999 Times Training System Chapter 609

Vol 2 Chapter 609: Ji Gongzi Is Really Blessed

That night, everyone held a bonfire party to celebrate the defeat of Haoqi League.

Each of them has made their own specialties.

Ji You, Tianyin Witch, and Xiao Bone are also well known.

So there were a few good people who took Ji You and came to the front of everyone. They waved: "Everyone, everyone, this son of Ji You is the one chosen by our saint."

The Tianyin Witch and the two small bones, dressed in a Miaojiang robe, looked glamorous under the light of the fire.

"The son of this season is really blessed."

"It would be great if I had such a beautiful wife."

"That is, I really envy Young Master Ji that he can still enjoy the blessings of the people."

They all agreed, it seemed that she was the most beautiful woman in the world, and she was here now.

Ji You took the hands of the two of them, walked to the other side, and slowly said, "You two are so beautiful today."

"The little mouth is so sweet."

Several female religious sang songs, Ji You took them by hand, and everyone danced gracefully.

When he was most elated, Ji You picked up the small bones in front of him and the Tianyin Witch, disappeared into the place in the blink of an eye, and came to the room in front of him.

Wait the next morning.

Ji You walked out the door, Xiao Gu had already returned to his mother.

On the other side, Tianyin Witch was already dealing with matters in the sect.

Ji You walked out, and the two disciples looked at Ji You respectfully, and passed the plate in their hands, with two early breakfasts on it.

"My son, this is our saint and the daughter of the leader for you."

The two believers folded their hands and said at the same time.

After eating breakfast, Ji You found the Tianyin Witch.

The Tianyin Witch walked to Ji You very excitedly, and she covered her small mouth.

Ji You opened his mouth and said: "The temple is holding the Profound Master Conference. There must be some problems in this. I plan to investigate it."

The Tianyin Witch frowned: "Now my uncle is dead, and his father is him."

Speaking of this, there was also a trace of sadness in the witch's eyes.

Ji You faintly said, "Do you want to stay here?"

The Tianyin Witch nodded.

Ji You sighed and shook her hand: "Don't worry, I will definitely come back to find you."

He walked out of the door, and suddenly seven or eight people appeared before him kneeling on the ground.

They were still seriously injured. Ji You said indifferently: "You don't want to heal your injuries, come here to do a lot."

"My son, please take me with you. I want to get some experience later."

Now there are only seven or eight people left in the twelve saints of the demon sect.

Ji You looked at the twelve people in front of him, and said faintly: "It's okay, then you pack your things and we will set off later."

When everyone saw Ji You so quickly, they agreed.

Xiao Gu wanted to stay here to reunite with her mother. Xiao Gu's mother touched her head.

"Now that you are a member of Master Ji, why are you still pestering your mother, go and practice with him."

Xiaogu's mother looked at Ji You: "Master Ji, I'll leave it to you for my precious girl."

Ji You said, "Don't worry, I will take good care of my bones."

Xiao Bone's mother nodded in satisfaction.

Only the remaining seven of the twelve saints carried all the wooden boxes into the carriage.

The carriage started to move.

Ji You rode a white horse and waved his whip heavily, and the carriage immediately started to move.

Ji You took the people next to him to the northern part of the Eastern Empire. First, he turned to Chang Yuan. When Chang Yuan saw Ji You coming, he ran out very excited.

The people in front of him came forward one after another.

Ji You looked at Chang Yuan in front of him and patted his body.

"It seems that the strength has grown a lot."

The nursing homes in the courtyard began to whisper.

"Who is this?"

"Looks like a classmate from the academy."

"He seems to know our young master very well."

Chang Yuan said lightly: "I don't know that during this period, we should all have made a lot of progress."

"Let's try and try."

Ji You nodded.

Although there were no words in the nursing homes, a smile appeared from the corners of their mouths.

Because they all knew that their young master had already stepped into the Human Profound Realm, and this person even dared to fight against their young master.

Accompanied by a flash of profound light.

Chang Yuan inherited the inheritance of fire.

And it is also the most powerful phoenix flamingo in the inheritance of fire.

A pair of wings appeared behind him.

A layer of flames burst out of the Qi Gang from all over his body.

However, the most powerful thing is his eyes, and there are two fireballs in his eyes instead of eyeballs.

"Mysterious beast skills, hundreds of birds face the phoenix."

After drinking this sentence.

The spear in his hand suddenly waved, and the spear was wrapped in fire.

In an instant, the power of the flame gradually pressed over.

After the flames approached, Ji You didn't move, and his body was also covered by a raging fire.

Only two groups of raging fires were seen, and at this moment the group of raging fires flew out.

Ji You restrained the power of the burning city to the lowest level.

The spear fell and came to Ji You in the blink of an eye.

With a wave of one hand, Ji You collided the fireball into Chang Yuan's spear.

There was a ding sound.

Chang Yuan retreated violently, and the two groups of flames collided together.

There was a smile on his face: "Brother Ji, I didn't expect that your inheritance is also the power of fire, let's see whose fire power is stronger."

The flames on Chang Yuan's body grew more luxuriant.

At this moment, his phoenix power suddenly turned into a bright light and flew in front of Ji You. Suddenly, Ji You put his hands in the air, and suddenly countless thunder and lightning fell from the air.

Chang Yuan's eyes glared, and he was struck by the thunder and lightning, and his body turned into starlight like a mass of fierce fire, turning into fragmented meteors and shattering towards the surroundings.

However, the flames gathered outside the thunder and lightning zone again.

It turned into a firebird and slew forward in the direction of Ji You. Ji You kicked it forward, and immediately kicked the flame to pieces.

Chang Yuan stepped on the ground and took two steps back.

Ji You said faintly: "Chang Yuan, you have a great strength."

Chang Yuan scratched his head: "Brother Ji is really amazing. I thought I had already made a lot of progress. I didn't expect you to have two inheritance powers, but these two inheritance powers can be cultivated so quickly. It's really surprising."

Ji You said faintly: "I haven't grown much, my head is still hurting right now, by the way, what happened to the Xuanshi Temple."

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