999 Times Training System Chapter 622

Vol 2 Chapter 622: The Body Of The Mysterious Beast

The nine members of the Tang family looked at each other.


Everyone was prepared, and in Tang Shi's mouth, he inquired that Ji You was extremely tall.

So everyone does not intend to retain strength.

They flew up at the same time.

Four of them are the bodies of profound beasts.

It was Tang Liu who flew first, with a snake-like profound beast as his beast soul.

He instantly turned into a long snake.

It seemed that the Tang family belonged to this family, and they had studied profound beasts extremely thoroughly. With this skill, they possessed powerful strength, only to see Tang Liuzhong's punch down.

Ji You took a step, and the dog-riding giant sword in his hand was wrapped around Tang Liu's body like a long snake. Tang Liu's eyes widened, as if he couldn't believe what he saw before his eyes.

He immediately flew up, and faintly spoke to Ji You in front of him: "The son is really good."

"However, the son now has no treasure of his own, how can he treat me?"

After saying these words, Tang Da had already arrived in front of Ji You.

"Bear clap!"

This move seemed to contain all the strength of Tang Da. Ji You knew well that the opponent had already known his strength, so he didn't have any hands left, so he jumped directly.

Standing on his shoulders, frowned.

The bear's paw slapped on the ground, and the entire ring was directly sunken into a big pit.

As soon as Ji You's legs pressed hard, Tang Da instantly felt a mighty strength, pressing on his shoulders, even if he was possessed by the soul of the profound bear beast on his body.

For a while, without any resistance, he sank directly into the ground.

Ji You flew up, and the rest of them used their own mysterious skills.

Mysterious skills of various colors rushed up.

"Thirty brother's friend brother, come on!"

When Tang Ya yelled for Ji You to cheer, the remaining eight people started to guess. Could it be that his younger sister was interested in this kid, but they have used all their strength now, and there is no possibility of stopping, otherwise they themselves Will also suffer a huge backlash.

They had to reduce the continuous output of profound strength.

But all of them slammed up. Although the mysterious technique would affect nearby places, Ji You jumped up. Tang Da just stood up. Ji Youxin said a bad cry. If you dodge their blow, then With Tang Da's strength, there is absolutely no possibility of avoiding this blow.

Tang Ya also saw this scene, and everyone around him also raised their hands in surprise and their eyes widened.

"Big brother, run!"

Everyone shouted in unison.

A whirlwind appeared among Ji You's fingertips.

"Feng Lie!"

"Ding, the host used Wind Fierce Blade and gained experience value of 1*999"

Although the surrounding wind blades were not very aggressive, Ji You's hurricane was so strong that the wind could blow out the Tang family brothers in the air.

Except for Tang Da, the rest of the Tang family flew under the ring. Even Tang Xiaoya was affected by the wind and flew out. Ji You saw that girl, but she was only about sixteen. How far can the profound strength go, a quick figure move.

"Ding, the host used the dark forest and gained experience value of 1*999"

He flew up to the child and hugged him directly in his arms.

The two of them were in the air with their eyes facing each other. Under the influence of the wind, the leaves of the surrounding trees fell, as beautiful as a scroll.

Under Ji You's protection, the two of them landed on the ground at the same time.

Xiaoya still lying down, in Ji You's arms, Ji You pulled her up, and said lightly, "Is it all right?"

Ji You asked with concern.

When she heard Tang Xiaoya's ears, she only felt warm in her heart. It seemed that her choice was not wrong. This elder brother is really amazing.

The Tang University and the Tang family's sons all gave a bitter smile.

It seems that the Women's University is really not in it.

They looked at each other and laughed.

Tang Da walked up very seriously, and said to Ji You respectfully: "Thank you, son, for saving his life."

Tang Shi asked Ji You, who didn't quite understand, "Big Brother, Big Brother Ji is really good, but why are you so polite to him?"

Tang Da said disdainfully: "You don't understand this, right?"

"The trick just now, it is clear that Young Master Ji You can hide, but Young Master Ji You did push me under the ring with mysterious skills. Although I was the only one standing in the ring in the end, I gave up in this competition. ."

After saying this, the people suddenly realized it, and he walked out and said to Ji You slowly: "Thank you, Master Ji You for saving our eldest brother."

In their respect, Ji You said indifferently, "You are welcome, can you prepare more for the meal tonight?"

Everyone looked at each other, is it because this young man has a big appetite?

"Most of the profound practitioners focus on physical training, and it is normal to consume a lot of money. Then I will wait for a regular drink with the son tonight!"

Ji You said faintly: "It's not, but one of my wife can also eat meat, especially meat."

Tang Xiaoya was taken aback for a moment, he already had a wife.

After Ji You left, she hadn't reacted yet. Several older brothers came forward and said to her little sister: "Either you forget him, or you can only accept him and his wife obediently. This fact."

Tang Xiaoya sighed.

Watching Ji You leave.

Ji You returned to the inn, took out Xiao Gu, whispered a few words to Xiao Gu, Xiao Gu suddenly became excited, they walked into the street, and only saw countless shops selling things in the street.

Among the rooms of one of the largest clothing stores.

Countless people poured in.

One of them said: "Here is someone, here is a fairy dress with wide sleeves, don't miss it when you pass by."

In addition to eating, Xiaogu's favorite is this suit.

She took Ji You's hand: "Brother, brother, go in and have a look."

Ji You is also willing to take her to meet the world. He walked into the store with Xiaogu, and said lightly: "If you like anything, go and see it."

Xiao Gu saw the wide-sleeved fairy skirt on the auction floor at a glance.

She pointed to the yellow robe and said, "Brother, I want that."

Ji You smiled slightly: "Okay."

Just as the two were about to walk into the auction room, suddenly the two young men came forward, they stretched out their hands, stopped the two Ji You, and said with contempt: "Where is this place? go!"

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