999 Times Training System Chapter 635

Vol 2 Chapter 635: This Makes You Run

Ji Youchao took a step back, and at the next moment, he raised the Inu Rong Great Sword in his hand, and swung a heavy sword down.

The two treasures collided together.

Lei Guang burst out at the sword end.

"You are also in the Human Profound Realm, but you are only the first level of the Human Profound Realm."

"Don't say whether you can survive, you don't deserve to be friends with our lady."

Ji You frowned. The black-robed man was a master of the fourth level of the Human Profound Realm. He ran two steps directly and jumped up. At this moment, the profound energy in his hand was released.

"Mysterious skill, Feng Lie Blade."

"It turns out to be the inheritance of the wind, but your inheritance is too weak."

"Mystery, Wan Mu Chaochun."

Numerous vines emerged from the ground and flew directly in the direction of the black-robed man, entangled in his hands and feet, the black-robed man frowned, which he never expected.

I was so easily bound by these vines.

Ji You said faintly: "Mysterious skills, burning the city on fire!"

After shouting this sentence, countless groups of flames flew up and directly collided with the vines. The power of the flames enough to burn all things could only slightly shake the opponent's Qi Gang.

The fire burned on the Qi Gang.

The black robe man became a little interested now.

"It is actually the power of triple inheritance, which is extremely rare among our deep-sea clan."

"However, your inheritance power is up to today!"

"Mystery, the roar of ice."

"What? It's actually the inheritance of ice."

The inheritance of ice can also control the power of water. At this moment, the two profound powers converged and rushed in the direction of the black-robed man, crashing on the Qi Gang.

Originally, it was basically impossible for that Qi Gang to be frozen, because under the strength of Ji You's hands, he directly froze the power of freezing under the heavy sword.

He disappeared in the same place in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, the body-protecting Qi Gang was frozen by the power of this ice inheritance, and his treasure was frozen by the ice and snow.

He slowly said, "Boy, I now admit that you have some strength."

The other party raised the treasure in his hand and rushed forward directly, facing Ji You's direction, suddenly rushing forward, and a heavy sword fell in Ji You's direction.

Suddenly a thunder and lightning fell from the sky.

The black-robed man retreated, and the power of thunder and lightning fell to the ground, bombing under the ground.

In an instant, the flat ground in front of him was directly recessed, and he suddenly withdrew two steps, and a few flashes of thunder fell in the air.

He quickly retreated, thundering and thundering three times, and fell down.

A few black smoke was at this moment, and a burst of black smoke slowly floated out.

Ji You said faintly: "Golden Inheritance."

After speaking this sentence, countless gold nuggets appeared in the air. At this moment, those gold nuggets gradually blocked the black-robed man and directly trapped the opponent in the Golden Prison.

Accompanied by ice thorns, flames, and soil thorns, they continued to fly out in the direction of the black-robed man.

The black-robed man frowned and ran around in place.

He held the treasure and waved it directly, resisting all Ji You's mysterious skills, Ji You merged into the land, and the whole person merged into the land.

The next moment, he flew out of the ground, Ji You was too proficient in the use of mysterious skills, and Ji You's sword swung out.

A heavy sword fell on the opponent's body.

After being struck by Ji You's sword, the black robe man's body in the Profound Realm also showed a blood mark.

He faintly said, "You kid, you dare to hurt me."

Ji You said faintly: "If you want to kill me, why can't I hurt you?"

After hearing these words, Ji You suddenly flew forward two steps, slashed down with a heavy sword, and the black-robed man let out a roar.

Ji You suddenly withdrew and left the place, the black-robed man walked out two steps in a twinkling manner.

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared in the same place.

He faintly said, "This made you run away."

After Ji You said these words, he also began to worry about his guards. He disappeared in the same place. The next moment, he flew out and came to a place not far away.

He faintly said: "Guardian!"

After shouting this sentence, his voice spread hundreds of miles away.

After the voice came out, he immediately stood up at this moment, and in the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Ji You, and Ji You patted his palms.

Countless guards heard Ji You's yelling and returned one after another.

They knelt before Ji You.

"Meet Young Master."

After shouting out these words, Ji You faintly said: "What is the result of your practice?"

After hearing Ji You's question, they took out a ring from their arms, and after the light of the ring flashed, hundreds of corpses of profound beasts appeared in front of them.

"You handle these profound beasts by yourself, but you will only choose this kind of seventh-rank profound beast in the future."

"That won't work, you will choose an eighth rank profound beast in the future."

After saying this, Ji You disappeared in the same place, and the remaining guards ran out following Ji You one after another, following behind Ji You.

Ji You was not fast or slow, as if waiting for them deliberately, they gradually approached.

Ji You just landed on the ground.

After the girl left, the profound beasts once again obediently returned to the deep forest. The profound practitioners in the Northern Territory relaxed. Ju said that there had been a beast tide in the Southern Territory.

The beast tide swallowed the city wall directly.

Later, a mysterious teenager appeared, and the incident was calmed down.

Ji You knew that from now on, if the guards wanted to enter the deep forest of the profound beasts, they would have certain regional effects. As long as there were regional effects, their danger would be greatly reduced.

Ji You said faintly: "You can start training in the future, but now, there is one more thing to do."

Longxuan Avenue is the premier commercial street in Tianjing City.

Naturally, many gangsters have divided the allocation of this street long ago. If you want to do business here, you must hand in a certain degree of profound stone.

Ji You brought more than fifty people to this Longxuan Avenue.

Everyone instantly became vigilant.

Ji You said faintly, "East Third Street District, we want it."

"Yes, young master!"

They said at the same time, Ji You waved his hand heavily.

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