999 Times Training System Chapter 618

Vol 2 Chapter 618: The Most Profound Physical Skills

The red guard drew out the treasure from his body.

Only seeing each of them glowed with profound light.

After experiencing the triple color change.

This stabilized.

"What, he is actually a master at the seventh level of the Spirit Profound Realm!"

It's not just the people on the sidelines.

Even a group of people in the Shi family became vigilant, and they took a step back.

Their hands with the treasure began to tremble.

After looking at each other.

The old Shi family spoke: "The Tang family? Are you really going to have trouble with our Shi family?"

The person shaking the fan folded the fan and stood up: "Yes, my son Tang Mingyuan is going to fight your Shi family to the end, what's wrong?"

Elder Shi gritted his teeth.

"Today, this son, I am in Baoding."

"Okay, I hope Lord Tang Xiu will forget what you said today."

After shouting and leaving.

They retreated slowly. Tang Mingyuan walked to Ji You, arched his hands and said, "This son, I don't know if I have this honor. I can invite the two little friends to drink."

Ji You smiled faintly: "It is a great honor to be able to make friends with Tang Gongzi. I will meet Tang Gongzi next Ji You."

Tang Mingyuan laughed, rolled up his sleeves, and followed Ji You to a restaurant.

Countless girls are swaying.

Tang Mingyuan took out a spirit stone and threw it into the opponent's hand.

Ji You also entered the room.

Countless people came forward and said to Ji You: "Young Master, come and choose me. I will definitely make Young Master happy."

Xiaogu's eyes fixed on Ji You in front of him.

Ji You waved his hand, and the two people beside him bowed back.

Tang Mingyuan also knew what Ji You was worrying about, but he laughed, hugged the two women beside him, and walked into the upper room.

Ji You followed behind him and also sat on the chair.

I only saw him smile faintly: "Young Master Ji You, I don't know where you are from. We haven't had anything grand in Tianjing City these days."

Ji You smiled faintly: "I'm here to find the extremely cold place."

Tang Mingyuan put down his wine glass and asked curiously: "My young master has lived more than 50 years old, and he doesn't know what sounds so cold."

It seems that there will be no results in this Heavenly Realm City.

"Since there is no clue, then forget it, drink the bar."

Ji You raised the wine glass in his hand, and Tang Mingyuan laughed: "Brother Ji said, drink!"

The two drank a glass of wine.

And downstairs

The guards of the Shi family walked in and drew out the treasure. They stepped their swords on everyone's necks. The rest of the people were about to stand up, and an elder walked in.

He raised his finger and made a shushing sound.

"Isn't this Elder Shili?"

"This is the strongest person known as the strongest body mystery!"

The people who drank the flower wine took a deep breath one after another.

Ji You drank another glass of wine and said lightly: "It seems we have guests."

Tang Mingyuan hiccuped and looked in Ji You's direction.

At this moment, Ji You put his foot on the table, and suddenly the table exploded out.

The table flew directly in the direction of the gate.

Just right, the door burst instantly.

One after another shattered.

Elder Shi Li led two waves of Shijia guards into the room.

However, the table just happened to be slapped on him, and Elder Shi Li had yet to mobilize profound energy to fool himself.

The table suddenly shattered.

Elder Shili's nose was full of blood.

Angrily shouted: "You kid!"

He opened his mouth and said, "But so what, you two, you didn't bring a guard today, even if I kill you here today, what about it?"

Tang Mingyuan put down the cup in his hand and laughed loudly.

"Haha, just rely on you? Want to kill me?"

After laughing at this sentence, he took a step forward and flew in front of Elder Shi. Elder Shi raised his hand, and a qi gang appeared on his body.

The heavy blows collided together.

He took a step directly and said faintly: "I didn't expect Elder Shi to be in the ninth level of the Spirit Profound Realm now!"

"Boy, you know, you are going to die here today."

After shouting this sentence, he took a step forward and said to Ji You in front of him: "I can't kill you, can't I kill your little friend?"

They drew out the treasure and slew in the direction of Ji You.

Ji You jumped up and kicked out heavily. Suddenly he was spit out a mouthful of blood from the opponent's mouth, and he flew into the wall and hit the wall.

After falling down here, a mouthful of blood came out.

The city wall collapsed at this moment.

Ji You said faintly, "Ninth Level of the Spirit Profound Realm?"

Tang Mingyuan stared at Ji You: "Oh oh oh!!!"

"I'll go, dig a slot! Brother Ji, you can actually kick with a kick compared to the ninth-level elementary level of the Spirit Profound Realm. Could it be that you are"

Ji You smiled faintly, and nodded slightly to him.

"Could it be that you are the legendary Nine-tier Intermediate Spirit Profound Realm?"

Ji You wiped the sweat from his forehead, smiled slightly, and did not speak. Tang Mingyuan came forward, patted Ji You beside him and said, "Let's go."

After yelling these words, the two came forward and stood beside Ji You.

Ji You faintly said, "Do you two want to come over too?"

After hearing these words, the two people beside them gradually backed up, ran over and pulled the elder Shili who fell on the ground up.

"Boy, you dare to humiliate me!"

"Even if you are a powerhouse of the Ninth Level of the Spirit Profound Realm, what can you do?"

"Xuan Ji, Wan Li Yin!"

After shouting these words, Ji You felt that there seemed to be something that was pulling his body in a hand, pulling it towards him.

Ji You threw a punch.

"Ding, the host slammed a punch and gained experience points of 1*999."

With a punch, Shi Li's eyes widened: "Antigravity!"

After shouting out this sentence, Ji You was pushed to the other side by the gravity. Ji You smiled faintly: "Mysterious skills, three thousand sports."

After yelling this, Ji You suddenly disappeared in the same place. When he appeared again, he had already arrived in front of the opponent, only seeing Elder Shi Li's eyes.

A look of horror was revealed.

Ji You fell with a heavy punch, directly piercing the qi on his body.

Elder Shi vomited another mouthful of blood, and he knelt on the ground, panting for breath.

When several guards saw Ji You, they stepped forward, hugged Elder Shi and ran out in the other direction.

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