999 Times Training System Chapter 571

Vol 2 Chapter 571: King's Club

Under Ji You's order, everyone built the City Lord's Mansion into a temple.

From the outside, a magnificent hall is extremely eye-catching.

Because the Yin City is located in the center of the three cities.

After a new city is established, it will be able to build a new country with this as the center.

Ji You led the crowd to a small mountain.

Under the beckoning, countless strong men climbed up and watched.

Now it can be said that everything is ready, Ji You looked at the last city in Chaos Land.

Around the city, there are thousands of armies guarding them, and they all seem to be elite soldiers.

He looked down.

A smile appeared from the corner of his mouth.

If he can earn these elite soldiers and turn them all into an army of profound practitioners, then within the seven empires, there will be no opponents.

I felt the killing intent of these thirty thousand profound practitioners.

The lord of that city walked out quickly.

"Enlighten the city lord and found a huge army in the northeast."

The city lord looked in the direction of Ji You and the others, and he had already sensed this terrifying strength.

But he took a breath.

Ji You looked into the distance, only to see a large army walking out slowly.

There was a cold killing intent in everyone's eyes.

But Ji You waved his hand, and a larger army walked out.

Under the strength of the profound energy, he stabilized the opponent's side.

Feeling Ji You's terrifying profound energy.

The city lord walked out tremblingly.

"Don't fight, don't fight, talk about something, talk about something easy."

Ji You beat the horse forward: "I am here to recover the chaotic place on behalf of the temple."

"I'm waiting for it, I'm waiting for it, don't do it, everything is easy to say, everything is easy to say."

The generals beside him saw that his city lord was so weak that he was so angry that he stepped forward and said solemnly: "How can the city lord surrender without a fight?

Ji You gave him a satisfied look.

"In that case, the general has another opinion."

"Yes, you can't lead us."

Ji You smiled faintly: "Whether it can be, it depends on the strength!"

After that, a dazzling mysterious light was emitted from all over his body.

Seeing the mysterious light emitting from Ji You, everyone took a breath.

A master of the Spirit Profound Realm, and also a minor master of the Spirit Profound Realm.

"Looking at the color of the mysterious light, is it possible that Young Master is already a master at level 5 or higher?"

The generals eyes were filled with surprise, and Ji You said faintly: "The sixth level of the Spirit Profound Realm, Ji You, the Great Envoy of the Frozen God Sect."

The general knew that he was definitely not Ji You's opponent.

"I took it, but I have a request. I don't know if the son can agree to it?"

"Just talk about it and listen."

"I want to play with the son to see the gap between us."

Ji You said: "Come on."

The general's eyes lit up, the whole person slapped up, and a spear treasure had been transformed in his hand.

I saw him stab down directly towards Ji You.

The spear suddenly emitted a ray of light in the air.

As if in an instant, it turned into countless spears and pierced them in the direction of Ji You.

Ji You stretched out his hand.

All the spears in front of them stopped outside the Qi Gang.

When Ji You flicked his hand gently, at this moment, the spear flew out in the other direction, and all stabs fell on the cliff.

Ji You said faintly, "I don't need to take the shot, right?"

After hearing these words, the general who was hailed as a genius by everyone immediately gave in.

Ji You recovered the last city.

He renamed all three cities.

"From today, the three cities will be named Pojun, Apocalypse, and Burning City."

"The three city owners also selected the city owners from the original civil officials. Starting today, the Holy Army is responsible for the security of the city, and the city owners are only responsible for people's livelihood affairs."

Everyone knew in their hearts that Ji You was seizing power, taking away all the rights of the city lord himself.

Ji You said faintly: "From today, the place of chaos is officially renamed Southern Dynasty Dynasty!"

Everyone looked at each other and knelt down.

"Meet my king."

Ji You also officially became the first king with real power besides the Lingbao King.

He said faintly: "Pass the king's password and order the seven empires to surrender, otherwise, don't blame the king's army for suppressing the realm.

Several envoys in black accepted Ji You's letter and ran out.

Ji You sent a few more people.

Soon, the Alchemy Master's Union and the Artifact Master's Union sent elite members to enter the Southern Territory.

After becoming king, Ji You felt a huge gas coming from the veins, and this power did not belong to profound energy.

He sent people to inquire about the history of this chaotic place, hoping to find clues in it.

After the arrival of several major unions.

Suddenly there was a huge shaking under the ground vein.

"Who is it that wants to establish a new dynasty here."

A roar seemed to be coming from outside the sky.

The ground broke apart suddenly.

A phantom dragon came from underground.

Ji You said lightly: "What's the matter?"

The ghost of the remnant soul floated beside Ji You: "It seems that the legend is true."

"What legend?"

"It is said that every dynasty has a dragon seal, so the king also has another name, the son of dragon."

"However, this dragon representing the dynasty is now in its weakest condition and seems to be dying."

"Then what should I do?"

The huge golden dragon floated in the sky, and there was a faint sound of thunder around.

Remnant Soul Void said lightly: "If you want to become a true king, you have to guide this golden dragon into your body."

"I'll pass you a formula you remember."

The Remnant Soul Void's finger lightly tapped in front of Ji You's head.

A spell instantly imprinted into his soul.

He abruptly stood up and said to Ji You faintly: "It's okay now."

Ji You glanced at Xiao Gu, Xiao Gu took Ji You into the air.

The floating Golden Dragon asked, "Little girl, are you a natural disaster ancient dragon?"

Xiao Gu glanced at it curiously.

"Your strength is so weak."

"Haha, I am the dragon vein nurtured by the Southern Dynasty Dynasty. After thousands of years of chaos, I am naturally very weak."

A huge profound energy floated out of Ji You at this moment.

Floating into Ji You's body.

Jin Long said faintly: "Little baby, don't be rampant."

But then, Ji You's profound strength was injected into Jin Long, Jin Long suddenly roared, and an extremely comfortable feeling was injected into its body.

Jinlong hovered suddenly.

Flew into the sky and roared.

Suddenly there was a shake in the sky.

"So comfortable, boy, you are actually a master of the Spirit Profound Realm, and you are the new king of this Southern Territory Dynasty?"


Ji You said lightly, Jin Long glanced at Ji You with satisfaction, hovered in the air for a week, rushed directly into Ji You's body, and Ji You stood up again.

"This dragon vein has been injected into your body from today."

"From today, the Southern Territory has a new king!"

Suddenly the golden light shone on the earth, and the countless golden lights around immediately gradually dispersed the black clouds that had originally covered the sky.

Everyone on this land looked up to the sky.

Take a deep breath.

This is the king, this is our king.

With Ji You's ascension to the throne, the surrounding earth began to shake violently.

Among the imperial capitals of the seven empires.

As the most powerful king of the seven empires, Lingbao King was the only king who could control the entire empire before Ji You.

The other royal families are just in name only.

A ray of sunlight poured into the sky, dispelling all the surrounding dark clouds.

The light shone into the earth.

King Lingbao seemed to have heard Long Mai talking to him.

"In the Southern Territory, another king was born, and he also got the dragon veins of the ancient dragon."


"Ancient dragon veins, this is something that hasn't appeared in hundreds of years, right?",

He took a deep breath.

"Why, why did I not capture this dragon vein."

"Maybe the new king is the real host of the seven empires. The dragon veins he obtained are the dragon veins of the Southern Territory Empire, rather than the dragon veins of ours. If I can swallow them, I can grow into A true imperial dragon vein."

After saying this, the king of the Lingbao Empire clenched his fists.

Looking towards the place of chaos, I want to be the real king, I want to be the real king!

He roared and looked at the sky.

However, at this moment, countless birds appeared in the sky. One of them grabbed the bird's leg and flew into the sky. He jumped onto the bird's back.

Many profound practitioners around also jumped up.

The kings of the other great empires also got the news from their dragon veins, but they all felt that they did not have enough power to deal with Ji You.

After deliberation, they still decide to combine together, maybe they can have tomorrow.

One of them said, "Your Majesty, if you don't dislike it, I can help you call on the seven empires to convene a trade union."

After hearing this, the king of the puppet empire, Rong Buqi, walked out and laughed loudly: "Okay, hold the meeting of kings of the seven empires."

"The King's Meeting hasn't been held for thousands of years, right?"

Hearing these words, the officials looked at each other one after another, this king's meeting, before a thousand years, all the kings wanted to participate, but after a thousand years, who else cares.

Almost every dynasty was not the courtier of the Southern Territory Empire when it split into the Seven Empires.

The descendants of the King of the Southern Territories have long been submerged in history.

The invitation of the puppet empire was sent, and it was immediately approved by other empires.

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