impossible, impossible!"

The black front roared constantly.

What the **** was going on, all my profound power just now had no effect, and what was even more frightening was that my profound ability was in front of Ji You.

A terrible force burst out unexpectedly.

Ji You suddenly stepped back, placing his hands out, and the profound energy in the air stopped at this moment.

The black front manipulated his huge body and gradually retreated back. The next moment, Ji You suddenly moved his hands and swung down the long sword heavily.

At this moment, the two profound forces collided together.

Hydra let out a wailing, and it suddenly fell down at this moment.

When it fell on the ground, the dust flooded its body at this moment.

The next moment, Ji You took a step, the surrounding long snakes gradually dispersed, and the swimming long snakes were about to gather together quickly.

Ji You felt that this Hydra had injected so much profound energy into it.

He took the treasure in his hand and swung a heavy sword down, and the head of one of the snakes fell off.

He turned and waved, and the heads of the remaining snakes flew out.

A little long snake swam quickly. He looked at the long snake that was leaving, suddenly wind was blowing under his feet, and took a step forward. When he reached the long snake, a sword fell.

The long snake was suddenly in a different place.

Ji You let out a sigh of relief when he watched Hydra die completely.

Taking advantage of the heat of the fiery battle clothes, the ice cubes on Xiao Bone melted down, Xiao Bone turned back into a human body, and fell asleep. Ji You stuffed a pill into her mouth.

Just after letting out a sigh of relief, he didn't expect that suddenly his waist tightened, and Ji You took a step behind him.

Looking back, it turned out that Xiao Cai was hugging Ji You tightly.

Ji You turned his head, and a warm feeling passed into Ji You's mouth.

Xiao Cai actually hugged Ji You and kissed.

The two hugged each other, and Xiao Cai took Ji You to the cave nearby.

After another period of indescribability.

Ji You put on his clothes again.

At this time, the colorful sky snake was lying on Ji You's body. This was the second time between the two of them. The colorful sky snake said: "I was just poisoned. Don't think about it."

After speaking, Qi Cai Tian Snake didn't know how to handle the relationship between the two of them. Just as he walked out to the other side, suddenly at this moment, Ji You put his building into his arms.

Said to the colorful snake in front of him: "I like you."

"Just now I saw you being beaten like that by the black forward for me, I was very nervous, so."

Before Ji You's words fell, the colorful sky snake in front of him disappeared, and the colorful sky snake flew over the snow-capped mountain, recalling the scenes just now, his face suddenly blushed, and the action was simply unsightly.

Ji You, Ji You, why did I meet such an enemy like you? After her affairs are dealt with, I must follow Ji You to make good things.

Thinking of this, the colorful sky snake disappeared.

Ji You trembled as he looked at the disappearing back.

The phantom of the remnant soul appeared in the sky at this moment.

"Little devil, are you reluctant?"

Ji You glanced at Remnant Soul Void: "Senior laughed."

The remnant ghost looked at the high platform in front of him: "That is the place leading to the Snow Palace."

Ji You gave a hum, and the ghost of the remnant soul disappeared again. Ji You came to Xiaogu's side and touched her head.

After waiting for a while.

Xiao Gu woke up, and she entangled Ji You, asked for something to eat, and fell asleep again.

He returned to the carriage with the bone in his arms.

Accompanied by the roar of a strong horse, he walked around, and I don't know how long he walked out, and the ice covered the entire mountain range at once.

Ji You looked at the endless peaks.

He leaped forward and flew a short distance, screaming.

Suddenly the sky changed.

A mysterious light shrouded Ji You's body, and everything around him changed, completely blocking their way to land.

At the same time, the glare in front of him burst out with a super light.

Seeing that they wanted to walk in, but couldn't.

The light wall suddenly increased at this time.

As if to refuse all contacts.

The wooden box in his hand was flying up into the sky at this time.

The five strips of paper inside are stuck together at this moment.

A long passage emerged, and Ji You took the hand of the person beside him and walked into the long passage.

With one foot stepped out, Long Dao automatically retracted.

He brought the small bones and the white tiger straight to the front of a temple, and when he returned again, Ji You felt that there seemed to be some changes in the temple.

The ghost of the remnant soul appeared beside him.

Even if only the phantom was left, he still trembled.

Ji You and Can Hun Xuying stepped into the temple.

The next moment, the temple suddenly changed.

A throne appeared on the top of the temple.

As soon as the Remnant Soul Void approached the past, suddenly a lightning bolt fell above the throne, and it fell in front of the Remnant Soul Void. The Remnant Soul Void couldn't believe this.

His body trembled.

However, at this moment, the mist that had been hidden by the Remnant Soul Void was floating and suddenly dissipated.

Without the maintenance of divine power, even if the Remnant Soul Void absorbed the profound energy on the five pieces of paper, it began to weaken.

Accompanied by that profound energy, at this moment, it slowly became stronger.

The face of the remnant soul and shadow was introduced into Ji You's eyes.

A face that was astonishingly stunning appeared in front of Ji You's eyes.

Ji You's heart beat quickly, perhaps because he knew that Ji You knew of his own affairs, there was another ghost of the remnant ghost, covering the mist in front of his face.

However, at this moment, someone appeared behind him.

He was wearing a brown robe and shaking his hands: "God Lord, is that you? God Lord?"

God Lord?

Ji You looked at the Remnant Soul Void in doubt.

The elder knelt on the ground, but looking at the power of the remnant soul phantom, he said directly: "How can the power of faith in your body be so low, God Lord?"

The Remnant Soul Phantom just wanted to say something, but was suddenly pulled back into the rope by the rope of soul.

The elder looked at Ji You: "You came back with the Lord."


"I think back then, the five major domains of the Xuantian Continent were always under the blessing of the gods."

"Suddenly one day."

It turned out that 10,000 years ago, due to the excellent geology of Yinyou State, other twelve states continued to invade and occupy Yinyou State. At the time of its demise, the Frozen Empress was born and led a group of followers to repel the invaders.

The Frozen Empress was helpless, and after cleaning up all the invaders in Yinyouzhou, she did not hesitate to consume her life and activate the seal of heaven and earth to isolate Yinyouzhou from the world.

The Remnant Soul Void is the Frozen Empress.

After the old man finished speaking, he was still immersed in the past years.

I didn't expect to see the Divine Lord again today, the Divine Lord turned into such a weak appearance.

"I want to guard the Palace of Evolution. I can't leave here, but the only way to resurrect the Frozen Empress is to unify the four domains and the seven sub-temples. Otherwise, we can't do this."

Ji You was still a little shocked in his heart, and he didn't expect the Remnant Soul Void to have such a big background.

"Why do you want to unify the four domains?"

"Because the faith of all the subjects of the four domains is exactly what we need."

Ji You said.

After thinking about it, if this is the case, he must first unify the seven empires.

"But where are the four domains?"

"The place where we are in the branch hall is Nanyu. Originally, the Nanyu dynasty unified Nanyu, but after the disappearance of the frozen female emperor, Nanyu split into seven empires, and the seven empires gradually split up, and Do not hesitate to fight, this gave the opportunity to kill the temple."

That was the case, Ji You suddenly understood, and said to the great elder in front of him: "Don't worry, I will definitely unify the entire Nanyu Empire."

After saying this, the elder was very pleased: "I have a sign here. In the future, you can see people in the Temple of Evolution with this token and let them help you."

Ji You took the token, sorry with both hands, Xiao Bones profound strength has not yet recovered, the great elder said: "There is some medicine here, maybe it can help this... What? It turned out to be a natural disaster panic dragon?"

"How do you know Xiaogu?"

"You can actually bring a natural disaster and wild dragon?"

"Thousands of years ago, the natural disasters were indeed friends with us, but the entire race disappeared on the mainland during an accident. This may be the last survivor. You have to take care of her. If you don't give up, I will also But accept her as a disciple and take care of her for three to five or seven years."

Hearing Xiaogu's life experience, Ji You clenched his fists: "Thank you for being the elder, but Xiaogu is still my own to protect her, and I will also help Xiaogu find out who harmed their race back then."

"It's so good. She and I are an old friend. According to seniority, we should call her niece. Then I will rely on this son for my niece."

The two said goodbye, and Ji You touched Xiao Gu's head on the road. Obviously Xiao Gu was still in his childhood, and when he recalled that he saw her, he didn't know what she had encountered.

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