999 Times Training System Chapter 634

Vol 2 Chapter 634: The Girl Who Claims To Be The Deity

Splashes appeared throughout the lake, and a young girl was jumping briskly in the water.

Ji You looked dumbfounded.

The girl who dared to fall into the spray suddenly raised her head and glanced backward.

I only saw Ji You looking at her body.

The girl burst into anger and asked Ji Youchi: "Who are you and how come you are here."

Under this fierce anger, the lake suddenly appeared a burst of blue ripples, like a sea, pounced in the direction of Ji You.

The profound strength in Ji You's hands was suddenly released.

The profound energy merged into the sea in the lake. At this moment, the sea water in the lake gradually gathered and formed the appearance of a water dragon. The water dragon hit the surface of the lake heavily.

Only then did the girl's display of sea water arrows resist it.

Ji You said faintly, "Next Ji You, I just came out to take a look after seeing the profound beasts in the deep forest."

"Dare to take a peek at the deity taking a bath, you should kill!"

After shouting this sentence, a water dragon flew out from under the water, hovering around, and came directly in front of Ji You. The Dog Rong sword in Ji You's hand was so heavy that it was cut down with a sword.

Under this sword, the water dragon in front of him was cut off directly.

"It's actually capable of breaking the flow of water."

But just like this, there is no way to escape punishment.

The girl thought to herself, at the same time, a lot of water arrows appeared from the lake in front of him, and Ji You sensed that the water arrows contained powerful profound energy.

Since you are so aggressive, don't blame me.

Ji You thought in his heart. At the same time, his body flashed and disappeared in the same place. When he appeared, he had already appeared on the surface of the water. With the profound power inherited from water, he turned his profound power into blue. .

This profound energy merged into Ji You's feet.

He suddenly stepped on the water and ran in the direction of the girl. The girl never expected Ji You to have such a fast speed and powerful destructive ability.

It seems that this guy can still blend with the profound power of water.

When the girl raised her hand, the surface of the water immediately moved, forming a long Great Wall.

Ji You's machete cut down. The water was not as hard as Ji You imagined. Instead, there was a lingering feeling. The hand feeling that was cut down only felt as soft as a gumdrop.

The rubber ball bounced.

Ji Youmeng then withdrew, he said faintly: "Mysterious skills, burning the city with flames."

After yelling these words, a group of flames emerged from his canine sword and hit the water escape wall.

The flame can burn even water.

The girl looked at her with a look of fear in her eyes, and asked suspiciously, "How could you possibly be able to resist it? Could it be that you belong to the Human Profound Realm?"


After shouting these words, Ji You suddenly turned around and controlled the Inu Rong Great Sword in his hand. After another heavy sword slashed down and pierced the water barrier in front of him.

A small cut was made.

Before Ji You blinked, he instantly disappeared into the same place and rushed into the world of water.

He put the girl's building into his arms.

One hand slapped on her little butt.

"You dare to play this seat."

"It's you who hit."

After Ji You finished speaking, he suddenly disappeared into the place, and appeared hundreds of meters away in the blink of an eye. He faintly said: "I'm not convinced, come chase me."

The girl snorted coldly, naturally not being able to suffer, and flew behind Ji You.

"Host Ding used three thousand Yundong and gained experience value of 1*999"

He disappeared in front of her again.

After chasing and catching up, the two had already run hundreds of meters away.

Suddenly the girl covered her chest and her body became soft, and she fell to the ground. Ji You stopped and walked in front of her: "Are you all right."

"I can't get out of the water."

Ji You was taken aback for a moment, grabbed the girl, and rushed back towards the lake.

With the nourishment of the lake, the girl soon opened her eyes slightly.

Ji You faintly said, "Is it better now."

The girl's face flushed slightly: "Thank you, son."

"My name is Ji You."

"Thank you, Master Ji You."

Ji You said lightly: "Why did you just shoot me?"

The girl's face flushed, and she almost didn't slap Ji You's hand. Looking at her shy appearance, Ji You realized that he didn't wear anything yet.

Giving a ring in his hand for a flash.

Suddenly there was a long red Juan.

Putting on Hongjuan, the girl was dazzling with time, Ji You said faintly, "It looks so beautiful in this way."

The girl blushed again. From her birth till now, her body has not been treated like this by anyone.

"Thank you."

Ji You smiled, and suddenly at this moment, two black-robed men appeared in front of them. In an instant, the profound energy on their bodies exploded to the fourth level of the Human Profound Realm, directly suppressing them in Ji You's direction.

"Miss, we should go back. You have destroyed the deep forest too much this time."

"I don't want to marry that dead wolf."

After yelling these words, the black-clothed men looked at each other: "Miss, it is very difficult for us to deal with you like this."

"Why don't you follow us first, as for the fake or not, how are we discussing in the future?"

After hearing the words of the black-robed man, the girl stepped forward. She suddenly turned her head and said to Ji You, "You stretch out your hand."

Then she wrote a golden letter in Ji You's hand.

"If I have time, I will come out to play with you."

After speaking, the girl suddenly disappeared into the sky.

Ji You faintly waved his hand.

"I hope to see you by chance."

The strange thing is that after the girl disappeared, the golden letter disappeared in Ji You's hands suddenly.

One of the black-robed men led the girl into the brilliance.

The remaining black-robed man did not leave.

He faintly said: "Don't move!"

Ji You asked faintly: "I don't know, what advice do you have?"

Hearing what Ji You said, he said, "Miss, we don't seem to be aware of this matter."

"so what?"

After saying this, a treasure appeared in the hands of the black-robed man. He raised the treasure in his hand and said to Ji You in front of him indifferently: "Only the dead will keep secrets."

Suddenly he disappeared in the same place, and in the blink of an eye he flew to the front of Ji You, a sword swung down in the direction of Ji You.

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