999 Times Training System Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Jiang Yuechus Aesthetic Jiang Yuexins Sense Of Crisis

As soon as Chen Yan appeared, time was dazzling.

Everyone's eyes fell on him.

Even the people of the three major forces looked at Chen Yan with expectant eyes. They were looking forward to whether Chen Yan would really awaken the acquired spirit body as the rumors said.

This is why they deliberately come to a small place like Chaoyang Ancient City to hold enrollment assessments together in order to detect the authenticity of the acquired spirit body.

Chen Yan smiled faintly, and walked towards the black stele.

His smile aroused the cheers of countless young girls who were pregnant.

"Chen Shao is so handsome, I must talk to Chen Shaosheng a monkey!"

"You want to be beautiful because of your ugly face, like a round face. Shao Chen won't even look at you!"

"Are you dissatisfied! Your Yue Hung who is the same at the airport is no better than me!"


Only Jiang Yuexin looked disgusted.

She looked at the people in the audience contemptuously, and said, "I really don't know if there is a problem with the aesthetics of these idiots. I don't know how handsome Chen Yan is."

"Perhaps this is the powerhouse effect. Chen Yan is not ugly, and he is also a peerless arrogant. In the eyes of those people, he is naturally different from ordinary people."

Jiang Yuechu said slowly.

"Although it makes sense, you shouldn't think Chen Yan is handsome, elder sister."

Hearing her sister's voice, Jiang Yuexin turned her head and said.

"Of course. Although Chen Yan is talented and strong, I don't like his looks and personality."

Jiang Yuechu shook his head.

Suddenly she seemed to think of something, her exquisite face that was like an iceberg from beginning to end, and suddenly a faint arc of her mouth rose, "Compared to Chen Yan, I still think this guy's original appearance is more pleasing to the eye."

Hearing this, Jiang Yuexin was taken aback, followed Jiang Yuechu's gaze with an incredulous expression, and saw her sister staring at Ji You.

She opened her mouth slightly, and stopped talking.

No way

No way!

No way! ! !

At this time, Jiang Yuexin's heart was turbulent.

My sister, who has always been like a winter plum, seems to be interested in Ji You? !

In addition to feeling incredible, Jiang Yuexin also had an inexplicable sense of crisis.

She didn't know why, she was very worried, as if she was worried that her sister would take away the important things in her heart.

At the same time, Jiang Yuechu looked back at Jiang Yuexin, her cold eyes shimmering, as if she had seen everything through.

She leaned over to Jiang Yuexin's ear and whispered: "You should think so too?"

Suddenly there was a voice in her ears, Jiang Yuexin's jade shoulders suddenly trembled, and her face was slightly shy in a low voice: "Yes...yes."

From time to time, her eyes were secretly aimed at Ji You, as if afraid that Ji You heard something.

But in fact, Ji You didn't notice what Jiang Yuechu and Jiang Yuexin were doing. His attention was all on the black stone tablet.

At this time, Chen Yan had already walked to the black stone tablet and slowly put his hand on the black stone tablet.

Under his arrogant and confident face, the black stone tablet suddenly flashed with a completely different light from before.

I saw that it was a green light, much dazzling than the same white light before.

Immediately afterwards, there was a green halo slowly rising around the black stele.

"Spirit body first-grade talent, qualified!"

The person in charge of the assessment quivered slightly, and said this sentence excitedly.


As soon as he said this, the surroundings were extremely quiet, and many people couldn't help but take a breath.

The next moment, the audience shook.

"Spirit body first-grade talent! Haven't some people questioned Chen Shao's spirit body before, but now they come out and say a few more words?"

"It seems that Chen Shaojiao's awakened spirit body is indeed true. Chen Shao is really awesome. He actually awakened such a powerful physique!"

"I think Shao Chen doesn't need to continue the next assessment, he will be recruited by one of the three major forces."


Almost everyone in the audience talked fiercely.

The people of the three major forces are also very excited, and they can't wait to start robbing people.

"Chen Yan, I am the mentor of Canglan Empire College, and I welcome you to join on behalf of Canglan Empire College."

The leader of Canglan Empire Academy was a middle-aged man with a unique temperament, with a calm and powerful tone.

Only after the first round of assessment, Canglan Empire Academy had already thrown an olive branch to Chen Yan.

However, Qing Xuanzong was not to be outdone, and saw that Qing Xuanzong was headed by a green robe old man.

"We Qing Xuanzong also welcome you to join."

The old man in Qingpao said lightly: "If you are willing to join our Qing Xuanzong, my sect master will personally accept you as a disciple, and will tend the cultivation resources towards you."


The crowd was shocked again.

Sect Master personally accept disciples? !

Tilting training resources? !

These two conditions are too generous!

Although Emperor Xuanzong of the Qing Dynasty ranked second among the 100 cities of the Canglan Empire, his overall strength was not as good as that of the Canglan Empire Academy, but it would not be too far apart.

What's more, as soon as you enter the Qing Xuanzong, you can become a direct disciple of the suzerain. Coupled with the enchanting talent of the acquired spirit body, Chen Yan is probably going to soar into the sky!


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