999 Times Training System Chapter 669

Vol 2 Chapter 669: Either You Die Or I Die

The Kunpeng giant sword in Ji You's hand seemed to have found the best food. After the two sides collided, they greedily absorbed the strength of the other's giant sword, and gradually transferred to his own long sword.

There was a sneer in the corner of his mouth.

Seeing the smile in the corner of Ji You's mouth, his heart suddenly became frightened.

At this moment, he wanted to escape, but he did not expect that his treasure had been completely integrated with the opponent.

The power in the treasure in Ji You's hand is quietly entering the opponent's treasure.

He opened his big hand in his hand and came out and sucked in the long sword deeply. At this moment, he was holding his own treasure and wanted to pour a powerful profound energy into it, and he had this profound energy.

He is extremely confident that he can destroy the treasure in Ji You's hand.

But it was too late. The giant sword in his hand was crazily absorbed under Ji You's Kunpeng giant sword, as if he was trying to absorb the profound energy of the opponent one after another.

There was already a trace of fear in his eyes.

This wave felt like a treasure in Ji You's hand, capable of eating the spirit of his treasure.

And the fact is just so.

He had no choice now. He turned around and looked helplessly at the people behind him. After seeing this scene, they said at the same time: "Junior Brother."

"Brother, save me!"

He cried out in pain.

Feng Zhihe couldn't bear it either, so let him all go to **** with the rules of the world.

He beckoned heavily and shouted loudly, "Brothers, come on."

After shouting this sentence, several people beside Feng Zhihe looked at each other, took out their sabers, and ran forward one after another.

They raised their long swords and slammed forward directly in the direction of Ji You.

Ji You snorted coldly.

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared in the same place.

He turned around and swung out a heavy sword.

The treasures were gathered together at this time, and the power of thunder and lightning was concentrated on Ji You's treasures, but at this time, a smile appeared in the corner of his mouth.

The moment is at this moment.

Countless sky thunders are landing at this time.

At this moment, the power of thunder and lightning burst to the ground.

Those old ancestors barely resisted those thunders with the treasures in their hands.

Boom boom boom, accompanied by the power of three thunder and lightning, collided on the Qi Gang on their bodies.

The power of thunder and lightning is constantly wandering around.

He snorted coldly and disappeared into the place where everyone was running to Ji You.

Ji You reached out and absorbed the treasure in his own hands.

He flew out, and accompanied Ji You flying forward, the four powers of thunder and lightning were gathered together at this moment, and the thunder and lightning were solidified together, one after another, as if it were a whip.

It hit the profound strength Qi Gang.

With a bang, the shield of Qi Gang combined by the ancestors shattered in an instant.

They withdrew one after another, with a touch of blood in their mouths.

His eyes looked bitterly in Ji You's direction.

"Boy, don't go too far!"

After shouting this sentence, their eyes gathered at this moment.

The ancestors said lightly: "The head, it's up to you."

They looked at each other.

"go to hell!"

One of the ancestors' profound strength suddenly reached the extreme, and he ran forward in the direction of Ji You, and suddenly the profound strength of his dantian position suddenly reached the extreme.

The light gathered at this time.

Accompanied by a bang, a loud bang sounded.

He flew upside down in an instant, Ji You turned around, and he said faintly: "I never thought that I was not your opponent!"

A mouthful of blood came out of his mouth, and a smile appeared from the corner of Ji You's mouth.

He held the treasure in front of him.

However, he never expected that the profound energy in his dantian was shattering at this time.

How can I blew myself up if my Dantian is gone?

Thinking of this in his heart, he smiled helplessly in the corner of his mouth.

He closed his eyes and didn't expect that after living for such a long time, he would eventually become a waste, which made him more uncomfortable than killing him.

"Brothers, I'm going one step ahead."

After saying this, he picked up the treasure on the ground and wiped it directly across his neck.

He fell to the ground at this moment.

Everyone beside him took a step one after another, their gazes turned in Ji You's direction.

Everyone in the Dragon Slayer Gang now feels as if flying into the sky, which is so exciting, so exciting.

Their gang leader actually killed an old monster.

He took a deep breath, he disappeared into the place, picked up the treasure in front of him, and he looked directly at Ji You in front of him.

"I, Feng Zhihe, swear to the heavens today that either you die or I die today!"

After he finished shouting, he gathered the profound energy of his whole body in the sky.

"Boy, my method of attracting thunder is the most powerful existence in this world!"

After shouting this sentence, countless lightning bolts instantly fell on the treasure.

"Want to play thunder?"

His heart was grinning suddenly at this moment, and the power of thunder and lightning gathered on him.

The treasures are now gathered on the sabre.

He waved it out with the treasure.

As if it were a starfall, the entire land was cut down, and bursts of scorched blackness appeared in the land.

At this moment, they disappeared in the same place.

Ji You held a huge treasure in his hand and directly killed him. The rumbling was accompanied by a loud noise, and the surrounding land began to burst. Ji You stood up.

There was a loud bang.

The surrounding sounds began to burst out.

He vomited a mouthful of blood, and the wound on his body started to scorch black when he was such a strong man.

He took two steps forward.

Feng Zhihe was now kneeling on the ground, and the sky thunder triggered by Ji You was much stronger than him.

Basically this time, it was Ji You's inheritance power that killed him.

He knelt on the ground and raised his head with difficulty.

Looking in the direction of Ji You, he exhausted all the strength of his body.

"Please, can you let him go?"

Ji You sighed, shook his head, and said faintly: "Sorry my brother can't die in vain!"

After saying these words, Ji You's treasure was slightly harder, and suddenly at this moment, the treasure penetrated his chest.

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