999 Times Training System Chapter 587

Vol 2 Chapter 587: Not Kneeling

The flame retreated in an instant.

He looked at the flame in front of him, and suddenly disappeared.

Chang Yuan thought to himself, could it be that he stopped?

However, just as this thought came into being, the young man suddenly rushed forward.


"Strong punch!"

After the roar, a heavy blaze fist hit directly.

There was a loud bang.

At this moment, Qi Gang slammed into it.

Then Chang Yuan suddenly turned around and landed on the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

"Fire Fist, not bad."

"Mysterious skills, soaring birds."

Shouting this sentence, a firebird flew into the air and landed heavily.

Chang Yuan said, "Do you think that the seventh level of the Spirit Profound Realm is so weak?"

He stretched out his fists and gathered the two iron fists together.

After throwing a heavy punch.

The profound strength shattered at this moment.

The kid flew out and fell under the ring, and then he stood up a little bit sad.

"It's bad luck, I actually lost, you guys who attacked his teammates."

Several other people gathered the profound energy in their hands and came out.

Everyone has a profound strength above the fifth level of the Spirit Profound Realm, and the rest of the Fire Control Academy quickly surrendered.

Facing such a strong man, he immediately surrendered.

The day's battle ended, Ji You brought Xiao Bone, Catwoman and others to the nearby restaurant.

A woman wearing a low-cut cheongsam shook her body and came to Ji You.

"My son, don't you know how many?"

Ji You said faintly: "Three."

"Give me a private room."

After saying this, the cheongsam woman smiled.

"Good son."

Passing by a huge room, Ji You said lightly: "I want this one."

When Ji You asked for this one, the cheongsam woman said in embarrassment: "Sorry sir, this room is the first room in Tianzi, exclusive to the royal family."

The people in Royal Room No. 1, but at this moment, a group of brave young men and women came over.

The leader, with blond hair, fluttering hair, and wearing a golden armor, followed Ji You in front of him, and said faintly: "Presumptuous, won't you kneel when you see His Royal Highness the Five Princes?"

Ji You glanced at him indifferently: "Sorry, I am not from the Eastern Empire, so I can't kneel down on your king."


A young man following the five princes suddenly acted.

The strength has also reached the seventh level of the Spirit Profound Realm.

He dropped a heavy fist in the direction of Ji You, Ji Youmeng then took a step, and he held the fist of the young man with the fist in front of him.

The fifth prince couldn't even sense the changes in Ji You's profound strength.

He widened his eyes, walked forward, and arched his hands: "Qingjian retreat."

The young man snorted coldly and took a step back.

He arched his hand and said to Ji You who was in front of him: "The fifth prince of the next royal family, Zhou Dynasty."

"I don't know what the son is?"

Ji You said faintly: "In the next season you will be."

"I don't know if the son can intend to have a meal together?"

However, at this moment, many people walked out beside him, who were students of Wuxuan Temple.

The leader said directly: "We want this room."

The cheongsam girl glanced around.

"My princes, I'm sorry, why don't you change rooms."

The two looked at each other.

At this moment, the strong of Temple College took a step forward.

"Under Huang Shang, get out of my way."

Hearing these words, the person in front of him quickly took a step back.

The fifth prince pulled the blue bird who was about to go up to the conflict.

He faintly said, "If you want to use it, you can use it first."

Huang Shang just snorted coldly. When he was about to walk in, Ji You said faintly: "Wait a minute, His Royal Highness the Five Princes let you in, but I haven't let you in yet."

Huang Shang turned his head and said, "Why, is your kid going to get ahead?"

The people in the Martial Spirit Temple behind him laughed unanimously.

Ji You said faintly: "It just so happens, I also plan to see your strength, anyway, sooner or later I will meet."

"Seventh level of the Spirit Profound Realm, fifth-grade puppet master, be careful!"

After shouting out this sentence, he took a step forward.

An old man appeared in front of Ji You.

"Mysterious skill, Fiery Iron Fist!"

"Ding! The host used the raging iron fist and gained experience value of 1*999"

"Earth-level mysterious skills, boy, you actually have earth-level mysterious skills!"

The old man now has a small golden light on his body, and in the blink of an eye he came to Ji You.

The fist hit the old man's body.

The old man flew upside down in an instant.

"Boy, I advise you to save some effort, this is my golden puppet."

"But you are able to leave a trace on my golden puppet, which is quite capable."

Ji You said faintly: "Are you a puppet?"

"Unfortunately, I have it too."

The profound light of Na Jie flashed in his hand, and suddenly eighteen golden puppets appeared.

Looking at the golden puppet in front of him, the person who released the old puppet's eyes widened.

"This is the legendary eighteen arhat golden puppet, how could it appear here."

"Since the legendary Ninth-Rank Puppet Master fell, no one has seen such a legendary treasure."

"Boy, don't think about leaving today!"

After saying this, he took a step forward, and faintly said to Ji You in front of him: "The kid will hand over the golden puppet."

He turned his head abruptly and leaned forward. He drew a saber out, and a heavy sword was cut forward.

Ji You stretched out his hand and directly caught the long sword. With just a hard effort in his hand, the long sword broke instantly.


Ji You pulled up the silk thread in his hand, and the eighteen golden figure puppets instantly started. They instantly got up and surrounded the person in front of them. The kid also controlled the puppet in his hand.

Where is the old puppet? Ji You's eighteen golden puppet's opponent was beaten back again and again.

If it weren't for this golden puppet, it was the blood of a dozen people in the Profound Realm. If it wasn't, how could it be supported.

Ji You raised his head and said faintly: "You puppet is also good, I want it too."

After saying this, he waved the silk thread in his hand.

Those silk threads pressed the old man in place, Ji You waved the long sword in his hand and cut the silk threads.

After losing control, the golden puppets stepped forward one after another, and flashed away with the golden puppets in front of them.

In the next moment, Ji You took the old puppet into his own ring.

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