999 Times Training System Chapter 672

Vol 2 Chapter 672: Shouldn't Be Overwhelming

The girl gasped.


Ji You said faintly: "Why didn't I fight enough last time, but now I'm being beaten again?"

The girl was the girl I met in the forest.

Ji You took a step, and the two looked at each other.

The girl said, "Do you remember my name?"

Ji You smiled slightly: "You haven't said it again, you just wrote a golden letter in my hand."

"Huh. You want to take me to play, I want to see the world."

The identity of the girl is definitely not simple. When the two met last time, the girl's men almost took his life away, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.


After saying these words, Ji You's figure flashed and disappeared in the same place. After the waiting meeting appeared, he was already on the road.

Ji You took the girl and walked to the street.

She saw a gambling shop at a glance, and she wanted to pull Ji You into it. Ji You's ears were not too sensitive, after shaking the sieve a few times.

Ji Yougang was about to say something in her ear.

But unexpectedly, the girl covered Ji You's mouth and took out a few black stones.

Those profound stones were pressed on it.

He saw this scene, turned his head, and said faintly: "You shouldn't be overwhelmed."

After shouting this sentence, the person in front of him opened the sieve cup in front of him with a smile, only to see that it was opened wide, and the corners of their mouths laughed happily.

Ji You stood up and said faintly: "Look, I didn't make a mistake."

After hearing what Ji You said, he said lightly: "Thank you, son."

Ji You disappeared in place at this moment.

He took a step forward slowly.

The girl gritted her teeth and stepped on her feet, and snorted, as if she was very upset.

Ji You touched her head.

Faintly said: "It's alright, don't be angry."

After saying this, Ji You turned around, took out a bag from his arms, put it directly on top of the sieve, and shook it twice.

After he put it down, Ji You put his profound strength directly on the table, amidst a loud bang.

The sieve shook slightly.

Ji You said lightly: "Let's go."

The shopkeeper smiled, his ability to shake the sieve is very powerful, and he has always controlled the points of the sieve. This one is two to three.

This fool gave me so many profound stones, it was extremely stupid.

When he thought of this, his heart was about to laugh, but he didn't expect that Ji You pointed directly at the location of the sieve cup. As soon as the sieve cup was opened, only three sixes were placed on the table.

The store's face stiffened all of a sudden.

He tremblingly pointed his hands in Ji You's direction, and kept saying: "You, you, you!"

After he finished speaking these three words for you, his face suddenly became dark, and his heart quickly began to calculate.

The girl suddenly jumped into Ji You's embrace.

He touched the girl's little head.

When the two left, several people intercepted all Ji You's path.

Ji You glanced forward.

He faintly said, "How many people, what's the matter?"

Those few people raised their heads and surrounded Ji You.

At this moment, they came forward in the direction of Ji You.

They took out their sabers, not even treasures, but some mortals, a smile appeared from the corners of Ji You's mouth.

When seeing Ji You, the few people curled their lips.

He rushed forward directly in the direction of Ji You, he jumped up, and sacrificed his Kunpeng giant sword. For such a bully, Ji You simply didn't like it.

With a sword swung, there was no need to use any profound strength at all. The profound strength seemed to be like a small explosion wave, directly flying out, and a loud bang came out.

There was a sound of explosion around.

They fell in a pool of blood one after another.

Several people covered their chests, and they didn't expect that they would actually meet a profound practitioner today. How could the profound practitioner be so terrible that they could resist it.

After thinking about this, several of them looked at each other.

His body shape flashed, and he disappeared into the same place instantly.

Appearing to be very afraid of Ji You, Ji You said lightly, "Huh."

After a cold snort, he disappeared immediately. Ji You closed his eyes, but he sensed it. Several people around him stared at Ji You, and he raised his head.

Looked towards the sky.

Several people were falling on the ground at this time, looking at Ji You as if looking at a dead person, a smile appeared in the corner of Ji You's mouth.

"You want to go together."

Several people looked at each other, obviously feeling the threat of Ji You, and their hearts suddenly became uncomfortable.

"Boy, don't think that you are a profound practitioner."

A faint smile appeared in the corners of their mouths, and they came forward directly in the direction of Ji You.

At this moment, Ji You jumped up, waved his hand heavily, and suddenly an extremely powerful profound energy swept over.

The thugs of those gambling stalls were all profound practitioners themselves, but they didn't expect Ji You's strength to be so strong. At this moment, a few people ran over and shouted at Ji You, "Don't do anything for the master."

Ji You turned his head, and the few people in front of him took a long breath. Fortunately, he didn't do anything just now. If they didn't, then they would be unlucky.

Only a few people looked at each other and smiled.

"My son, are you tired? These are our people."

"When did I allow you to set up a gambling stall?"

Seeing Ji You's cold face, everyone's heart suddenly shook. Ji You's gaze was really terrifying. If they could, they would like to flee here now.

They knelt on the ground one after another.

"Helper we were wrong."

Ji You said lightly: "From today on, the Dragon Slayer Gang will not be allowed to do this kind of business."

Several people kept kowtow and said yes.

Ji You just stood up, took the girl by the hand and walked out. The girl didn't like to eat meat. Ji You took her to a few vegetarian restaurants and shouted directly to the boss.

"The boss fires a copy."

The boss came over and said with a smile, "Good guest officer."

After eating and drinking, they planned to go to other places to stroll around. At this moment, a few people fell down and blocked their way.

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