999 Times Training System Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Ji You Comes On But The Stele Has No Response

"I really didn't expect Jiang Yuexin to have the talent of the sixth rank of the Mortal Body. This is the first talent of the sixth rank of the Mortal Body so far."

"In that case, why does she only have the eightfold cultivation base of the Body Tempering Realm? Could it be that she deliberately concealed her cultivation base?"

"This round of assessment is quite interesting. A bunch of assessors of the Body Tempering Realm nine-fold cultivation base were eliminated, but Jiang Yuexin only passed the Body Tempering Realm eight-fold cultivation base."


Many people feel very puzzled.

Hearing these words, Ji You shook his head helplessly, this group of guys didn't even know.

Jiang Yuexin has always been more selfish and unwilling to use martial arts training, so the realm of cultivation is naturally not high.

He didn't think Jiang Yuexin would be eliminated from the beginning, because even Jiang Yuexin's personality could be cultivated to the eighth level of Body Tempering Realm, and his martial arts talent would definitely not be too low.


Jiang Yuexin ran back with joy, she was a little too excited, she almost said Ji You's real name by accident.

Fortunately, she responded promptly and quickly stopped her mouth, and then changed her words: "Shan Ji, did you see it? This lady passed the examination."

Regarding Jiang Yuexin's public appearance, the other examiners nearby did not complain at all.

After all, this little girl is more talented than them, and they have nothing to say.

Ji You was a false alarm, and he was almost cheated by this girl.

If his real name is told by this girl, then it will be very troublesome next.

Seeing Jiang Yuexin's cute look that he wanted someone to praise, he put his hand on Jiang Yuexin's head again.

But this time he used a little bit of strength to rub Jiang Yuexin's hair into a mess.

"You...you guy, why messed up all my hair!"

Jiang Yuexin said angrily.

But she couldn't vent her anger at Ji You, and could only stom her feet on the spot.

Looking at Jiang Yuexin's appearance, Ji You couldn't help but smile.

After Jiang Yuexin passed the test, it was Jiang Yuechu's next turn.

Jiang Yuechu's reputation in the ancient city of Chaoyang is very big, much bigger than Jiang Yuexin, she has attracted the attention of most people on the court when she took the stage.

"Miss City Lord's Mansion is also here, she must be able to pass this round."

"In the past, Jiang Yuechu was the first genius of martial arts in Chaoyang Ancient City anyway, and her cultivation level also broke through the Imperial Profound Realm. Apart from Chen Yan, her martial arts talent must be the highest."

"It's a pity that Chen Yan's rise was too sudden. A few days ago, he defeated Jiang Yuechu with only three moves. That was really a ruthless crush."


Jiang Yuechu's delicate face showed a firm look, and tried not to let himself be affected by external factors, so that he could play his highest level.

She calmly put her hand on the black stone tablet.

In an instant, the black stele flashed a pale white light as before, and then a white halo rose slowly.


Second way...

Three Ways...


At the same time, many people in the field have great expectations for the results of Jiang Yuechu's talent test.

After all, Jiang Yuechu was the first genius of martial arts before Chen Yan's rise. Not only was his human beauty and strength extremely strong, he was also the goal of all the young talents in Chaoyang Ancient City.

Even if it has become a little bit down, it is not comparable to other geniuses.

Four Ways...

Five Ways...

Six Ways...

Six white auras have already emerged, and the black stele seems to have not stopped, and there is a tendency for a seventh white aura to appear.

In the end, the seventh white halo also emerged.

"Seventh-rank talent in the body, qualified."

Following the sound of the person in charge of the assessment, the three major forces behind them nodded one after another. They all felt that it was necessary to fight for this girl named Jiang Yuechu a little bit.

Jiang Yuechu's talent for the seventh rank of Mortal Body did not surprise everyone in the court.

After Jiang Yuechu returned, Ji You stepped forward immediately.

"Come on, you must be fine."

Jiang Yuexin shouted from behind.

In her opinion, Ji You's strength is very strong, even if she can pass the test, Ji You must be fine.

But a faint bitter smile appeared on Ji You's face, and he almost expected that he would be eliminated next.

When he walked up there was no discussion, after all, he had changed his appearance now, and no one besides Jiang Yuechu and Jiang Yuexin knew who he was.

Walking to the black stone tablet, Ji You took a breath and placed his hand on the black stone tablet.

Regardless of whether it passes or not, he intends to treat it with peace of mind.

Ji You couldn't help holding his breath, waiting for the black stele to react.

However, after a while, there was no change in the black stele.

The people of the three major forces frowned, and there was a burst of doubt from off the court.

"What's the matter, why hasn't he detected his talent after so long?"

"It's weird. The black steles changed immediately before, so why is this guy's turn different?"

"If I remember correctly, even a martial artist who is useless, his talent is at least Mortal Grade 1. What happened to this guy?"


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